Punar Vivah 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 11th March 2013 Written Update

Akash says.. i am sorry for the wrong i have done.. but now m leaving..

Gayatri says.. how can u leave me like that…

Akash says.. i cant hurt u anymore.. the love i didnt get for 30 years from you, i got a lot of it in these 4 days and will forever remember it.. but i cant be here anymore.. all these 30 years.. the way i have lived.. with the people i have lived.. i cant get better in 7 days..

Yash says.. Akash, dont go..

Akash says.. no.. God made me the legitimate kid but gave u all the happiness.. dont feel bad but u got all the money and respect, i cant match that.. though i dont have money, but some respect i have.. thats why.. u stay here.. legitimate or illegitimate, u will the honourable son..
First time and for the last time, I will call u Bauji… u were right.. u said i am not meant for this house but i opposed it but now i have understood.. forgive me.. i am leaving..

Gayatri and Yash call out to stop him.. all try to stop him…

Gayatri says.. u have my word Akash… if u will leave, i will die..

Akash says.. u stopped me.. bcz if a mother dies because of me.. i cant do that.. i can love this house but this house wont love me..

Gayatri says.. why dod u think so..

Akash says.. what i want from 30 years, i wont ever get it..

Gayatri says.. what do u want tell me… this house has all…

Akash says.. i may be poor but i dont want money.. i want respect.. all the respect that Yash bhai has got for 30 years… this illegitimate tag , can u put it on Yash? can this family in front of the world say I am the legitimate kid..? if u give that, i can stay here..

Yash looks shocked and sad..
everyone sees sad..

Akash says.. i dont think anyone can answer that.. u stopped me with your word but for once ask my destiny-maker if he can fulfill my demands.. i have only 4 demands.. if u can fulfill that then its ok..
1. All that is Yash bhai’s , that will be mine from today.
2. from today, Yash bhai will never raise his hand on me.
3. the life that i have lived for 30 years, that will be Yash bhai’s from today.
4. In front of the world, this man will say proudly that he is my father.. meaning that i am the legitimate son of the Scindias and Yash bhai is the illegitimate son.

All look shocked…
Yash has tears in his eyes…
Aarti looks confused..

Akash says.. no one is saying anything.. did u see, no one says anything.. i can see u mum as well.. i am leaving now..

Gayatri says.. stop Akash.. whatever u wanted, u get it.. name, fame respect everything… from today, Akash is this house’s legitimate son and Yash, your father’s illegitimate son..

Akash holds Gayatri’s hand..

Bua says.. i cant believe this bhabhi.. how can u behave like this with our Yash.. this cant happen.. u have given all your love to him for 30 years… think again..

Yash says.. like Maa.. i take all of Akash’s demands.. Maa has promised and I will help u..

Papa S says.. Yash..

Yash says.. Bauji.. at least i can do this much.. that i can fulfill the duties of a son..

Yash goes to Gayatri and bends down to take her blessings..
Gayatri hesitates and puts her hand on his head and half way says be happy..
She takes off her hand and goes inside crying..

Bua looks sad.. all are sad…
Ishita smiles..
Akash looks at Yash.. Yash goes inside…

Yash is in his room packing his stuff..

Aarti comes in and says.. why yash ji.. why did u promise mummy ji something that hurts u so much to fulfill..

Yash says.. for Maa’s happiness.. so that Maa can fulfill her promise.. and what is bigger for a son..

Aarti says.. i am with you in all your decisions..

Yash and Aarti start to pack..

kitni baaten plays in background…

Yash looks around at his room…

Yash remembers Gayatri’s words that she said sometime back..

Gayatri sits in her room crying…

Aarti looks at Yash crying…

Yash and Aarti hug..

Akash comes in their room..

Akash says.. why did u pack everything.. ohh u are emptying the room.. waah son should be like you.. this is less in me which i want to remove.. i think u didnt hear me clearly outside.. all yours is mine now.. ur clothes.. ur watch.. ur shining shoes.. all are mine and will be here… everything in the bag and in this room is mine.. Akash’s Scindia’s

Yash and Aarti leave the bags and are leaving with the family photo frame..

Akash says.. cant u understand.. everything is mine.. that photo frame as well.. leave it here..

Yash looks absolutely angry.. Aarti looks shocked…

Akash is sitting on Yash’s workplace on the mattress..
Yash is standing there..
Akash says.. didnt u understand by all that was yours is mine now.. even i want to see that how a man sits on the ground who used to sit on the carpet…

Update Credit to: AbbyluvsMaan

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