Punar Vivah 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 7th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Yash coming to his father. He says, you called me? His father says, yes.. after a while he says.. by now you would have realized that your decision of bringing Aakash to this house was wrong. I am already seeing differences among everyone in this house. And trust me, that day is not far.. when years old relationships will be broken. Today’s play proved that you can’t imagine what will happen in future. Listen to me and Change your decision and everything will be alright.

Yash says, I don’t think anything bad happened today that would bring separateness in our family. He gives example of his kids and say we don’t see any differences among them. Why you think what maa did was wrong? And you know how much maa would have got hurt after finding out the truth.. whatever that she did.. she did in anger. His father says, if we don’t stop her anger here.. then it will get even bigger. He says, all I know is that I don’t want my family to turn in Mahabharat (that means fighting place). Yash says, nothing like that will happen. I promise you I won’t let this family break. This family and you have given me a lot. Whatever I am today is because of you and this family.. and I can’t let this family break. His dad finally says, fine. Yash leaves.

Next morning, kids come running to Yash and Aarti. They say they got trophy from the school for family project. Aarti says, you tried this hard.. so you had to get this award. Suraj comes there and tells kids to keep trophy in their room. Pankaj and Prateik are teaching Aakash how to use mobile. Yash tells his dad, we may have lost in that game.. but we got our award. Aarti says, it feels so good seeing all 3 brothers together, right? Suraj says, from outside..everything seems fine. You two added new family members to this house.. but its affecting old strong relationships. Maybe you two can’t notice that.. or ignoring it purposely. Yash says, it’s not like that.. you will see old relationships getting mixed with new. Suraj says, I hope you prove right.. and my fear gets proven wrong. He leaves. Now Gayatri comes there. She gives pooja’s aarti and prasad to all 3 brothers. After that she’s leaving. Yash asks, maa.. where is my prasad? Gayatri says, oh.. here. But there is no prasad left in the thaal. She says, you wait here.. I will bring some sweets for you. Yash says, what about pooja’s arti? He and Aarti takes the arti and blessings from her. Gayatri says, stay happy and leaves. Yash tells Aarti that he has some work and leaves as well. Yash comes to his room and looks at some file. Aarti follows him. Yash says, I have lots of work today. I have back to back meetings and I might be late. To cheer him, Aarti says, you will be late when I let you go.

She says, I am noticing since many days.. you’re having too many meetings, projects, and appointments. You don’t have any time for me. It won’t work like that. I can take anything, but not your “unromantic nature”. Yash says, “Khamosh Aarti ji” (shut up aarti ji). What did you say that I am not romantic? Aarti says, yes. you’re very unromantic. You just look at your work.. you have to look at your wife too. Yash holds her and asks, so you said that am unromantic? Now he gets romantic. Yash says, so I am cancelling all my meetings and work. Aarti says, I was just kidding. You attend your appointments.. they are important too. Yash makes her sit on the bed and goes closer to her. Aarti keeps going back.. and Yash keeps going closer. Aarti then says, “bauji” Yash gets back and pretends to be reading the file. Aarti runs away. She says in her mind, I wanted to bring this smile on your face.. now you will be able to work peacefully.

Aakash comes to the club. His friends tell him your destiny got changed. This clothes suiting on you so much. Aakash don’t insult them by saying clothes.. call it a suit. He shows off telling them prices of suit and watches. He says, he has called an item girl for them. Manager comes and says, it’s time to close the pub. Aakash says, how come so early? It’s just a start for us. I will pay whatever you want. Manager says, sorry.. we can’t allow that.. rules have gotten very strict now. Aakash behaves inappropriately with the manager and says, don’t teach me rules. Do you know who I am? I am Aakash Scindia. He tells his friends to tell the manager name of his dad. His friends say, Suraj Pratap Scindia. Manager says, who doesn’t know Suraj Pratap here. I have seen all 3 sons of him.. so don’t play with me. Street people like you come here everyday to drink free alcohol taking big people’s names. Aakash gets angry.. what did you say? I drink free alcohol? A waiter comes and tells manager not to argue with him…. He says, I heard he’s illegitimate son of Suraj Pratap.

Aakash starts hitting the waiter. Manager tries to calm him down.

He then calls Scindia house. Aarti picks up. Manager tells her about Aakash. Aarti says, he is my devar. Manager says, you are a respective family and that is why I didn’t call the police. Please come here and take him away, otherwise things can get worse.

Aarti asks not to inform police and says she will send someone from here. She tries calling Yash, but he doesn’t pick up. Aarti says, oh yea. he said he will be busy in the meeting. She then thinks of telling Pankaj and Prateik, but then decides against it otherwise they would again get angry with Aakash. She decides to go herself then. She leaves message to Yash saying she is going to the pub to take Aakash and asking him to come there as soon as he gets free.

Aarti enters the pub. Aakash is drunk and asleep. Aarti tries to wake him up, but he doesn’t. His friends come and starts behaving improperly with Aarti. Aarti slaps one guy and asks how dare you to touch me?

His friends think its the item girl about whom Aakash was talking about. They say Aakash bhai paid you na.. why drama now? They say take more money if you want. Aarti starts throwing stuff to them. Guys gets angry and they catch her. Aarti is shouting for the help, but Aakash is too drunk to stay awake.

Episode ends with Aakash’s friends holding Aarti.

Precap: None (but I can make up my own. Yash coming and saving Aarti JI )

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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