Qubool Hai 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 7th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Badi bi telling Razia, I had doubt from before.. and today I am confirmed now. She asks her, are you shocked because seeing me walking or knowing that someone can think like you too? I have learned all this from you only.. I had no other option so I answered to you in your style. Now for God sake, don’t tell anyone else that I can walk.. otherwise no one will believe you and you will feel insulted. You have tried this before and failed, right? She sits on the wheelchair and leaves.

Asad’s sister sees Billo searching for something in a drawer. She doubts on her and asks what she was doing. Billo says she was just cleaning. Asad’s sister tells him to go and give food to her mother.

On the other hand, Razia pushes Badi bi’s wheelchair and Badi bi falls down from the stairs.

Asad and Zoya wake up. They both cant remember what happened last night. Asad sees the clock and its 9:30 already.. he says. I have to reach the court by 10:30. Door is still locked. Zoya says, I don’t understand how door got locked. Asad says, Its very important for me to reach court.. I can’t leave that man. Why don’t you understand? Zoya says, I understand..but why don’t you understand and accept that you can’t reach there on time now. Asad says, have you gone crazy? and all this happened because of you. Zoya says, oh really? Can you tell me what did I do? He says, you brought me far away from the city.. Zoya says, I didn’t ask you.. you volunteered yourself. Asad says, but you had to come here today only? and on top of that delay in everything.. tea.. and what not. Zoya says, now you will also say that I called that ghost.. I made rain to come.. and I removed petrol from your car with a pipe. Zoya realizes what she just said and she is caught now. Asad asys, I knew it.. I made sure tank is full and then suddenly it got empty. You did all this so I don’t reach to the court. You must have locked this door as well. Asad tries to break the door. Zoya says, this door won’t break. Asad doesn’t listen to her and says, if you think you will stop me from going to the court, then you’re wrong. He kicks and breaks the door. Zoya is surprised. Asad leaves.

Ayan and his family are wondering how did Badi bi fall. They ask doctor if she will be fine. Doctor says, I can’t say anything until she gets conscious. Doctor leaves. They then think Badi bi had tension of Rashid’s hearing. Razia speaks in her mind, she fell down from that high and still got saved. What if she tells truth to everyone after getting conscious.

Zoya running behind Asad and asking him to listen to her. She says, I agree that I tried stopping you from going to the court.. but there’s a reason behind it. Asad says, not a single word more. Don’t interfere in my family matters. I don’t want to look at you anymore. He leaves. Zoya cannot believe he left her here. She says to herself, if he think I can’t go alone.. then he doesn’t know me properly yet.

Zoya calls Asad’s mother and says, I am so sorry.. I tried my best to stop Mr. Khan, but I couldn’t. He has left for the court.. and he may reach there on time. Asad’s mother tells her, no problem.. everything is in God hand’s. Whatever has to happen.. will happen. At least you tried. She asks Zoya, where are you right now? Zoya says, I am waitin for the bus.. don’t worry about me.. I will reach there. She disconnects. Billo was listening their conversation. After Asad’s mother exists the room, she checks her phone.

Asad tells the lawyer that he is on his way to the court and asks him to keep him informed what happens in the court.

On the other Zoya is in the bus. She’s sleeping and last night’s scenes coming in front of her eyes. She wonders if Mr. Khan really said that. Bus has an accident.

Everyone is very badly injured, but Zoya seems to be alright compare to others. She is in a disbelief and has tears in her eyes.

Rashid’s lawyer tells him that today’s hearing got postponed. Rashid says whats the point.. I still didn’t get bail. Lawyer says, Asad’s lawyer was able to convince judge to give new date. Hearing will take place after 3 days now.. and we can try to make our case strong… but for now.. you will have to stay in the custody. Lawyer leaves and Rashid then sees Asad’s mother there. Before she approaches to him, Shirin comes in the way. She hugs him. Rashid keeps looking at Asad’s mother. Asad’s mother gets sad and she leaves.

Asad rushes to the accident scene. Zoya thinks that he came there for her. Asad runs toward her. Zoya forwards her hands seeing him running, but Asad passes by and goes to someone else. Zoya is shocked.

She turns around and sees him hugging some other girl.

Sad song “Do Pal” from movie Veer Zaara plays in the background while Zoya stares at Asad hugging some other girl and remembers their past moments.

Episode ends.

Precap: Asad telling Zoya, Actually I didn’t know.. you were in that bus..I found out later when I saw your ipad and i was really worried. Zoya turns back and looks at him. Right then New girl comes and calls Asad. She sees Zoya there as well and says, sorry.. I hope I didn’t disturb you.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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