Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th March 2013 Written Update

Ram’s home:

The Episode starts with Ram telling Priya whether they shall go back. Priya says so what Mr. Kapoor. We can start afresh. I think whatever happened is to make us strong. Ram says what about Pihu. She was adjusted well here and because of her Papa she have to leave everything, her school, her friends…Priya says its ok. we will together take care of her. She will adjust soon. I was thinking from so many days are we giving her overprotective environment. are we keeping her out of reality. I think for childrens have to accept the changes. Life does teach that Mr. Kapoor. Ram says but who will inform her. Priya says you will inform her. Priya says you are her papa. we will tell her and you will tell her the truth. trust me she will understand everything. she says I am sure she will understand. She is more matured. Ram says this is not I wanted to give to my daughter. Priya says This is not we wanted, but what we will do. This is part of life and Pihu too is part of our life. she is very courageous. She was my strength in Dubai. I will make her understand.

Rishabh in his new office:

Rishabh friend ask him to start his new business and invest the money. Rishabh says Ayesha freeze all his shares. His friends inform him about E commerce. it is a new business and profitable.
his friends tells him that he will help him in the business.

Ram home:

Pihu comes back home and tells Ram n Priya that her teacher said she will teach her spray colouring and she will learn fast. Ram sits near her and tells I want to talk to you something. Pihu ask him to say. Ram tells her that we are going back to Mumbai. your Papa will not work here, but in mumbai. Pihu asked him are you leaving us? Ram says no no. Papa will never leave you. Mumma and Papa takes you along. Pihu says its ok. If you are with me then I have no problems. read full updates daily with pics only at BALH music playing in the BG. Ram tells Priya that everything is finished, he dont have any savings. If he wanted to start a new business then nobody will give him loan. what i will do if I go to Mumbai. Priya replies lakhs of people work for others and we too will work. Ram tells what have I done. He asks this is not right what kind of life you are living? Priya replies a beautiful life. this is what you have given me and Pihu. Beautiful life..
She tells savings and investments is not of money. but our love is our investments. and if we have someone else support when we are sad, then it becomes a beautiful moment and we are going through that and when we look back we will feel happy because we were together.

Sudhir home:

Maa, and Dadi came back home and Natasha gives them water. Dadi fears that Ram is not picking her call. she says since 2 days Ram didnt talk to her. is everything alright there. Natasha says bhai might be busy in contract deal. Shipra says natasha is right. Dadi prays everything shall be fine.
Shipra calls Priya but her number is not reachable.

Vikram home:

Neha calls vikram and ask him did you people reached. He says we are in a lift. she says I am excited to see you. Vikram asks for her permission to cut the call. Neha says we miss you guys. Priya jokes and says we never miss you. Neha asks Ram whether he wanna drink ginger tea, he agrees.
She says welcome back to mumbai fatty.

Kapoor Mansion:

Saudamini comes to Kapoor Mansion and mamaji jokes that pari came to our home. He says you have to help me. and for that you have to come in my room. He says I am a gentleman. He then ask her help to select a neck tie. then Mamaji’s try some tie’s and Saudamini ties him neck tie.

Ayesha ask the servant where is saudamini. he tells her that she is in Mamaji’s room. Ayesha tells mamaji that she is her friend. then they leaves.

Vikram home:

Vikram tells Ram do not worry about anything. you need money for starting a new business naa. I have some savings. there will be no problem. Ram replies that he will not take money from him. Vikram tells when you got the money, then return it. Ram tells you have so many responsibilties, how can you complete that. how you are going to afford this. On the other hand, Neha says to priya, we will fulfilled their responsibilties. Ram says I dont want to be a liability for you. Neha says you are not liabilty for us. Priya says your support is more important. Ram ask him to search a job for him. Vikram agrees.

Vikram tells Neha what to do, he is in dilemma as Ram ask him not to say anything about his loss to his family and his family have asked vikram not to inform anything to Ram about their thrown out of kapoor mansion. Vikram says i am in fix. we have to do as they say. we have to support them. both of them is stubborn, didnt agree for our help.

Neha ask for dinner venue. Priya says aloo parathas. Pihu asked Ram when we will go and meet everybody and khush. She asked him to come. Priya tells her dont argue. Vikram says he will make her understand.

Natasha store:

Rahul comes to Cady at Natasha boutique and ask cady to accompany her for coffee. She says I dont have time. I am a working girl now. go alone. Natasha smiles hearing them. Rahul then ask for Natasha’s permission. Meanwhile Cady busy in showing dresses to the customer and Natasha challenges Rahul that he should help Cady sell the dress and she will then allow him to take Cady with him over coffee. He comes to the customer and starts praising her and she finally buy the dress selected by Rahul.

Sudhir home:

Neha and Vikram comes to sudhir home and Shipra jokes is there any good news. they say surprise and its Pihu, Ram and Priya. Ram is surprised to see maa, dadi here and asked them. The episode ends on his shocked face.

Maa tells Ram that we hide something from you. Ram asked what. She about to tell about Ayesha. Soumya tells that Ayesha throws them out of the house. Ram shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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