Amrit Manthan 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 11th March 2013 Written Update

Episode opens with Tej suggesting Nimrit to buy necessary stuff for tomorrow’s Dhaba competition. Nimrit ask Tej if she really has to participate and Tej says if Agam was alive
he would have wanted her to take part and would have felt proud.Nimrit gets a flashback how Agam dreamt of their dhaba and decide to take part in the competition

Yug and Amrit driving and Amrit shouting how Bani is rude and how she behaved with her.
Yug asks to concentrate on her work and she says that she is focused and she will see that Agni are seperated forever this time.Amrit sees Tejni on the way and asks Yug to stop the car. Amrit hides and overhears Tejni’s conversation about the compeition and decides to plot so they loose.

Jo and Bani comes to Nimrit and enquires if she is nervous about the competition.Nimrit says that she is nervous. Bani asks her not to be nervous as she will do great and Jo says that she will defeat all the competitors the same way as they defeated bad aunty. Nimrt asks which bad aunty and Bani says she was the same bad aunty who left her alone in Mumbai and tells her how she sat in their car and they got her off the car as behaved rudely with Raju ( driver).
Nimrit says that this lady is indeed bad and requests BanJo to call her first if they meet that bad aunty again and both agrees.

Vishal asks Yug where Amrit is as she is not seen and Yug says she is not feeling well.
Vishal says he selected some jewellery for her and Yug says she is not interested in jewellary now and her focus is only on Agam as he is getting derailed from his goal.Yug comes to Agam and tells about the dhaba competition in which Nimrit is participating and asks him to do something about it. Agam rejects troubling Nimrit as it can affect his parents.His father is not keeping well and he will not do anything that hurts their parents more.Yug brainwashes Agam again how Nimrit with her fakenes wins the competition and drives his parents away and enjoys with her secret
lover Tej Vishal too requests Agam that he should stop Nimrit’s bewafai and save his parents.
Agam leaves confused and angry saying he doesn’t know what to do.

At hospital BanJo feeding their grandfather and Jo tells him how they made a greeting
card for their mamma to wish her good luck.Mahi Ji wishes Nimrit that Babaji’s blessing are with her and she will win the competition

Nimrit getting ready with the dishes and invites the guests (BanJO) . She serves the dishes
to Both the guests and asks them their verdict. BanJo tastes the dishes and says that the food is worlds best food.Nimrit gets excited about BanJo’s verdict and Tej says that no one can stop her from winning.Tej leaves to load all the food items into the truck and BanJo selects a Lucky saree for their mamma and Nimrit says that they are her good luck charms and doesn’t need a good luck saree.Bani disagrees and brings a blue color saree requesting her mamma to wear that as it is her dadda’s fav color. Nimrit gets Flashback on how Agam gave that saree to her and she wears it with BG music playing and Nimrit remembering Agam looking at his photo

Yug and Amrit stops their car in the middle of the road and wait for Nimrit’s food truck to arrive. They see it coming and yug hides and Amrit stops the truck. Driver gets down and asks what happened and Amrit says her car is having a problem and request him to see.The driver start to look at the car engine and Yug slowly goes and adds poison into the dishes
from behind the truck.Driver fixes the car saying that some dust has gone into the engine and Amrit thanks him and he goes offand Yugam happy that their plan is successful. ( How come no one is identifying princess Amrit in Amritgarh..Are all suffering from memory loss )

Tejni arrives with kids and their food items to the competition and the reception shows them a place to keep all their food.Yug comes in disguise and calls Amrit saying that he wished she was not ill and was here to see her sister fail and says that it will be fun as Nimrit doubts that Agam has added rat poison in the food. Agam and Vishal enters and sees Yug in disguise and Yug says he has to hide his identity because of Nimrit. They decide that they should not be seen together and part their ways.

Nimrit sees Vishal and greets him along with kids . Bani asks where his angel uncle is and he says he went to London and he sent him over here to see who is winning in the competition as they should know since they are planning to expand their business. Nimrit agrees and leaves with the kids. She then comes face to face with Agam and asks him why he is here. He says thay he is a businessman and needs to know where to put his money and doesn’t need her permission to come here.Agam says that today he will know how Nimrit’s dhaba food is and he further says how the dhaba was sustaining with her lies and showoff of her husbands emotions . Nimrit warns him not to take her husbands name and says that she doesn’t need his certificate to know what her dhaba stands for.Agam says we will see and leaves and Bani stops him asking if he wanted to wish good luck.Bani tells her mom that this uncle does not know how to speak as he thinks something and speaks something else. Bani says his Hindi isn’t good but he wants to wish good luck and somehow wrong words come out of his mouth.Bani gives him a candy and asks him to eat so he will talk sweetly with his mom.Agam with mixed emotions looks at Bani and the screen freezes on him

Precap :
Nimrit and Tej find that their food has poison and Nimrit says that they should withdraw from competition.. Jo is Crying and Bani consoles saying that they have to do something..

Update Credit to: -Saina–

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