The Buddy Project 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 8th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 8th November 2013 Written Update

RV finds Panchi in an empty classroom and comes over saying this is cheating which confuses her. RV explains that she had promised she won’t be upset anymore and here she is mopping again. Panchi sighs that at least she didn’t mess up with Rukmini again and RV tells her to stop over-thinking about everything. Panchi says even she wants to not think but the more she wills herself to not think of Avi, she ends up thinking about it. RV comes behind her (death no.1 for me) and says that’s all over. Avijeet Roy didn’t deserve her. Panchi smiles and asks then who deserves her? RV has a thoughtful look on his face and jokes for that she has to make a clone of him (death no. 2) Panchi hits him at this. RV tells her to do something constructive to divert her attention from all this. Panchi agrees saying she wants to forget all this break up business now.

Just then, Avi enters the room saying he won’t let that happen. Panchi looks back at him then looks away. Avi says he won’t let her forget this all. RV stops him and tells him to leave Panchi alone. Avi says this is his and Panchi’s matter. RV retorts that this was Avi and Panchi’s matter, now it is his (RV) and Panchi’s matter. She is his best friend and he won’t let her be disturbed like this. Avi smirks is she his best friend or something more? Which angers RV and disturbs Panchi. RV tells Avi not to create a scene here. Panchi is over him and doesn’t want to talk. Avi says it’s a misunderstanding which will be cleared once they talk it through. RV again says she is over him and won’t talk. Avi says fine, he will leave if Panchi says this on her own. RV tells Panchi to say it that she is done as this time won’t come again.but Panchi is silent. Avi tells RV not to force Panchi to say anything. When Panchi steadily remains silent, RV becomes shocked and starts walking away in disbelief. Panchi turns around and tells him to stop. That relief on RV’s face (death no. 3) To Avi she says that she is done. She doesn’t want to talk anything and he should leave before she calls the authorities. Insulted, Avi leaves from there and Panchi breaks down crying. RV goes to her and hugs her (death no. 4) and tells her she did so good. He holds her face (official death) and says he is so proud of the way she handled it. Now it’s all over so she should calm down. He hugs her again as she cries. Rukmini is at the door seeing them hug and that lady ain’t pleased (and THIS lady doesn’t care

KD wants to use the edit room as it’s his last date of assignment submission but it’s already booked by someone else. KD requests the incharge to let him use it but incharge says rules are rules. KD can try talking to that student. Who turns out to be Kiya. KD isn’t pleased seeing her. Kiya refuses to allot her time to him and taunts his manners. They have an indirect verbal spat and KD leaves from there angrily.

RanSh are talking about girls and their issues.

KiyAn are talking about boys and their issues.

(this is such a hilarious conversation! Won’t go in details because it’s mostly them complaining about the other s*x, calling love nothing but a headache, blaming Karan Johar and SRK for all their troubles etc)

Ultimately, the end result is RV telling KD that if he knows so much about girls then why does he fight with Kiya?

And Panchi tells the same to Kiya, if she knows so much then why does she fight with KD? (then she continues sighing over SRK
KiSha are thoughtful over this.

Next day in ICC. Panchi sees Rukmini and greets her, asking how is she? Rukmini sarcastically replies if she is looking fine then she must be fine. Panchi is confused and wonders how come Rukmini doesn’t give a direct reply to a direct question? Panchi asks her if she has seen RV anywhere? Rukmini coolly replies she doesn’t get to see RV nowadays. All the time he is with Panchi. When she wasn’t there, he kept thinking about her. Now that she is here, he keeps thinking about how to distract her. Panchi is surprised at the bite in her words. RV has heard this all. Rukmini sees RV standing behind Panchi and she walks away without sparing him a glance. Panchi notices RV and she too starts walking but RV catches up to her and asks what happened to her mood? Panchi replies her mood was fine till a few minutes ago but seeing Rukmini act like that, she isn’t comfortable. She suggests that they stop meeting if Rukmini doesn’t like it. RV says why should they do it? Rukmini is a bit hyper but she’s a smart girl, she’d understand it. And they can’t stop being themselves just because they fear what Rukmini or others would say . If others have problem, it’s not their issue. So no, they won’t stop meeting. Panchi is still uncomfortable. RV changes the topic and asks what was it she wanted to talk about but Panchi is too lost in her thoughts. RV notices her new bag and compliments it, which pulls Panchi out of her thoughts and she excitedly tells him she was gifted this by the 8 year old son of her gardener. the bag has some beautiful art design on it. Panchi says the boy designed it herself. Him and his friends are talented but they don’t have a platform to showcase that talent. So she was thinking they could do a little workshop here in college, sell their artwork and give all that money to the kids. RV likes the idea and says they should present this idea to the Dean by evening and he would endorse the idea as the Student Body President. Panchi is a bit reluctant about it though but RV assures her the idea is brilliant!

Cut to RaHi and KiSha in the classroom. RV is excited about the idea and asks Kiya’s feedback. Kiya says the idea is brilliant, no wonder a girl shared it. Because only girls can come up with such sensible ideas. Boys tou lack even the basic manners. In fact, she thinks boys should be sent back to school to learn those manners. KD retorts and that in that school, they should also be taught how to twist thing into something it is not. Kiya rolls her eyes and goes away from there. KD follows her while RaHi look on, worried about their friends.

KD catches up to Kiya and demands why is she making snide remarks at him? Kiya asks that is true. He lacks manners. That was evident when he threw water on her. KD retorts where did her manners go when she wrote ‘jerk’ on his locker? Kiya says that was a reaction. He also writes strange words on walls for all to see. KD is surprised hearing this and it comes out that both of them thought the other person wrote the message on Scribble Wall. Kiya says she had been acting like that because she was mad at him for writing that message and KD says the same. They both realize their mistake that it was dumb of them to assume things like this and fight for no reason. They hug and make up and all is well. KD wonders if they didn’t write the message, then who did?

Precap – KiSha on a date. KD tells Kiya to never change. Just then, Kiya gets a call and gets hyper excited. She tells KD that she wants to tell him something which would make her so proud of her but for that he has to wait a while. She goes away saying she’d be back soon and how he’d be so happy. KD is confused at her sudden behavior.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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