Punar Vivah 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 5th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
arti gets tea for yash while he’s reading the newspaper. He tells arti about the fact that anaemia patients especially girls, unaware that they have anaemia, who are the unfortunate. He tells about the ICAn marathon, to be held on the 10th of March for the girls, and asks arti to join, as she’s health conscious too. arti enthusiastically says yes to the marathon, deciding that se wont be able to run due to her pregnancy, but will walk the marathon. she asks yash to get ready for the match.

The scindia family gear up for the cricket match, with akash, radha and ishita also joining in, on arti’s and yash’s insistence. Ansh asks what team would he play for. Pankaj says that yash would be the captain of one team, and on gayatri’s insistence, akash would be the captain to the second team. Arti appreciates her involvement and says that she has heard that akash plays very good cricket. When prateik asks where is he, just then a car drives in rashly, and akash, in suit having undergone a personality change and an entire makeover, must to everyone’s surprise gets down and approaches them. He is joined by ishita too. He asks if he now looks like the heir of a rich family and that he has now learnt the manners of the scindia m,ansion. He asks ansh, who gives him a thumbs up. Arti commends ishita for transforming him like that. He goes over to yash and says that he got tired shopping, otherwise he would have shopped his heart out.

Pari asks which brand is he wearing, and he says that he doesnt know it, but knows thta it cost him 1.5 lakhs showing the price tag which he hadnt taken off. While pari smirks, yash tells that the suit has become priceless. Akash then rudely goes on to summon the servant, in the family for years, who’s more like a member, to take the things that he has bought upto his room. Arti distracts the family from the tension, by asking to begin the match.

Arti asks buaji to get chits for team selection and assigns palak for akash’s team and ansh for yash’s team. She asks them to join up either side. Yash’s team is constitued of yash, arti, pankaj, vidhi, and ansh and in akash’s team, akash, preteik, pari, and ishita, palak and payal are decide to play. when asked about the referees, arti assigns radha and gayatri, much to gayatri’s surprise. Before starting the remember that suraj always gives something as a prize. But gayatri says that this time she would give the prize, which is her ancestral necklace, that she had been given by her mother in law. They are all pleasantly surprised to hear this. All the wives start coaxing theri husbands to get it, but ishita insists to akash, that this necklace has to belong to her, since it would be a befitting response to the way suarj insulted him by giving him 7 days to refine himself, and this way he would be able to get back at his father. akash looks back surprised to see his wife favouring him like that.

Buaji tries to instigate suraj that this match is unique, as gayatri is showering all her love on akash. suraj too see this but doesnt say anything. Gayatri calls up yash to take blessings from her for victory. He then goes over to radha for her blessings too. The match finally begins, with akash’s team batting first. All are waiting with enthusiasm to find the result. As gayatri gets happy at akash’s beautiful playing, vidhi reminds her that as an umpire, she shouldnt prefer one team. Gayatri smiles and says that she was just encouraging him and that she wont be partial. But she cant help but pay extra attention to akash, which irks suraj. Finally, suarj claps when yash outs akash. Next, yash’s turn for batting comes, and he gives a fabulous performance. Radha, fixes yash’s gloves as they were loosening up. Gayatri reprimands her for being partial which she cant do as an umpire, but pankaj tells her that its not wrong, as the umpire can change gloves for the batsman. While gayatri is rendered speechless, radha smiles to herself.

Radha is confronted by gayatri that what is she smiling about, as she has also chated with her, by stealiung away not only her husband but also distanced away her child from his mother. Radha doesnt answer anything, and gayatri returns back to her position. the match further progresses, with yash’s team inching closer to akash’s score. As ansh gets his turn to bat, he is cheered on by the family. Suraj is sitting silently watching all of it happening. Pankaj reminds yash that its the last ball, and they need 3 runs to win. A determined akash comes for bowling and while yash, determined to win himself, takes that serve, and swings it full on. As the match reaches for its climax, both the teams are rooted for by its members. As the ball, flies high up in the air, and then begins to trail its journey downwards, with everyone waiting for its outcome. The screen freezes on Yash’s tensed face.

Precap: During the cricket match, Gayatri screams out at radha, saying that how can she even think that what she did by swapping her kids, with gayatri’s so that he son, yash could enjoy the benefits of luxury and comfort. But she, without even knowing that yash wasnt her own child, she showered him with motherly affection, unawared of the fact that the child, she considers her own son, is in fact the result of somebody’s adultery passion. arti and yash are shocked to hear her talk like that, while radha stands with her head hung low in shame. Gayatri slaps radha, shocking everyone. She is reprimanded by suraj, for her immaturity that would distance yash from her, as he wont be able to bear his mother, radha being insulted like that. And if that happens, he might also leave the house, distancing himself from everyone in the house. Then in a sarcastic tone, he taunts gayatri, that even if that happens, she wouldnt be bothered as now she knows that her son is akash, and she is too busy showering love on him, and yash isnt her son after all. Gayatri is shocked to hear him say that.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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