Amita Ka Amit 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 11th March 2013 Written Update

Kaka gives Tina kaki a ring siphoning of business money.

Trying to keep the ring in her cupboard he picks up the diary to read but keeps it on the table.

Amita tells her friend she didnot like Amit talking about her weight issues.She tolerates this topic remarks only from her friends and family.

Amit too speaks of his anger at Amita,s volte face from hankering about open communication to not taking told being fat kindly.Sanjay and Batuk tell him that women do not like blatant truth told about them point blank.A white lie is a good way to manage this tricky issue was added by Batuk.

The diary reaches the living room table from Tina’s room with old newspapers.
Amit later piles up his old newspaper on top of it.

Everything happens in front of Ria but she is unable to see it due to application of an beauty eye mask.

Phalguni speaks of her annoyance at Amit about agreeing to marry in a month. Amit tells her to not get hyper.

Tina searches for her dairy and speaks to Ria about it. the conversation is interrupted when. Phalguni inquires with the diary in hand to whom it belonged too..

She glances into it to see Amita’s name.

Tina & Ria cleverly manage to hide the truth saying Ria was making a scrapbook for Amita so that all of their family members could write something about it.

Amit arrives there to inform he will be going shopping with Sanjay.

The diary slips from Ria’s hand Amit picks it up, glances through it and is surprised to find Amita’s name.

Phalguni informs him about ria and Tina’s surprise project for Amita.

He returns the diary to Ria.

Phalguni is not entirely convinced that Tian and Ria are telling the truth.

Tina & Ria have a conversation on the topic where each does remark on the other’s carelessness on the matter and agree they have to be more careful for it.

Sanjay takes Amit a gift shop on the pretext of selecting a gift for Amita.
Preeti to brings Amita there on the same excuse.

Amit and Amita understand their friend’s intentions of patching things between them.

Sanjay smartly tells Amita that Amit had come there to buy a gift for her and he asks Amit to give the gift(which he had bought in the shop) to Amita.
Amit does so.Amita is smiles happily.Amit to breaks into a smile seeing her smiling.

The friends go for an ice cream next.

At the ice cream stall Amit remembers his conversations with his mom about having time of. 6 months and Amit’s reaction on his weightloss talk.

Amita remembers his gesture of gifting him a gift.

She decides to forgone eating the ice cream and announces that she is doing so as she has started dieting .

Amit is very happy to hear the same.

A little compromise a little move to go extra step… Makes a relationship flourish bringing happiness to both partners at the same time.

Update Credit to: sunshine

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