PS I Hate You 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayaan sees her mother and thinks about Dimple…Kabir is confused thinks what to do…Ayaan shouts and tells why everthing happens with him..Kabir comes tells Dimple that he get close to SImple and made a MMS…Dimple gets Angry..Dimple calls Kabir “Cheaper”..tells she will break his head.Dimple tells kabir to search the SD card she will handle Simple…Ayaan calls Dimple but dimple cuts the phone…Ayaan tells its enough now he will Expose Aisha by any how… Ayaan gaves Constable money,,,asks who gave statment against him to Police,,,Constable tells Pooja of third year…Ayaan tells thankyou and goes..
Dimple Search tells all to Simple.. Simple shouts at Dimple not to tell incorrect about kabir .Simple tells that Dimple feels jealousy and can fall to any extend to her breakup Simple tells Dimple to shutup….As kabir comes….Simple asks whether it is correct or not….kabir is quiet….Kabir tells Dimple is right…Simple gets upset and goes…Dimple tells kabir to go and search SD card…kabir search for SD card….Simple cries and hugs Dimple tells sorry as she didnt believed…
Kabir asks where is SD card…The girl tell that Miss nadia has all the SD card and she left…Kabir tells Dimple in the campus that Mms leaked in five minutes…Dimple tells what..Dimple asks who will leak the video…Kabir tells Aisha leaked…Dimple tells that Aisha and kabir broked up..kabir tells that it was Aisha’s get close to simple and then make Mms…Dimple slaps kabir…and tells that Simple even left her home for him..Simple comes sees and cries…
In the campus.Dimple.Mounika..kabir and Lara is standing..Lara tells Dimple that Aisha will do anything..Dimple thinks…Dimple tells which cyber cafe is near….Dimple thinks college….Dimple..mounika…kabir run and search every computer of college…Aisha simply sits and uploads the video..and smiles…Ayaan asks the girl pooja why she gave statement to police…The girl apologises and tells thatt Aisha forced her….Ayaan tells her to give and official statment…She agrees..Aisha checks but the video is not uploaded…Aisha tells what the hell….Dimple comes from.back and brings the router….Kabir comes and destroys the SD card…Aisha tells what kabir is doing..Simple comes and tells that she will punish het…On the otherside..ayaan and pooja is at principal’s office..Pooja tells principal that she gave false statment to police as Aisha gave her money..Pooja tells that Ayaan is innocent..Pooja gives her official statement to Principal..Principal tells that it is very bad..Principal says she will punish Pooja…Pooja says sorry…Ayaan tells finally he can expose to aisha and talk to Dimple..
Simple call Aisha cheap and tells that she think her role model but she is soo cheap…Lara comes and tells something to Dimple…..Aisha shows Dimple her mobile tells Dimple that she got many notifications..Aisha tells that the video is uploaded…Dimple gets tensed..Aisha plays the video…Aisha gets shocked as it is Miss Nadia and Aisha’s video…where Aisha tells Nadia..that no girl of Diva club can become Miss world…All girls comes and accuses Aisha…Aisha is quiet…Dimple tells but who recorded the video..Lara tells she recorded..Mounika asks when she did…Lara tells that yestarday..Lara tells that she have doubt why everytime Aisha behave very bossy with Miss Nadia..She recorded the video..Ayaan comes…Dimple tells Aisha that she will complain to police about her…

precap:Precap::Ayaan stops Dimple and tells that Aisha forced her…dimple tell to go away..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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