Punar Vivah 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 8th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
Rohan vehemently denies having anything to do with kajal’s murder when the police accuses him. Vandana too comes to his defence, and says that this is a trap for her son, and asks why would he kill her, as he loves kajal still. The police says that he has proof that he loves shiela. He asks sarita if he is right. She is speechless. Vandana asaks why would he fall for shiela
Raj asks her to be calm. Kamal bursts into anger and frustration, that she has herself taught her kids, betrayal, lie and wanrs her not to talk about shiela. Vandana asks what else then, she would murder her, just like shiela murdered kajal, to trap rohan. She commits that they come from a family of lies. Kamla tells and reminds them, how they were planning to trap shiela in matrimony for a child. sarita and divya try to get her to compose.

Vikrant asks them to atleast respect their ages, and not make a drama of themselves in front of the police. Sarita takes kamla inside. vandana silences. the police taunts vikrant at having such an interesting family. all are tensed. He comments on how the investigative is unfolding everyday. He says that soon the murderer would be caught, howsoever

Kamla is still fuming in front of sarita. Sarita tries to calm her down. Kamla says that if she tried to torture shiela, then she would kill her. sarita says that this is her trap to divert the attention of the police. She asks her not to talk like this, in front of the police. Kamla says to sarita that she neither is scared of the police or of vandana, and hence she would shout that being the lowlife that kajal was, she had to pay a price for what she did. Sarita says that what happened to shiela isnt something to be forgotten and maybe she’s right that kajal got what she deserved. vikrant hears this, and is tensed and angry. kamal eyes vikrant and is surprised. Sarita turns around to face vikrant, and remembering her last comment, she is tensed too. Vikrant curtly asks them to come outside, if they have finished discussing, as the police still has to interrogate.

The police asks who had donned diamond jewellery. sarita tels about the gift. The police demands to see it. She goes to get it, while vikrant is tensed. She goes to the almirah and finds the ringcase gone. She is surprised and frantically searches for it.She wonders if that gift was the murder weapon. divya comes and asks why’s she so late. she tells that there isnt any ring. Divya is surprised. Sarita comes out and tels that the ring is m,issing. all are shocked. the inspector asks if she realises what she is saying, and if what she says is true, then she should be in trouble. raj says that its very common to forget jewellery, and defends sarita. The inspector askls him not to interfere. He asks sarita when she got it. She tells about the karvachauth gift, and how she carelessly forgot to lock the almirah. She says that in haste, she forgot about it. she says that she saw the ring at the last time, and how she thought that it wasnt the same ring that vikrant had given. The police asks how did she forget to enquire about this matter. Just then, abhi comes and gets the ring saying that it was kept in the room. sarita thanks him and shows the ring to the inspector. Vandana is tensed. sarita asks him to go to the room, and watch cartoons. Abhi is made to go with the butler. The inspector verifies it, and says that none of the diamonds are missing from this. He shows it to vikrant, and asks if its the same ring that he gave sarita. While all wait for his answer, he stuns sarita by saying that this isnt that ring. sarita is relieved when he favours her statement, that she also thought it wasnt that ring. Raj goes to vikrant and asks why’s he hiding the truth. He says that he always speaks the truth unlike others. The inspector gives it to one of his team to check with the jeweller. He asks vikrant again to verify. sarita says that vikrant never lies, and if he’s saying so, then its the truth. The team comes and says that this is a fake ring. The police asks if he thinks that this ring was replaced by the killer. vandana says that it can be that sarita replaced the ring with a fake one, and thought that vikrant might lie and save her, but forgot that he never lies. Raj says and defends sarita that she never lies, and is just trying to protect her son maybe. The police again warns raj to stay quiet. vandana tels the inspector that both sarita and shiela are partners in crime, and sarita killed kajal for getting shiela to marry kajal. Kamal vents out her frustration against vandana. divya asks vandana to stop as she knows too that sarita is innocent. Vandana silences her too. and asks the inspector not to believe anything, as the jagotia family is a liar. kamla again bursts into frustration and outrage, and vandana asks the inspector to verify. vandana says that atleast this is proved that kajal was murdered by sarita’s ring. Sarita is tensed and in tears, while vikrant is curt. The police says that they have a witness, whose statement woul change everything about the case. Sarita thinks whether vikrant is in a dilemma about the truth. Vikrant wonders how is this possible and whether sarita can stoop to this level, and isnt able to judge who to trust.

The police asks the butler who made the kheer. The butler says that he did. The police asks who was with the kheer, when he wasnt in the kitchen. The butler hesitatingly says a name.

Sarita places a hand on vikrant’s shoulder and turns him towards herself. sarita asks vikrant that she wants to ask sopmething, thats very important for her to know. she asks him if he really thinks that she can kill kajal. Vikrant is tensed and speechless. She says that she dopesnt care for others, and is just bothered with what he thinks. he says that he doesnt know whats true and false. She asks whats does he mean. She asks him to look her in the eye. She goes berserk and continuously asks him if he really thinks that she has killed kajal. Finally, he says that this is the police’s job and not his. She is distraught and in tears to find that he doesnt believe her. He turns away, while she hugs him and asks how can he think that she may have murdered kajal, and vehemently protests that she didnt kill kajal. He reaches out her hand to comfort her, but retreats it finally, while she is inconsolably crying. He takes off her hand from his shoulders, shocking her. She frantically takes his hand, but he jerks it away too, shocking her, and leaves. The screen freezes on her crying face.

Precap: The police says that all evidences indicate towards one person being the murderer. soham asks him to stop with the riddles and tell them who is it. After creating much drama, he finally says that Sarita Suryavanshi is the murderer.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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