Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Malhar defends Ahilya

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya hiding and meeting Renu. Renu says they have made me bald. Ahilya says I have run from the house and came here to meet you. Renu says everyone says that widows are inauspicious, mum has locked me in the dark room and asked me not to sit in puja. Ahilya hugs her and says we will pray in our new temple on the river bank, I will get everything for you, don’t get sad. She says you know how I came here, I hanged to the tree and fell down, new guest has helped me, he is really good, he understands me. Renu says it would be good if everyone was like him. Ahilya asks Renu to have the sweets. She feeds the sweets to her. A lady comes. She gets shocked seeing Renu having sweets.

Khanderao fights his Jija ji. He falls down. Dwarka smiles. Bana bai asks Gautami to stop the match. Gautami says no, Khanderao has chosen this sport, he has to play according to the rules. Khanderao falls down. He loses the match. Punoy ji wins the match. He smiles and sees Khanderao. He gives his hand. Gautami smiles and congratulates Punoy. She says that’s your prize. She shows the white horse. Khanderao leaves.

Dwarka taunts Gautami about Khanderao’s defeat. She praises Punoy. Gautami says I didn’t know that he is so talented, you don’t need to worry for his future, when Khanderao sits on the throne, I will make Punoy his chief minister. The lady asks what’s happening. She throws the bowl and says you had fed sweets to a widow. She scolds Ahilya.

Renu asks Aaji to leave Ahilya. Aaji asks Renu to go inside the house. She asks Sushila to see that Ahilya had fed sweets to a widow, I don’t trust her. She scolds Mankoji. Mankoji says sorry Kaki. Aaji asks her to lock Ahilya, why does he trouble others. Ahilya says don’t scold my parents, I had come to meet Renu secretly. Everyone cries.

Renu’s mum says Renu will get free from the curse if she does Dharm and puja. Dutta asks Mankoji how will others think if Ahilya makes such mistakes. Mankoji says Ahilya didn’t do that intentionally, I m sorry, she doesn’t know about widows, she got sweets for her friend, she came to share her sorrow, Renu won’t get any sin for Ahilya’s innocence. Pandit asks how long will you apologize for her mistakes. Dutta says Ahilya will never meet her now. Ahilya says no, don’t do this, Renu is my best friend, she will be lonely. Dutta says you won’t meet her, that’s all. Ahilya says I will never give her sweets. Aaji says you can’t be trusted, you want to steal Chandan for Renu, I heard everything. Pandit says if a widow acts against Dharm, the entire village has to tolerate it, its better that Ahilya doesn’t meet Renu. Malhar says how can it be good by punishing two innocent girls.

Everyone sees Malhar. Malhar smiles seeing Ahilya. He says I know the traditions have bounded the society, a widow has many rules, but does a widower has any such rules, no, we are making a mistake by making one sided rules, we are expecting a lot from the girls who just got to know about widows, you are snatching support from them. Dutta says I would have made you out if you were not Mankoji’s guest. Malhar says I m also part of the society, I know Ahilya’s mistake, but I think its her love and pity for her friend, did anyone try to see that Ahilya was doing everything to make her friend smile. Pandit says you aren’t from this village, still you are interfering, I will not give rights to anyone to decide about the widow, just the village head or the girl’s parents will decide, it will be good if you don’t talk in between. The man says good that pandit told this. The other man asks who are you. Mankoji asks them to calm down. Dutta says Ahilya will never come and meet Renu. The men say its right. Pandit says this is the decision of all of us. Ahilya cries. Malhar looks at her and says but Prant’s Subedaar doesn’t accept this decision. They look on confused. Malhar says yes, I m Malwa Prant’s Subedaar Malhar Rao Holkar, I don’t accept this decision, I command you that no one will stop these two girls from meeting. Everyone bows down to him. Mankoji smiles.

Malhar says I want to ask something. Mankoji says we have nothing to give you. Malhar says I ask for Ahilya’s hand for my son Khanderao, I want to make her the bahu of Holkar family. Mankoji and Sushila get shocked.

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