Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi reaches dance competition venue with Meera and Pari. Savita comes with he graddaughter and says Meera that her granddaughter will win and she will come second. Meera gets sad. Gopi says in competition, winning and losing is a part of game, she should just concentrate on dancing. Savita asks Meera why did not her grandma come to encourage her and starts her usual taunts. Kokila comes with kids and tells Savita she should stop her superego, else she will lose it like last time when Gopi won in dance competition over her daughter-in-laws, even this time Meera who is Gopi’s daughter will win. Gopi gives ghungroo to Meera and says her all the best.

Dance competition starts and all participating children start their dances. Radha starts her drama and tells that it is shame that rich family’s children are dancing here in public, it is okay in dandiya competition, but dancing like this in public is shame to the family. Kokila says dance is an art, which a woman like her will not understand. Gopi asks her to stop her witty words and if she ever tries to badmouth about Meera again, she will slap her. Radha thinks it is good if Meera dances and gets injured, Gopi and Kokila will start fighting again.

Meera’s dance starts. Pari encourages Meera to dance well. Meera dances on Amijhe tomaar….song.. Ghungroo breaks and inures Meera’s legs, even then she continues dancing and when it gets unbearable, she falls down. Gopi and Pari run to rescue her and take her from the stage. Pari checks ghungroo and shows broken ghungroo to Gopi and says someone has purposefully tampered it. Gopi says how can it happen, she applies bandage on Meera’s legs. Kokila comes and says if she had been careful, Meera would not have been injured. Gopi tampered ghungroo to her and says someone has done it. Kokila says these have broken themselves and nobody has done it purposefully, she should stop blaming someone else for her mistake. Pari tries to explain, but Kokila asks her to stop interfere in her family issues and starts scolding her. Gopi asks why is she scold Pari unnecessarily. Kokila says they both are a team and would try to save each other and says they should take meera home now as she is injured and ask her to concentrate on her studies.

Pari says Gopi that Kokila must have done this as ghungroo were in her room yesterday night. Gopi says Kokila cannot think of harming kids even in her dreams. Pari says then Radha must have done this. Gopi says Radha also cannot do this as she did not come near children’s room yesterday.

At house, Meera tells Gopi that she is worried about her exams. Pari comes and says she will teach her and asks subject she has tomorrow. She says English. Pari says she is proficient in English and teaches her till late night. In the morning, she gets a call from a male who says he is feeling good hearing her voice. Pari gets afraid. She hears door knock and asks who is it. It is Jigar on the other side. Pari opens door and hugs him. He asks if she saw bad dream and asks if she will accompany him for a morning walk. She says ok.

Urmila sees builder standing outside her house and worriedly shuts door. Kinjal sees that and thinks why is she behaving wierdly and goes back to her room. Door bells rings again and Urmila opens it and gets afraid seeing builder. She says she will vacate chawl in 2 days. He says he needs money back. She says she kept it bank account. He asks her to get it in a day, else he know how to get his money back. She thinks she paid money in car’s down payment, how will she get it back.

Meera comes from school and says she had Maths exam instead of English. Gopi says how can it be, she herself checked her time table yesterday. Even Pari says same.

Precap: Kokila alleges Pari for tampering Meera’s exam time table. Pari says why will she do it. Kokila says she has vested interests in her family. Pari says even she must have tampered Meera’s ghungroo. They both start yelling at each other while Radha laughs seeing them from the balcony.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Good job Radha, u are making this show more fun to watch.

  2. Gasy lady kokila should die. 🙂

    1. there is a girl who is kind of like pari in my college and she is eyeing my boyfriend what a coincidence: real vs reel

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