Bandhan 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The girl holds director’s hand when he is hitting ganesh. She says don’t you feel ashamed to hit animals? He says who are you and what are you doing at my set? She says I am naraini desh panday. Head of welfare of animal India. I am the voice of these animals, I save then from beasts like you. He says we are just shooting not hunting him. she says you cant take any work from them without our permission. The shooting team leaves. Naraini asks ganesh who are you? You don’t seem wild? She reads the letter for ganesh. She says I will make you reunited with your sister. She needs you.

The family gathers for pooja in temple. There are many rats in the temple. shaku says how will we do arti now. Darpan comes and says I am not scared of rats. They are passengers of God. I will do the arti. Shaku says yeah don’t show off. Go take it. Darpan takes the arti and goes in the temple. The rats make a way for her. Everyone is shocked.

The director comes back to his site in anger. While naraini is still with ganesh. Fire blows around him. He screams save me save me. His men are trying to save him. Ganesh takes his hand and hauls him out, ganesh is in fire though. Director says save the elephant. Darpan is doing the arti. ganesh faints and falls down. Darpan gives some parshad to the rats as well. All the rats go on sides and vanish. Everyone is bewildered. When the fire is done naraini tries to wake up ganesh. Naraini says to director he saved your life and you were beating him. He is the real hero.

Shaku comes in, darpan gives her the arti. Shaku throws it away and says are you feeling good to make fun of us? are you a heroin? what is all this, magic? She is about to slap him but bhao holds her hand. Bhao says she is a kid. shaku says she poisonous. she is ruining everything. She stopped dev and paya’s wedding. kajri says what you did to darpan? you made her servant of this house? And she locked her in alcove. shaku says bhao the inside of the house the ladies department. I know better how to handle her. Bhao slaps shaku everyone is dazed. Bhao says how dare you to do this to my best friend.

Naraini takes ganesh to the vet. He says there are no wounds but he will take some time to recover. Naraini says he risked his life for a man who was hitting her. she says I know ganesh you need love along with care. I will reunite you with your sister. till then you are with me and no one will harm you anymore.

Scene 2
Shaku is crying. She says Bhao slapped me because of darpan I will kill her. meethi says please calm down. Shaku says I will only calm down after killing her. I will give her so much pain. DArpan is in her room. she says I didn’t feel good when bhao slapped shaku bua. should I apologize to her? SHaku says bhao can do what he want I wont be scared. Today one has to die me or darpan. I will never forgive her meethi. Meethi is standing in shcock. Shaku says she loves animals she will be killed by animals. Tomorrow will be the last day of darpan.

Shaku comes in darpan’s room. darpan says I was coming to apologize. Please fogive me. shaku says you need pardon? I have t give you a special one. SHe grasps her hand and sas this will be worst than punishment. She takes her to a dark room. shaku says I give you special gift. She opens a snake in front of her

Precap-darpan says ganesh please save me. Ganesh comes in by breaking the door with naraini.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. how convenient all of a sudden ganesh shows up come on writers make some sense with this soap I am lost too many twists and turns

    1. It’s a soap my darling, anything is expected.

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