Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th March 2013 Written Update

Episode Starts in Kapoor Mansion where Ayesha talking to herself why did she didnt got a call from her manager and if the deal got cancelled than from where she will arrange the funds. Just then She gets a call from the manager and he informs her that the Switzerland party have cancelled the deal. Ayesha shocked. She says we have completed all the formalities. He says I spoke to Mr. Talwar and make him understand that from this family they want to experience indian culture, family values, joint family where young and elders live together and how the young respect their elders but whatever they saw at your home. They are shocked. Whatever your bhabhi said about you, after learning that they decided they cant work with you. Ayesha shocked. He continues that this deal cannot be done. Ayesha is disgusted.

Scene Shifts to Ram’s office:

Ram is busy in his work. Priya tells Pihu to hurry up as she have to study for her project too. She looks at Ram who is very much busy. Pihu completes her homework while the BALH music is playing in the BG.
she asks Ram and Priya when we will go home. Priya says it is too late Mr. Kapoor. Ram says just 5 mins. Pihu says ok.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ayesha in a angry mood comes to hall and asks Soumya to leave Kapoor Mansion and points out at Dadi and Maa and says take your buggage also. Soumya says what. Ayesha tells you said that I am a lier, I lies. I am not a good daughter in law. I am very bad. you are the good one. I am giving you a chance to prove yourself as an ideal bahu. Take everybody from here and take care of them on your own. you will not get a single penny from me. Meanwhile Rishabh and Mamaji comes there too. Rishabh says what are you saying. we cant go at midnight, and when Dadi and Maa’s health is not good. Ayesha says I dont care. go wherever you want. Rishabh says you dont have any humanity. She says I allowed you all to stay here for so many days when Ram was not here. She says your wife is right I dont care for anyone. your quota is full. charity is enough. Pack your bags and leave. Ayesha calls for all the servants and ask them to pack Rishabh,Soumya, Dadi, and Maa luggage and bring it here. Servants gets surprised. Dadi, maa, Soumya cries. She commands them to do as she say. Soumya says she cant do that. Ayesha says who will stop me. she tells Sowmya that this house is hers and everything will happen according to her wish. Soumya says but think about dadi and maa. Ayesha says did you listen to me when I asked you to shut up. Each one of you have to suffer.
Servants bought their luggage and Ayesha ask them to leaves.Soumya says you are not doing good and you have to pay for this. She asks them to get out or else she will call the guards. Dadi cries miserably.

Everybody teary eyed leaves. Mamaji looks on silently.

Natasha calls on Kapoor Mansion Landline number and servant picks up the calls and sadly informs her that Soumya left. She says then give the call to Dadi or Maa. He says everybody left this house. Nats is shocked to hear that. He informs her everything happen that day.

Scene shifts On the Road:

Soumya, Dadi, Maa are sitting somewhere on the road, Soumya asks for forgiveness. She says I had to keep my mouth shut infront of Ayesha. If I didnt talk then we would not have been here. Soumya says because of me we were here. Dadi says why you are saying like this. you fight with Ayesha because of us. God will help us. Soumya says we shall call Natasha. Rishabh says no. we cant go to her home. Natasha comes there and takes their luggage. She ask all of them to sit in her car. Rishabh ask what are you doing.
She says I am angry with you. All this happened and you didn’t informed me. When I share everything with you, why cant you. They leaves with Natasha.

Sudhir Home:

Shipra offers tea to dadi, maa, Rishabh and Soumya. Maa says we are giving you trouble. Shipra says no. Sudhir and Rishabh sit. They decide on giving priya’s room to Dadi, Maa and Soumya, Rishabh in Natasha’s room.
Rishabh says it is matter of tonight, we will move out tomorrow. Sudhir says what you are talking. this is your house. Sudhir says you can stay here till u like. Soumya says you will get troubled. Shipra says why are you worrying. we all will work together. ok. Soumya says I will take up the cooking responsibilty.
Dadi tells to Natasha that this is not good. Natasha says she knew what is in her mind. This is my house. I am not the daughter in law but daughter here. and you can stay in my house. Shipra and Sudhir smiles.
They thank shipra. Nats asks did bhai know anything. Dadi says no, Ram will not know this. Maa says he is busy in work and if he came to know this, he will leave everything and come.
Natasha thanks Shipra. Shipra says you are our daughter and that is our family. they did so much for us, now it is our turn. I can atleast repay for Ayesha’s deeds.

Shipra cries and Natasha says everything will be fine.

Scene shifts to Ram’s office:

Ram is busy in office and organising the order items and Priya teaching the kids. Natasha was seen taking care of dadi while the song is playing jeevan chalne ka naam….

Story is moving forward in a song. Vikram employes Rishabh in some office. Ram completes the consignment. Then Ram comes home.Rishabh tells them that he got a job in some company.

Ram tells Priya that from tomorrow their life will change. Priya ask him to sleep and they will see tomorrow.
Pihu says I will sleep with you. Priya tells her bedtime story.

Ram standing in a balcony and Priya comes there. Priya ask him to sleep. Priya tells him that tomorrow will be beautiful. Ram tells her that all our worries are going to end. It is going to be a beautiful tomorrow. Just then it starts raining and Ram says I have still not packed all the order. I have to rush to the factory. Priya says Mr. Kapoor. Ram reaches the factory and sees all the order paper things drenched in water. sad music is playing. The episode ends on his sad face.

Ram tells Priya that they have lost everything. Now we have to sell the factory, car. How we will live, what will we eat? how we will pay Pihu’s school fees. He continues everything will be fine.we will start afresh but from where we will get money? Priya teary eyed listens to him….

Update Credit to: Amena

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