Phir Subah Hogi 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 7th March 2013 Written Update

Vikram stares at sugni and her beauty when she asks why is he seeing so and the landlady gave her the clothes, vikram says she is looking good,landlady says she will charge Rs. 2500 for food and sugni’s saree. Sugni shocked but vikram gives her the money.She tells them to eat and leave soon.They have breakfast and sugni criticises that the food is not good and her stomach is not full, vikram offers his food to her when sugni hesitates but vikram makes her eat it.Vikram keeps looking at her while she hogs on the food.Vikram gets up but his back pains and sugni says he has hurt himself, makes him lie on the bed and rest.

Tarabai threatening someone not to return empty handed, and scolds her men. The other girls ask her to relax and have food,Tarabai gets emotional that she cant live without chulbuli. Some guy comes for entertainment, tarabai says the kotha is closed for today. She takes her anger out on some customer while Bunty stops her.

A guy comes with a letter which has a message for tarabai asking her to meet him to know about chulbuli as he has information on her. Tarabai comes out running and sits in a car.A masked man asks her to follow him.

Reva and Nagania pleading forgiveness from Suman. Hukum says these 2 are like dogs tail. Reva pleads Suman to take her back to haveli as she cant show her face back home. Hukum tells Suman to take them back to haveli and use them as servants, Suman is impressed with him.She decides to take Reva & Nagania back home & warns them. REva tells suman that Niranjan is unwell and she wants to meet him.Suman gives her permission to return back in 1 day or she will throw her out permanently. Reva makes plans to throw Suman out of haveli.

Reva comes to a bus which is leaving and asks to meet one of their actress, when someone say she already left.Reva decides to follow her and meet her somehow.

Sugni massaging Vikram’s back and scolding him, Vikram asks her to stop and shouts at her, sugni gets upset, Vikram remembers doctor telling to keep her happy and asks sugni to continue. Vikram gets worried what may happen in future. Sungi think why she is getting attracted to him.

Tarabai reaches a place and asks her men to search the whole place.Divakar and his men too are searching for ViNi everywhere.They search each & every house.One man sees ViNI through a window and informs everyone and they attack.

Vikram senses someone has seen them and checks out of the window and finds some goons enquiring about them,he takes sugni with him and they run out of back door but the goons attack and Vikram beats them up.Divakar and his men follow them, Reva reaches the same village following the actress. Divakar catches sugni when vikram starts beating them, Reva looks in shock at ViNi wondering how is sugni is alive & Vikram is with her.

Precap – Suman slips and falls and MS says she is getting punished for her sins.

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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