Preetan FF : Truth Of Life (Sequel) Part 13


Preeta : doctor can I meet Khushi please

Doctor : you may but only one by one she should not be given any sort of stress

Preeta : I won’t (rushes inside)

Shrishti : di has become so possessive for her

Karan : thats scaring me now, hope her affection does not spoil other relations

Rishab keeps calling Tanya who is driving on road rashly. Preeta’s words keep echoing in her  ears like somebody banging walls on head.

Sameer : what happened bhai?

Rishab ; Tanya is not picking up her phone I am really scared of her now

Sameer : lets go find her quickly before she does something to herself, she won’t hesitate to harm her again

Rishab ; you come with me

Karan : bhai I will also come with you both

Rishab ; you stay with Preeta and kids I will go find her take care of khushi

Karan ; let me know if you need help

Rishab and Sameer track Tanya’s phone. They find her car crashed on the hill side but she is not inside.

Sameer : where did she go? bhai

Rishab ; she might be around you look over there I will see this side (finds her siting in corner shaking with fear)


“Khushi you are okay, you scared me Preeta kisses her forehead

She does not respond with her usual self but remains like corpse.

Pari : didi (hugs her) you are okay na

Dev : my champion sister you don’t look good with this moody face

Rajiv : sister see na, I went to music class but she kicked me out without you

Shrishti ; it clearly shows you are good for nothing without her

Rajiv : didi see how everybody is insulting me you are my only support

Preeta ; you all don’t disturb her okay everybody out come on

Shrishti ; nobody values kindness yaar, di

Preeta : you are right, now go from here (sends all of them out)

Shrishti : she is so strange

Preeta : Khushi you are okay?

She nods slightly

Preeta : if something happened to you, how would I have lived

Khushi : where is mom? (asks her)

Preeta : she is coming but you tell me what happened

Khushi : masi I am not daughter of this family na thats why mom treats me differently

Preeta : you are very young when you grow up you will understand but just remember one thing your mom loves you a lot don’t ever doubt on her love dear

Rajiv, Dev and Pari hears their talk also getting equally shocked knowing.

Preeta : you all promise me after today nobody will talk about this in house

Dev : mom first of all we both don’t care about anything and no truth can change our relation

Pari ; didi you are our sister and always be nothing can break this relation

Rajiv ; yes sister after all you are our hanuman (shield) to save from everything

Khushi laughs and hugs the trio

Karan : Khushi my champion, remember you are eldest daughter of this family and will always be okay (kisses her forehead)

Khushi : thank you chachu

Shrishti : you scared us all you know

Khushi : I want to meet mom please tell me where she is

Karan : you come home we will talk there

Shrishti : and today you will eat food made by your chef Shrishti masi

Khushi : one more thing please keep medicine ready or else I will miss my rehearsal

Everybody laughs

Shrishti : fool

Rajiv : you want flower mom sorry but we cannot take from here, there is bouquet store outside hospital

Shrishti : urghhh nobody is on my side

Pari ; masi I am there na always with you

Shrishti : so sweet my baccha (hugs her)

Khushi recalls Yash before passing out at road but also about their sudden intimate moment.

Karan ; I will go finish paperwork you all start to leave in parking

Everybody leaves for home

On hill

“Rishab everybody is right I am not good at all I am worst mother first you now Khushi i will always remain bad luck Tanya cries bitterly while talking

Rishab (lets her take pain out) : listen to me you are not bad at all, I don’t care about others but I love you a lot more than anything, we cannot change they truth did my love becomes less to heal your pain

“Don’t say that I am at fault she weeps

Sameer : pinky without you our life is always empty at least for me and bhai please come back to us

Tanya : bhai I am sorry I troubled you all so much but you still stayed with me

Rishab ; and as far as Khushi she is incomplete with you, when you are with her just see how her face will glow, she is close with Preeta and Karan but see in her heart you will find that special place for you

Sameer : even in such critical state she was asking about you, seeing you like this if our heart was breaking imagine that small girl what she could have went through

Rishab : I am always with you in every situation and you promised me you won’t ever say Khushi is not my daughter she is our princess (kisses her forehead) Tanya you know I can’t live without you we can’t change whatever happened but just accept it and move on

Tanya ; I want to go home, india please

Rishab : we will soon after their vacation starts and Kritika Roo are also coming with us

Sameer : I feel our heart is contended with this place which is not ours either, our land is calling

“Aa ab laut chalein (come lets go back) ” Rishab says

The trio shares warm hug in front of beautiful sunset at hill point

One thing my papa said was very true no matter how much I was close to my Preeta masi but at the end of the day I still craved to get that attention from my mom, Every time I remember that day I wished I could console my mom who was killing herself inside and tell her why punish ourself for cruel world. The most two important people in her life Sameer chachu and papa just like I had my Dev and Yash who were pillars in my life Khushi says 


Jenny does some work at her house and plays with marbles. Chawl kids come to play with her and brings skating shoes.

Kid : didi wear this na

Jenny ; you know I don’t like skating you still brought this

Kid : please try it I will teach you

Jenny : okay fine give me

While skating Jenny collides with the landlord of the house.

Landlord ; what is this behavior? first of all you dont give me rent on time then you do such things here

Gomez : why are you shouting? here is your money and next time don’t shout on my girl

Landlord : I am not fond of arguing with you but if you have so much self respect pay my money on time (leaves)

Gomez is single mother whose husband died in a disaster of earthquake years ago. She does not earn much as small time school teacher but still have dream of getting Jenny educated.

Gomez : Jenny enough of playing with kids under your age come home and cut vegetables for dinner

Jenny : coming, now you go bye

Gomez : whole day like storm you go from here to there but never remember my work

Jenny : which task I didn’t do you said

Gomez : I told you to go at grocery store and pay the bill for month

Jenny : I remember but you didn’t give me money how will i go

Gomez : oh sorry sorry (gives her money) here you go now don’t say I didn’t give you

Jenny ; I will go tomorrow before school

Sherlyn’s house

Vicky ; mom, my lovely mom what will you give in lunch today

Sherlyn (mimics him) : don’t be so happy I have packed stuffed bread finish it and mind it no complaints from school

Vicky ; if I don’t get any there will be question to my reputation mom

Sherlyn : please stop your nonsense in early morning and hurry up very less time left

Vicky : when is your darling daughter coming

Sherlyn : if you are so concerned about her give call to her and anyway I talked with Isha to finish her last year of school here

Vicky : let her rest there peacefully and here we both can have sigh of relief

Sherlyn : fool she is your sister have some manners learn to be mature

Vicky : this house, walls are also saying let her stay in between mountain and hill

Sherlyn : rest of story later your bus is here go

Vicky : bye my mother india

Sherlyn : bye enjoy your day

After he leaves Sherlyn starts to clean the house and organize everything. A small time thief sneaks from kitchen window to steal food. Initially Sherlyn gets confused but catches him red handed

“Idiot you are that thief who have created nuisance in the area because of you I can’t get maid and you are stealing things Sherlyn hits him with stick

Thief : no no don’t hit me

Sherlyn : come down first

Thief : you will beat me if I come down

Sherlyn : I won’t first get down here

Thief : i came to steal pepsi and saw food in kitchen

Sherlyn beats him stick. His name is Anthony

Anthony : please don’t hit me

Sherlyn : not me you will reform when police comes here

Anthony ; don’t call cops I will do as you say

Sherlyn : certainly?

Anthony ; yes I will but don’t say to jump in fire

Sherlyn : will you clean the house?

Anthony : fully promise

Sherlyn : hello not sealing or else

Anthony : I will clean whole house

Sherlyn : fine if you do properly I will give you 25Rs everyday, here is sweeper get to work


Khushi goes to meet Yash who is playing piano intensely. He does not realize her presence

Yash ; Khushi (hugs her) why did you come in this condition sit here

Khushi : I am sorry I could not even say thank you for saving my life

Yash : you know I hate formalities, you are okay now?

She nods and thinks to share with him or not

Yash ; I don’t want to hear, its not necessary you have to tell me every single thing

Khushi : how do you always read my mind without my saying

Yash : just like you know how deep my pain is

Both recalls their kiss

Yash : I am sorry for that day don’t know how it happened you might be feeling uncomfortable

Khushi : and you didn’t?

He remains quiet not giving her answer

Khushi : I didn’t feel bad (holds his face) you should not also what are you looking

Yash : nothing this face is glowing today finally you got what you wanted

Khushi ; not yet, you have to fulfill your promise, sing that tune you made for me

Yash gets the guitar

Aankhon Ke Panno Pe

Maine Likha Tha Sau Dafaa

Lafzon Mein Jo Ishq Tha

Huya Naa Hothon Se Bayaan

Khud Se Naraaz Hoon

Kyun Be-Aawaaz Hoon

Meri Khamoshiyan Hain Sazaa

Dil Hai Yeh Sochta

Phir Bhi Nahi Pataa

Kis Haq Se Kahun Bataa

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera 

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Main Hoon Hero Hero Tera

Both dances together while singing. Yash plus her close through waist

Raahon Mein Bhi, Har Kadam

Main Tere Saath Chala

Haathon Mein They Ye Haath Magar

Phir Bhi Rahaa Faasla

Seene Mein Hain Chhupe

Ehsaas Pyaar Ke

Bin Kahey Tu Sun Le Zaraa

Dil Hai Yeh Sochta

Phir Bhi Nahi Pataa

Kis Haq Se Kahun Bataa

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera 

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Both gets close again getting carried in emotion but are interrupted with phone

Khushi : yes dad, I am coming

Yash steps back moving away from her

Khushi : I have to go, see you tomorrow bye

Yash holds her hand tightly not willing to let her go away from him.

Khushi : please let me go (says softly)

He leaves her hands slowly

The guy who never felt any sort of love and emotion taught me importance of companion. that day first time I saw a fear in his eyes of losing something very precious. His eyes were saying a lot more than words but it took me a while to understand his feelings obviously how would I when I got what I wanted my mom’s love but i was not slightly aware how much big price I have to pay to get Yash’s love ” Khushi says 

Luthra house


Tanya waits for Khushi in the room

“Mom she runs to hug her mom

Tanya : I am sorry my princess (hugs her tearfully) mom will never do this again

Khushi ; please don’t be sorry, if it was somebody else she would have broken long time ago but you are my strong mom

“Khushi you know why I am scared because you are just like me, getting carried away promise me you won’t ever do something that can shake everybody’s trust on you Tanya forwards her hand emotionally

Khushi ; I promise I won’t ever do something that can bring disgrace this family (recalls Yash)

Tanya : and tell your masi to stop spying on us near that door (tells Preeta to come inside)

Both girls hugs Khushi together

Precap : Luthra siblings meet together in London after years. Things heat up between Yash and Khushi with passing time on other Dev Zaara friendship grows with warmth

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