Hitler Didi 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 7th March 2013 Written Update

Indira in her barsati is growling on Rishi. Babli says ammi and Indira in her growling fit says what a little loudly. Babli gets scared. Indira realizes and calmly asks Babli what she wants. Babli tells her to tuck a button of her dress. Indira takes it and starts sewing. babli says why is she getting affected by Rishi so much. Indira says she is not but continues to says that she never loses control but as soon as she faces Rishi , she gets filled with anger. ishan hears this and says to himself that its because she is Hitler didi who is always angry and her anger doubles when she faces Rishi. He adds that Rishi will never let indira go away. He leaves and Indira comes out of the room. She looks down where doctor is going going to inject Indu and here indira gets pricked by the needle by mistake. Kabir comes and tells her to take care and is going to suck the blood when Indira stops him and tells him that she will do it herself and leaves. Rishi is looking at all this. Doctor tells the family about precautions they should take and leaves. Munna says he will escort her and adds that he loves do it Rishi tells Meher that he will take care and she should leave, so she does.

Indira gets a dream of Babli and Indu falling down the stairs and wakes up at the point where Indu’s head hits the wall. She gets restless and walks out of the barsati and finds Rishi using damp bandages to bring Indu’s fever down. He leave sto throw the water and Indira runs down to Indu. she checks her fever and plucks a few leaves ( Basil, i guess) grinds it and applies it to Indu’s forehead. She then caresses her and kisses her forehead. RIshi looks at it and smiles. Indira finds him doing so and gets conscious. Rishi comes and sits by the bed. Both of them say sorry simultaneously and smile. Indira pauses and apologises for her behavior and says that she is going back to Lahore , the next day. She wants Rishi carry forward her apologies to Indu if she leaves before Indu wakes up. She looks at Indu and says that she is really beautiful, may be she has taken over her mom. Rishi looks at Indira and says yes. Indira is caressing Indu’s face and kisses her when Indu wakes up. Rishi and Indira are elated. Rishi cups Indu’s face and Indira too does the same. (BNHH BG) Kabir observes them from the balcony. indira removes her hand. Kabir calls her upstairs. She leaves ttelling Indu to take care. Kabir asks Rishi about Indu’s health and Rishi says he will post a letter to Lahore to inform him about the same. Kabir laughs and leaves. Indu tells Rishi that they can’t let Indira leave. Rishi shows her Kabir’s passport which he had sneaked out of Kabir’s pocket last night while hugging him. Rishi adds that till Kabir searches for the passport, they will have ample time. He starts singing the “Lahore” song and Indu tells him that he is a very bad singer. He says that he is practicing this for Indira, who knows if she gets her memory back by it and they leave. Ishan peeps out of a room and happily says that he knew Rishi won’t let Indira go.

Inder is walking with the potli on his head. He goes to barsati and asks Kabir if he should get the car out. Kabir plays along and says that he must do it the next day. Inder says ok and hands the potli to Indira. Inder demands money for the service and Kabir tells him that everything will be done the next day. Inder leaves and Indira and Kabir pity on Inder’s condition. Indira open the potli and finds her things and Kabir thinks of a past event where Indira si lying on a hospital bed. Kabir is by her side. A few army men come and say that they are going to search the place for a few Indians. Kabir tells them to go ahead. One of them asks about Indira. He says she is his wife to which one of them questions him about the chooda (bangles) that she is wearing. Kabir orders them to leave. Indira gets conscious and asks who is she and Kabir tells her that she is his wife.
Indira keeps her things in the potli safely

Precap: Rishi and Kabir are drinking. Rishi asks kabir about his marriage and kabir tells him that he has not married Husna yet. A smile spreads on Rishi’s face

Update Credit to: saumya

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