Pavitra Rishta 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 7th March 2013 Written Update

Sulochna is sitting in her room. She is crying and thinking about Varsha and how once Varsha was talking about Bappa . Purvi comes in the room and Sulochna tells her every thing that happened in the hospital with Varsha .She tells her that though Varsha tried to save Archana from jail, she was unable to and now it is no point of Varsha feeling sorry for her mistakes as the damage is done .
Sulochna then wipes her tears and gives Purevi the good news that the baby is going to get a name today .Purvi is so happy that she starts crying . Sulochna goes to make arrangements for the small function for the name giving ceremony .

The ceremony starts .Purvi gives Ovi a hand knitted sweater for the baby . She says that she has made this sweater with the same love as a mother would for her child and wants the baby to have it . Ovi apologises to Purvi for her behaviour in the morning but Purvi says that it is all right .
Teju and Sunny are both busy working . The look at each other and smile .Aniket says to Tej uthat she can send messages to Sunny through him but Teju tells him to watch his weight instead .
Punni and Mr. Mital also come to the function . Mital gets gift for Manjusha . Now Manju is worried that if Mital does not gets what he wants then these lovely gifts will stop coming her way .
An extremely depressed Manav goes to Ovi and Arjun and gives them a gold Payal for the baby .He tells them that this was bought by Archana for the baby as Archana considered baby girls to be very lucky for their families .

Savita wants to start the ceremony .
Manju and Savita do some lovely rituals around the baby’s crib then they tell Arjun and Ovi to give the baby a name .
Ovi says that she wants Arjun to give the baby her name as she wants her daughter to be as close to her dad as she and Teju are close to their dad Manav .
Sulochna says that whatever name Arjun choses , he should quietly say to the baby .Arjun gives his daughter the name ‘ Pari ‘ and then he looks at Purvi who is also looking at her baby . Everyone loves the name that Arjun gave to his daughter .

Some more rituals are done with Ovi .Purvi goes back in her past .One day when she had bought food for Arjun , he told her that soon he will have some other girl taking care of his food .He tells Purvi that he is talking about their daughter who will be as pretty as Purvi and will be like a faily ( Pari ) . Purvi wants to have a son called Dhruv but Arjun keeps insisting that it will be an angel like daughter .
He tells Purvi that when their daughter comes then their love will become even more strong as she eill be the symbol of their love who will bring them even more close to each other . Purvi gets emotional and tells him that when they will have a daughter , they will name her ‘ Pari ‘.

Purvi goes out to give mithai etc to the neighbours .Arjun is also outside , getting some toys for Pari from his car. When he sees Purvi he goes to her and apologises to her for giving the baby the name that was once suggested by Purvi as at the time no other name came to his mind . .Purvi says that it is all right as she ia Ovi and Arjun’s daughter .

Savita and Sulochna talk to each other about how everyone is sad insidfe but trying to look happy .They pray for Manav that he comes to terms with his situation and for Archana to get better soon .Archana wanted this name given ceremony to be performed at the Karanjkar house as she also get her name in this house . Savita thanks Sulochna for doing the ceremony for her great grand daughter here .

Precap : The baby is with Ovi and she is crying .Punni is also in the room .Ovi does not understands why the baby is crying so Punni says that the reason is not because she is hungry and is totslly fed , by Purvi ..
Ovi looks at Punni with a shocked expression .

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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