Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarthak’s suicide attempt twist brings Anupriya back

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The Episode starts with Moksh signing Kalyani to fly the kite with Shera. Shera sees his hand bleeding when he touches the thread. She goes to him. Someone mixes glass pieces on the thread. Avni gets a chance and runs inside the house. Sarthak comes there and goes inside. A man keeps gun on his head. Sarthak says you are not doing right by trying to make me write what you wanted to. Kalyani washes Shera’s injury and takes out the glass pieces from his hand. They hear the gun shot sound and run inside the house. Avni asks someone to call the ambulance. Aao Saheb, Kalyani and Shera gets shocked. Kalyani reads the suicide note, in which he has written he has killed Malhar as he was supporting Kalyani against his wish. She says this can’t happen. Aao Saheb asks Avni if she didn’t shoot him. Avni asks if she is mad and tells that if he gains consciousness, then what will he do with me. She says she will run away from here. Aao Saheb says I have helped you till now, as you promised to help me take Vivek out. Godaveri comes there. Avni asks her how is her husband? Godaveri tells that he has paralyzed on his right side and asks why such things happen with good people. She says when he couldn’t speak then he will not tell my truth to anyone. Aao Saheb says Sarthak’s letter proves that Anupriya is innocent, when Kalyani brings her back then don’t know what will happen.

Kalyani and Shera bring Sarthak home. Avni acts and asks why did you do this Sarthak ji. She says she will take care of him. Kalyani asks him to move far and says I am sure that you have done this, as Kaka came to know all the truth and that’s why you did this. Avni says I know your plan. You have done this to get Rane’s property. She asks her to do as she wants. Kalyani asks how can you think that I can let you stay near my kaka after whatever happened with you. Aao Saheb Avni will stay with her husband. Kalyani says one day this lady will sell you for her benefit. Shera asks Kalyani to leave it and tells that he will make Chachi as their Servant.

Inspector comes there and tells that until Sarthak gets fine, a police constable comes here to keep check on her. He says once he gets fine, then we will arrest him. He asks Shera why he didn’t tell, when he knew about him. Kalyani says my Aai gave him promise and that’s why he was silent. She says my Aai took the blame on herself. Avni says she will take care of her husband and takes Sarthak from there.

Anupriya comes home and hugs Moksh. She says she will pray to Bappa to get his voice. Kalyani says now they came to know why you have taken blame on yourself. She tells that Sarthak has shot himself and is now paralyzed. Anupriya runs to Sarthak’s room. Shera asks if she knew about Sarthak’s remarriage. Anupriya is about to hold Sarthak’s hand when Avni comes there and tells that Sarthak had become lonely and married her. She calls Anupriya as Didi and tries to make her jealous by informing about her marriage with Sarthak. Sarthak tries to stop her, but Avni stops him.

Aao Saheb hugs Anupriya and asks how are you? Anupriya asks how are you? Aao Saheb apologizes to her and says I tried to stop the marriage, but. Anupriya says its ok. Kalyani goes behind her and I am sorry that you are getting to know this way, tells that Avni trapped Sarthak and married him. She tells that Kaka has written in the note that he attempted to murder Malhar ji. She says you will never help your daughter’s murderer. Avni gives water to Sarthak and then teases him, by making glass fall down on the ground.

Anupriya asks Kalyani who is the guy, whom you brought here as Malhar. Kalyani says I wanted to talk to you, but you didn’t want to listen to me. She tells that the guy is not Malhar ji, but Shera and he brought her so that she finds the real murderer. She says I know that his murder is related to Vittal God idol. Anupriya tries to go. Kalyani says she will find out about the murderer.

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