Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya become an ideal couple

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya saying we married by our wish, Ram is very rich, he agreed to us when we wanted to keep the marriage in a community hall. The lady says we heard that this marriage was just a deal, it was done for your sister’s marriage. Ram says its not a deal. Priya says its a deal. He says let me say. She says I will answer, when we are born, we have a deal with our parents, they raise us, we have a deal with siblings and friends, same way we have a deal in marriage also, every relation is a deal, you tell me, what’s love, love is a big deal of heart, Ram did everything for love, he loves his sister a lot, he felt his life will never get love again, he married a stranger for his sister’s sake, he did this for love, love is something that makes you uncomfortable to make your lover comfortable, you can do anything for your family’s smile, will you call this a deal, is this a deal, its better than valentines day and rose day, I don’t like this. Ram looks at her. He holds her hand. Everyone claps.

The lady says Priya is not a helpless woman, she knows what she wants, Ram has earned a lot if this is a deal. Ram says thanks. Brinda says my plan never flops. Kunal says Priya won, she is perfect for Ram. Adi says this could have gone wrong. Ram says it went good. Bade achhe….plays….

Adi gets a message. He says I have to go, I will send a cake for you. Ram asks which one do you want. Priya says nothing. Meera applies hair oil to Sara. Sara says Ram and Priya have become superhit jodi, Raya. Meera says I always told that Ram is the best. Sara reads the messages for Ram and Priya. They laugh. Meera says you know what Rakhi told, she said Ram and Priya’s marriage is annulled, I want to show the comments to Rakhi and scold her. Sara jokes. Meera asks will they jodi get successful. Sara says yes, Ram has feelings for Priya, she never expresses her feelings, when Neeraj told bad to Priya, then Ram stood for her. Meera says yes. Neeraj comes and hears them. Sara says Ram cares for Priya a lot, I had left hopes, but Brinda told me that Ram gets angry hearing Neeraj’s name, why, Neeraj exposed the truth, Ram got after his job, it shows Ram cares for Priya, Neeraj is awakening Ram’s feelings, its good. Neeraj thinks they are using me, I will see them, Priya isn’t suitable for anyone. Priya calls the auto driver to pick them. Ram says I will drive you, I got my car. She says you had champagne, you won’t drive. He says its not alcohol, I can drive. They argue. Ram says I didn’t call anyone, Meera came to protect me, she loves me. Priya says don’t take it seriously, she loves roadside puppies, its so cute. Ram asks what do you mean, you are calling me a dog. Priya says no. Brinda says enough, what are you doing. Ram says she made me a villain in the interview, take my side. Brinda says I will tell the truth, you both are fighting here like 5th standard kids, you both are made for each other, you supported each other, keeping ego away, everyone can say. Ram and Priya leave for home. Nandini asks Adi about Brinda spoiling the papers. Adi says sorry, she was drunk. She says you had the papers, how did the papers reach the reporter. He says I tried to find out. She asks how did others get the papers, I m not blaming you. He says I m saying the truth. She says you can never cheat us, you are Ram’s Laxman, you will never break his trust, Brinda’s nature is different, she is close to Ram, maybe she leaked the papers. He says no, she can never do this. She says Brinda thinks Priya is right for Ram, she thinks I don’t wish good for Ram, so maybe she leaked the papers. He says no. She asks who gave her the right to insult us, to leak the personal papers and blame us, tell me, you are lying. He says Brinda didn’t do anything. She says tell me Adi. He says I did everything, Brinda didn’t do anything. She says you are lying, look at me. He says its all my mistake. She asks how dare you leak these papers, does Ram know this. Ram and Priya come home. Ram asks did you leak the papers, Adi.

Priya says I thought to show papers to the lawyer, it leaked because of me. Neeraj says I have the lawyer’s number. Nandini fills Ram’s mind against Priya. Neeraj asks Priya to get back his job. Ram thinks I don’t like Neeraj, but she took his help.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Beautiful show ❤️ Ram and Priya’s chemistry is just wonderful 😍 hating Nandini more and more with every episode 🙄
    Such a b*t*h…

  2. Hate Nandini 😠🤬!!… anyways the story is going on an interesting track!!..hope all things goes well!!..and today’s episode was damn good with the conversation between Raya!!!💖!!.

  3. Please don’t off air Bade ache lagte hai 2 🙏

  4. Awesome episode 👌♥️

  5. I hope soon trp increase of Bade ache lagte hai 2 🙏

  6. Lovely episode ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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