Choti Sardarni 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Jagga takes Amrita’s side

Choti Sardarni 15th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says on my land Amrita’s coaching would be made. bitu says this is happening because of you bhabhi. Kulwant looks at their father’s photo and says see your daughter wants her portion.

Kulwant says I brought you up. Never gave you any trouble and took it all on me. And this is how I am treated.

Harleen says to Param it’s okay. Don’t be upset. Everything is okay. I handlded both mama and teacher now. Forget it, Param says mama says truth comes out. If I told her she would be a little mad then she would be okay. But what will happen if she finds out now? Harleen says I will handle it all. Don’t worry.

Meher says I remember everything for us. Kulwant says you are married now. You’re Gill house’s DIL. Meher says I am still daughter of this house and have a right on this house. I am bind by blood to this house. And as per law daughters have equal right on property. So I want my part to gift to bhabhi. She will open her coaching center. Give me my portion. Meher says to Amrita it’s your right. You re doing right. Your coaching center will open here. And will start preparation now. Kulwant shouts Meher..

Sarab comes home. Harleen is making jalebis. She says we are making because Param’s test went well. Sarab says first again? He says no I won’t be first this time. Sarab says it’s okay. Only your honesty matters. Harleen gives him jalebis and playstation. Param says thank you bua.

Meher starts preparing for the school. Kulwant says Meher wants her part. This furniture was purchased by me. She can’t use it.

Meher asks Bitu and Rana to get up from the bed. She says this came from bhabhi’s house so it will be used in her class. Take it there. She takes it to the classroom. Kulwant says I have to do something. Jagga comes home. Kulwant says see what your wife and sister are doing. Your sister wants her part from the property. Jagga is shocked. Kulwant says yes. I tried to save my DIL’s life and she’s provoking my daughter to get her part and start the coaching. You people are too big, I should leave this house. Jagga hugs her. Meher says don’t fall for her tears. You forget everything when you see her tears. Remember when she tried to kill my unborn child. You never said anything when she did wrong. Bhabhi stood by my side. She has been there for me, I am with her now. Kulwant cries. Jagga says mummy ji please sit. He says I only know that you have hurt our mom. Meher says I am also hurt, just can’t show it like her. If I am doing wrong, put your hand on my head and say it. If I am wrong, don’t get into it. Meher says you’re a good brother and son but you have to be a good husband as well. It’s her right. Education is a good thing. Imagine so many people will study here and their futures would change. She will also stay home.

Kulwant says Jagga decide once and for now. He goes out picks the board for coaching center. Kulwant says I knew he would never go against me. Jagga goes out and places it on the wall. Everyone is shocked. Meher smiles. Jagga smiles back to her. Jagga says what is wrong with a coaching center? Meher I agreed to you and promise me you will never ask to divide this house. Meher says I wasn’t dividing because I was asking it for bhabhi. Jagga says school is like a temple. Her coaching would open here. It will only benefit village kids.

Param’s principal calls and says what your son has done we did a meeting on it, we have decided to expel him. Meher says what has he done? She says don’t you know? He slept in the test today and all kids were laughing.

Episode ends.

Precap-Meher says to Param I only came here to say that you can do whatever you want now. Param cries and says sorry Meher mama. Meher locks the door. Param knocks it and cries I will never do this again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What is Harlem’s Ish… why she wants to spoil Param

  2. This Harleen spoiling param with gifts and feeding him junk needs to end. It’s getting old quickly. We didn’t get any indication of whether or not Harleen gets exposed for bribing the teacher or Meher learning that she referred to her as Param’s stepmother. Sarab needs to know the other side to Harleen.

  3. What will they show in 5 years leap ?
    The old step mother being good and son not understanding crap. What about the promo talking about Meher’s illness ?

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