Preetan FF : Truth Of Life (Sequel) Part 14

Luthra house

The house again echoes with spring of happiness everywhere. Everybody cheers up Khushi after dark storm passing from her life. Another occasion occurs with Khushi turning 18 years old.

Tanya bakes her favorite cake

“Here is my princess’ favorite food Tanya feeds Khushi lovingly

Pari ; mom I wish someday you also feed us like that (teases her)

Tanya : tell your dad see how is enjoying, and Preeta you show her whole picture

“What should I say? you handle her she is your daughter i am totally free’ Preeta sits on chair

Tanya : ah (mimics her) totally free you spoiled her making another KBC,  Khushi Rajiv how you both are doing in your music class

Rajiv : of course masi, you see we will only win this whole competition

Shrishti : you better not build castles in air at least first get selected in first audition round

Rishab : when is the audition

Khushi : next week dad but you all don’t worry we both will rock the stage

Pari : we know you both will but don’t forget this is international level competition

Karan : you were asking about your mom’s first meeting with dad

Khushi : ah thanks for reminding me mom

Karan ; don’t worry I will tell you, she had old habit of sneaking in stranger’s car

Tanya : excuse me (grins at him)

Karan : I mean you went into bhai’s car and then got lift am I saying wrong

Tanya : and why did I need to ask lift from him

Karan ; wrestler you don’t argue with me

“Argue? you are instigating her again, I won’t spare you today Tanya runs after him with stick

Their fight brings old charm back in house which was missing from years.

Preeta : I feel our old days have come back, you know Khushi their fights was soul of this family and it was lost with time

Dev : but now everything is going right mom don’t take stress

Tanya : Karan you have not forgot habit of bothering me

Karan : okay sorry sorry, at least give me some respect in front of kids what will they think

Tanya : your self obsession has not left let them also know (sees him silent) why did you quiet

Karan : nothing I am very happy today my old pinky has come again don’t leave again

“Promise this pink won’t ever lose her self again Tanya hugs him

If there was most memorable relation in Luthra family was my mom and Karan chachu they were like foe but could still do anything for each other. I wish those days come back again but time’s nature it keeps moving ahead Khushi giggles


Sahil : what are you saying?

Kritika : Khushi found out everything about her identity and went into depression

Dhruv : this was bound to happen one day but if you see other side it is good she found out right now rather than in future it could hurt her

Roo : you are right jiju, but good thing is even Tanya bhabhi came out of the trauma everything is fine now

Kritika : I wish happiness knock our door too

Roo : di dont’ cry now even our children will accept each other one day and that will happen soon in our trip you both are coming to London

Dhruv : of course and from there we all will head to India

Sahil : finally we will be able to feel our land, I just want my Maya to find get along with her siblings and understand them

Roo (holds his hand) : she will, right now let her focus on her music

Kritika : oh yes when is her audition

Sahil : next week she is very excited and is desperate to win this competition

Khushi laughs ” You might have heard that saying when if there is too much sugar it could become poison, some effect very easily others take while. Our luthra family love was no less than sugar but till now it was in limit as time went you will remain surprised how it changed dynamics hints on future changing relation between elder couple as well due to their children 


The kids go to school.

Khushi : hey did you see Yash anywhere

Girl : no, i think he didn’t came to school today he was absent in class

Khushi feels restless thinking about him and keeps calling on his phone

Yash is recalling his bitter memories of childhood while playing piano. His father died when he was 4 years when his mom Sophia married another man for his sake. His step dad’s family never accepted him and demanded to send him to stay at his grandmother’s (his mom’s mom) house. The only solace he found after his dadi was Khushi’s friendship from childhood.

Dadi : you didn’t go to school?

Yash : didn’t feel the need to go today, I am missing dad if he was here he had understood my feelings

Dadi : is it about a girl? your dadi is still young to understand

Yash : her name is khushi, just like name she always spread happiness everywhere she goes  very crazy girl forgetting her pain she always healed my pain

Dadi : do you love her?

Yash : I don’t know but yesterday when she was leaving I didn’t wanted her to away from me for some reason

Dadi : remember my words always if you love somebody make sure you never play with their feelings or hurt them, dear loving somebody is very easy but fulfilling that commitment is not everybody’s capability

Yash : just like dad was, you said he always stood with mom in every problem

Dadi ;  your dad was very nice I know like him you will always support right thing against everything else

Zaara texts Dev to meet her outside a dargah immediately.

Dev ; hey is everything okay

Zara : actually I need a favor from you

Dev : yea sure what is it?

Zara : I gave an order for amulet inside this dargah but we women’s are not allowed to go

Dev : why?

Zara : I don’t know but see that board it says only mens are allowed, will you get that for me

Dev ; but how will I? if somebody recognizes that I am not muslim

Zara (gets surprised) : Dev just because countries were partitioned god is not divided

Dev (gets very impressed with her belief) : you stay here I will be right back

Zara : thank you

Dev goes inside wearing white on his head seeing everybody praying. He never experienced religious belief in his own culture ever since he was born.

Maulana ; yes do you need anything

Dev : I came to get the amulet for Zara Khan

Maulana : you wait here I will get it

He hands the holy amulet to Dev who gives it to Zara outside

“Amen she wears the amulet in her neck

Dev : you are religious I believe

Zara : its not about religion but I believe in equal humanity, I mean every time I see people fighting against countries I feel bad we all are made by same god now people divided them

Dev : I don’t know much about your religion but I heard about that festival when you fast whole day and eat only after seeing moon

Zara : yes Ramzaan Eid, its coming soon

Dev : so you live with your parents here

Zara : no my aunty my family lives in Lahore Pakistan, they are very conservative, for them family’s prestige is most precious than life

Dev : my family is very liberal but still for them reputation matters much

Zara ; I don’t think its a bad thing., anyway I have some good news to share

Dev : that you are going to india for event

Zara : how did you know?

Dev : Khushi told us the one who that dance will head to india for competition

Zara : yea I am really sorry your sister was out of that dance even after winning

Dev : don’t be you might have heard that saying if one door closes other opens

Zara : thats great best of luck to her

Dev : thanks

Yash’s house 

Khushi comes to meet him getting furious for not showing up to school.

Khushi : I called you million times but dare you answered any call I was so worried (holds his collar angrily) now why are you quiet

Yash pulls her closer putting hand on her mouth intensely

Yash ; does your mouth ever get tired, but did somebody said you look very cute in anger

She raise her eyebrows in shock seeing him so close to her

Yash : if I knew I would get such great response for not coming to school how I wish I skip class everyday

“Have you gone crazy? did ghost posses in you  or what she starts leaving

Yash pulls her back from going again

Khushi : leave my hand please

Yash ; I won’t what will you do

Khushi : I came here to learn music but I think my teacher ji is not another world today

Precap : The siblings meet finally together after years of separation. They prepare to head India  with their children. Yash and khushi share heated moment of intimate during departure

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