Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 7th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Daksh is lying on the floor n grinding peanuts on his face..! He recollects Nidhi slapping him! He says that.. this is not right.. Nidhi will get answer for this. .n realise..what Daksh is.. tomorrow..! He drinks non stop..! He picks up his phone and gives instructions to someone!

Nidhi slumps on the sofa next to Ashu..! Ashu asks what she is thinking? Nidhi asks if Ashu trusts her? Ashu asks why ask? Nidhi says that she has a plan to prove Ashu innocent..! Ashu says.. anything other than going away from her ..! Nidhi asks Ashu if he has that girls number who trapped him? Ashu says.. the girl had called him..and Nidhi asks him to call her..! Ashu asks what will he tell her? Nidhi tells him something..! Ashu asks if she is sure..this idea will work? Nidhi says..better try n see! Ashu calls that girl..! Ashu tells Nidhi that he did what she asked him to! Now what? Nidhi tells him to go sleep as a lot of work is to be done..next day..! Ashu goes.!

Next day morning..Nidhi asks Ashu if he is scared? Ashu says..feeling strange if work will be done or not! Nidhi assures him to trust her..! Nidhi gets a call from an old guy ..who tells her to hurry as his wife is serious! Nidhi says..she cant come rightaway ..n will give alternate number..! The guy pleads Nidhi to come! Nidhi is confused! Ashu asks Nidhi the matter..? Nidhi shares! Ashu asks her to go and care for the patient and that he will handle it all..! Nidhi goes..! Ashu offers to drop her off but she says..she can go alone..! Ashu wishes her all the best..! AshNi hug!

Outside the phone booth from where the old guy had called.. Daksh is standing n offers the guy money n smiles..! Ashu reaches to Lubnas [the girl who trapped him] home! Ashu rings the bell n she opens the door! He thanks her for accepting his request! He asks her to let him come inside..! She asks for what? Ashu says.. what he wishes to discuss cannot be shared standing upfront..so better to talk inside! They sit inside on the sofa..! The girl asks him what he wants? Ashu says..to apologise..! He says that he was not in his senses to even apologise previous night.. for what he did! The girl asks if he thinks his apology will settle matters? Ashu says.. not at all ..! He says that if he has committed a sin.. he should get punished..! He says..he got punished already.. .. he got fired.. n his wife has also left him..! The girl sips her beer ..! Ashu says that he is not guitly about it..! The girl asks what does he mean? Ashu says…she is so awesome that anyone can lose their name fame family for her..! He tells her that he lost his senses when he saw her first time.. n that he was scared that pretty girl like her will be offended with his attention! He says how he was talking to his wife.. while tihinking o fher.! He says that she was so irresistible that he could not control himself..! He says that he did whatever she is accusing him of..! The girl asks what he wants? Ashu says..he is in love with her..! She is shocked to hear! Ashu says that he was hoping that his wife will support him but she ditched him.. n also tricked to get him fired..! He says that whatever happend is for good ! He says coz of her .. the wall between Ashu n Lubna is gone.. its blessing in disguise! Ashu says that now he has no obligations and does not need to control.. to express his love for her! Lubna is shocked n keeps drinking! Ashu says that he knows that a girl like her can get many hot guys. .but he wont get a girl like her.. never ever..! Ashu says.that the biggest repentance for the previous night is to marry her.. n Ashu proposes her to marry him! He says that he will marry her infront of the world..!

Part 2
Nidhi arrives at the location where the old guy had called her to ..! She rings the door bell of the solitary bungalow there…but no response! She pushes the door of the house open..! She enters the house.. n calls out.. if anyone is there?

Lubna tells Ashu there is no need for this! Ashu says..there is.. he committed a sin .. ! Ashu holds Lubnas hand in his! Lubna says..he has not done anything..!

Police arrives at Lubans home and secretly overhear Lubnas clarification! Ashu fakes before Lubna and tells if she is trying to forgive him? Lubna says..he did not do anything ..! She says..she did it..! She says that she was sent to trap Ashu ..given money for it! Ashu asks by whom? Lubna says.. Daksh ..! Ashu is taken aback..!

Nidhi enters further in the bungalow n keeps calling out..! Daksh comes from the front door n says.. Main hoon na.. Doctor Nidhi..!!

Part 3
Ashu asks Daksh? Lubna gives the details..! She says how she added sleeping pills in his juice .. n then alleged him of molestation! The cops give a thumbs up signal to Ashu..! Ashu says..thank u.. cops heard that! Cops come infront and arrest her..! Ashu tells her that earlier she acted and trapped him now he returned the favour!

Daksh enters inside the bungalow and stands at the entry door with his arms on the door..! He closes the door..and two goons guard it..for him from outside..! Nidhi is shocked..! She asks him what is he doing there? Daksh says..waiting to answer her back ..for the SLAP! Nidhi clutches on to her mangalustra and dupatta! Daksh starts to close in on her.. n hums ..along!

Precap —– Daksh is chasing Nidhi .. and Nidhi hides behind a door in some room!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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