Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mahima enquiring about the will from Shivani. She asks, whether at any time she talked with Parimal uncle about the new will. Shivani says no and asks her not to feel pity on her. She says she is very much happy here. Mahima says she will agree Jazz and says you are ours. Lata comes and offers the refreshments. Mahima thanks her and says she have to reach haveli soon as she has to instruct the servants about the Diwali arrangements. She asks Shivani to take care. Gini says babyji is going with you naa? Mahima is surprised. Bella and Maya tells her that babyji and Raghu told them that Shivani is going to haveli to celebrate Diwali. Lata says you shall forget everything and start life afresh with your brother and sister in law. Mahima makes an excuse and says painting is going on in the haveli and she is allergic to the smell. She says she will take her later. Shivani says she will go later. Mahima leaves.

Gini says it is good, babyji will celebrate Diwali with us. Before going she asks Raghu to take care of Shivani. She thinks Shivani and Raghu didn’t know about the new “will”. Baburaam asks her, whether she will not take babyji? Mahima says not now, next time. Baburaam asks for money indirectly. Mahima gives the money and asks him to take care of Shivani. Baburaam says he will take care of Shivani until money keeps coming to him from them. Raghu comes and takes the notes bundle in his hands. Baburaam asks, what are you doing? Raghu asks him to go inside. Baburaam leaves. Mahima smiles and asks Raghu to take care of Shivani with the money. She gives another bundle of notes. Raghu tells her that he can take care of Shivani well without this money. He asks her to keep the money with her and says soon they will be out of the haveli and Shivani will be in the haveli. Mahima gets angry and asks, whether he is with Abhi. Raghu says, soon he will uncover their real faces infront of the world. Mahima fumes, takes the money and leaves.

Nishi asks Shivani, which gift she likes the most. Shivani tells her that the best gift she used to get from her Daaju and he would never forget. Raghu hears it and is tensed. Raghu goes to search for work in the mill but he is asked to come after 3 days. Raghu thinks about Shivani’s words. Vivek requests the sweets shopkeeper to give sweets to him on loan and he would return money soon. Raghu comes to him and he says he is busy with work. Raghu offers to help him. He says I will give you 600 Rs.

Shivani calls her friend Meghna. Meghna tells her that she got car as a gift from her hand. Shivani tells her that she needs help from her and says she got married. She tells everything. Meghna asks her, why you didn’t tell me anything. Shivani says it happened so fast. And says I thought to call you and asks for her help. Shivani asks Meghna, can she stay at her place for some days. Meghna agrees. Shivani says she don’t want to be burden on Raghu and his family and will come soon to her place. She disconnects the call after seeing Lata. Lata asks, where are you going? Shivani says she wants to go and meet her friend. Shivani thanks her for gestures and love. She says your love is priceless for me. Lata says it is your luck that we could help you.

Jazz is playing cards and losing money. He wonders what will Mahima bring from Raghu’s home? His friend suggests to end the game as Jazz is having headache. Mahima comes and bids for 50000 Rs. She smiles. Raghu takes the sweet boxes and goes to deliver them. Raghu comes back after delivering the sweets and gets 600 Rs as his pay. He asks him to give sweets for Rs 200. He thinks to get gift for Shivani.

Mahima tells Jazz that Shivani and Raghu didn’t know anything about the new original will. Jazz gets happy and says it is a jackpot for us. Jazz thinks they can’t do anything now. Mahima says but we can’t take the chance and says Raghu and Shivani were different today. She says we shall get the original will soon. Raghu comes to the shop and asks him to show the silver tops or chain. Raghu is tensed after knowing the price rates and thinks he has only 400 Rs.

Shivani asks Raghu to stop thinking about her and asks her to start thinking about himself. She says I will go from here and then who will help me. Raghu says he will help her always..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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