Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya appeals to Khanderao


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Renu and Parikshit dragged to the Darbar. Gunu ji and Dhana ji get glad. Ahilya says Gautama asked me not to go there, can you go there on my behalf. Harku says I already told you, not to get into this, I can’t help you. Acharya and everyone come to the Darbar. Khanderao greets Acharya. Tukoji says Renu is a widow, Renu and Parikshit have a wrong relation, they were spotted together by Acharya, you have to do justice now. Acharya says they have done a crime, we all have seen them coming out from the bushes. Khanderao says I understand. Guard says someone wants your permission to come here, being your Praja. Khanderao says you can send him after this matter ends. Guard says she wants to come right now. Khanderao asks who is he, fine, send him. Guard goes. Dhana ji asks is it right to permit anyone to come between this serious matter. Ahilya comes there. She sees Renu and Parikshit. Gautama looks on. Tukoji says Choti Rani. She says no, I have come here as Praja, I have a request, I want Khanderao’s permission.

Khanderao asks why. Ahilya says Renu and Parikshit love each other, I want your permission for their marriage. The people talk about a widow remarriage. Dwarka says Ahilya has come to the darbar, look at her courage, what is she saying, sorry, she doesn’t value you, your love has spoiled her, she is taking an advantage of your good behavior. Ahilya says Renu is a child widow, she didn’t know the meaning of a marriage, she couldn’t understand how her husband’s death snatched her happiness, if she has a wish today, then is it right to tie her up like animals and get her to the darbar. She requests him to have sympathy. Acharya shouts enough, first a widow’s love and now a remarriage. Ahilya argues with Acharya. She asks how can you decide by neglecting a person’s wish, is it obeying Dharm. Gautama says she will not understand, she is arguing with the Sant. Dwarka says its the bad effect of education, she wants to argue and show her knowledge.

Acharya says you are wrong, a man has many wishes, we can’t fulfill every wish, else we all will get evil and leave our goodness, Renu and Parikshit know that they want something that won’t be accepted by the society, so they met secretly, you felt bad that they were dragged here, just humans know the right and wrong, humans can’t be forgiven if they break the rules intentionally, they have no right to insult the Dharm, they have done a sin, they should get punished. Mahants agree.

Mahant asks Khanderao to do justice, and punish Renu. Villagers ask Khanderao not to do partiality and punish Renu. Ahilya says injustice didn’t happen in Malwa Darbar. Acharya says don’t spare the sinners. Ahilya says we shall first decide about the sin, their sin isn’t proved, someone’s work to harm others and insult the society is called wrong, but a widow’s remarriage can’t hurt anyone, who is it harming, how is society defamed, broad thinking will be praised, Renu’s marriage can’t be a sin, tell me.

Gangoba says we can’t decide what’s good deed and what’s a sin, its already written in Shastras, we also have to obey the traditions, then society can run well. Ahilya says sorry, I respect you a lot, but I don’t agree with this, change is constant in life. Everyone talks in the darbar. Khanderao gets up. The ministers also get up. Khanderao says whatever happened today is unexpected, such a matter didn’t come in the Darbar till now, I respect the Dharm, Renu and Parikshit are my Praja, I feel its imp to hear them also, we will meet here after a day and then take the final decision on this matter. Acharya says its not right, we don’t accept this, giving a chance to these sinners will be waste of time, punish them right now, today itself. Tukoji says you know it well, Rajya works with Dharm Satta, Khanderao has kept your word, it will be good if you respect his word. Acharya and Mahants leave. Ahilya smiles.

Khanderao says don’t have any hope, I m not into their favor. Acharya says if Khanderao gives the verdict against us, then the Praja will get against him.

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