Preetan FF : Truth Of Life (Sequel) Part 12


Khushi and Rajiv are at their rehearsal for upcoming music event.

Teacher  : you both are doing fine but I feel it is missing something

Khushi ; what is missing?

Teacher : inspiration my dear, everybody can learn to play instrument but real player is the one who learns to play from heart

Rajiv : where do we bring that from?

Teacher : tell me do you both have any girlfriend or boyfriend or just anybody close to your heart

Rajiv : everything is easy in world except to find girlfriend teacher

Khushi signals him to be quiet

Rajiv : sorry, no we don’t

Teacher : thats the thing, I think you both need to get an inspiration which can bring your feelings, you are playing fine but I feel there is lack of feelings in your tune

Khushi : ma’am this task is very hard I mean we only have our family close

Teacher : inspiration comes from anywhere, family, sibling, friendship just think about it, this is my personal opinion rest I would say you both have learned very fast tunes and instrument

“Yaar di what do you think about teacher’s words ,do we really need to focus on that Rajiv asks

Khushi : I don’t know but I feel she is right usually when I see people singing the most famous one directly strikes to our heart

Rajiv : di she asked good question but to wrong people we both are idles have nobody

Khushi : you say what type of girl you want

“My list is very long, sharp eyes like pointed, full of attitude, the one seeing whom everybody just focus on her, all only behind her but yes she should be very good hearted Rajiv describes his choice

Khushi : not bad what if she turns out opposite of this long list no trust of life na

Rajiv  : you let it be don’t jinx my dream story

My stupid and innocent brother was not aware slightly that god will fulfill his wish partially he found girl but not the one he dreamt the more simple we Luthra siblings were more twisted our life became with time” Khushi giggles 

Rural area in Mumbai a girl named Jenny resides with her mom Ms Gomez. She is extremely egoistic about everything in her life even being hailed from middles caste and Christian family.

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“Jenny hurry up her mom Gomez shouts

“Coming mom wait she says

Gomez : until you don’t make me shout, your feet don’t come in house right

Jenny : mom why do you hurt your throat?

Gomez : because you don’t listen to me, I told you today is tuesday you have to church and light the candle

Jenny : I was going there only but you stopped me how many times I said not to stop me

Gomez : Jesus please give her some wisdom, what are you standing here go now

Jenny goes to church and light the candle praying in front of god.

Father : god bless you my child

Jenny : father tomorrow is my exam, I need blessing from mother mary

Father : if you pray with faith god will always listen to your wish my child (blesses her)

Jenny : thank you father

Church bell rings

Jenny a girl from Christian family. Our luthra family might be very wealthy but when it came to their roots and values our parents made sure we never disgrace it. The more liberal my family was more society became thorn for us be it culture, or family background but here was something else Khushi says 


At hotel Paradise where Prithvi works. He earned lot of respect in short amount of time due to his cooperation with clients

Manager : one thing I have to agree ever since you have joined our hotel have set high bars

Prithvi : this is your kindness sir for giving me chance to work here

Manager : you asked for leave right

Prithvi ; yes sir for few weeks, you know I am family man, they need my time

Manager : of course I understand, I will grant your leave but after one week because there is big event our area’s district has booked this hotel for his daughter’s marriage and without you nobody will work properly

Prithvi : sure sir no worries I will make that event very successful this time


Khushi comes to meet Yash at his house who is busy in his computer

Yash : now whats that frown for

Khushi : you know what music teacher said that me and Rajiv are lacking emotion in our music

Yash : so?

Khushi : so I want to get that but don’t know you are expert in those things you teach me

Yash laughs

Khushi : what joke did I make

Yash : feelings are not brought they relate with your heart directly

Khushi : listen I don’t understand this high philosophy of yours

Yash makes her sit on sofa

Khushi : what are you doing

“You know dadi always when you want to get an answer close your eyes and put this hand to your heart who is most close person in your life, the one inspiring you to become something Yash holds her hand getting close

Khushi could only sees her mom’s face but is reminded of bitter memories. Inspite of all ignorance she is not able to get angry on her mother.

Yash ; what happened? you got your answer

Khushi ; I miss mom, Yash even in all this years mom never talked to me properly, I couldn’t understand what does she want (breakdown) I did everything she wanted but still she is not happy with me like I am not her daughter

Yash (holds her face) ; I told you this before some people’s way of showing love is different, I myself have seen her concern for you in hotel that day at least she cares, my mom never even bothered to asked if I am alive or not, they are just busy in making money

Khushi : I am sorry I forgot your pain is more deeper than me

Yash : you always make me emotional yaar, this does not suit your personality

In moment of emotion both share very passionate kiss unexpectedly. Their wounds were very similar with the fact both did not receive enough love from their own parents but from their relatives. Khushi breaks the kiss feeling very uncomfortable and runs away

Yash : Khushi wait

Very awkward moment it was for me, That day I didn’t see Yash as my best friend who I always share my happiness pain but the guy who touched my soul with his gesture, somewhere he felt guilty too but this was only beginning for us, there was something awaiting in our life Khushi says in serious tone 

She runs back home quickly and locks inside the washroom.

“Did I really? how can i lose myself Khushi leans down with new feelings

Pari ; di you are okay?

Khushi : I am fine

Pari : but your face says something else

Khushi (gets furious) : I told you na I am fine, stop being a spy on me

Pari gets little scared of her behavior and does not argue further

Khushi (stops her) : I am sorry I was just not feeling good

Pari (smiles) : thats okay di, don’t worry I didn’t feel bad about your anger just want to ask if something is bothering you

Khushi ; not at all (hugs her)


Krissh and Sona are preparing for their terminal exams in school. They stay up late at night

Sona : Krissh I am hungry yaar

“We are up to study not for feast he taunts

Sona : I am starving and you are feeding me taunts is this your love (fakes drama)

Krissh : don’t even cry fine I will get something but don’t move from here

Sona : okay (gives him big smile)

Krissh : stop showing that teeth and go to study

Sona : so sweet

Krissh makes milkshake for them with cookies from kitchen

Sona : you are so sweet my bro

Krissh : stop battering me, save some for Rakshabandhan

Sona : ah that reminds me what will you gift me

Krissh : I think this time I will ask something from you what say

Sona : when did this happen

Krissh : I made it if you don’t pass this time then no gift for you

Sona ; bhai

Dhruv : what is happening? you both are busy gossiping (comes from room) who will study

Krissh ; tell this to your spoiled daughter she loves food in midnight

Dhruv : hey don’t say anything to her

Krissh : great all love for her nothing for me, nobody loves me (turns around)

Dhruv and Sona starts to tickles him funnily to bring smile on his face.

“Hey stop its tickling Krissh shakes his body

The trio shares hug together. Dhruv kisses their forehead lovingly. Kritika smiles them seeing together


Luthra house

Karan feels upset seeing his brother suffering for somebody else’s mistake.

Preeta : Karan whats wrong?

Karan : I can’t see bhai like this, its enough now I will talk with Tanya now

Preeta : please don’t blow things for god sake, I promise I will make everything right

Everybody remains tensed even after so many years of marriage.

Main jahaan rahoon

Main kahin bhi hoon

Teri yaad saaath hai… (2)

Tanya looks at the album of her marriage and her daughter’s picture. She walks on the bridge recalling everything

Kisi se kahoon

Ke nahi kahoon 

Yeh jo dil ki baat hai

Kehne ko saath apane ek duniya chalti hai 

Per chhupke is dil mein tanhaayi palti hai

Bas yaad saath hai 

Teri yaad saaath hai… (3)

Main jahaan rahoon

Main kahin bhi hoon

Teri yaad saaath hai

At night Rishab sees Tanya sleeping on couch with book open on her. He runs hand on her hair missing her old self

“How much our life changed, there was time my life and house was echoing with your laugh and cheerful I can’t see you like this please come back I am still there waiting for you Rishab kisses her hands and puts on bed without disturbing her sleep.

Kahin to dil mein yaadon ki

Ek suli gad jaati hai 

Kahin har ek tasveer bhahut hi dhondhali pad jati hai

Koi nayi duniya ke naye rango mein khush rehta hai 

Koi sab kuch paake bhi yeh mann hi mann kehta hai

Kehne ko saath apane ek duniya chalti hai 

Per chhupke is dil mein tanhaayi palti hai

Bas yaad saath hai 

Teri yaad saaath hai… (3)

Dhruv and Kritka share very formal relation like strangers.

Kahin to beete kal ki jadein

Dil mein hi utar jaati hai

Kahin jo dhage tute to malaayen bhikar jaati 

Koi dil mein jagah nayi, baaton ke liye rakhta hai

Koi apni palko par yaadon ke diye rakhta hai

Kehne ko saath apane ek duniya chalti hai 

Per chhupke is dil mein tanhaayi palti hai

Bas yaad saath hai 

Teri yaad saaath hai… (3)

Preeta takes Tanya aside to talk with her after everybody leaves for their work and school. She remains unaware of Khushi’s presence in house.

Tanya : what is it?

Preeta : I am asking same thing what do you want? we all tried so much to make you understand but you are not ready to listen

Tanya ; I am getting late for work

Preeta : no I won’t let you go today you have to answer my question what is bothering you

“My problem is such that nobody can do anything about it, Preeta the one who goes through only knows how it feels, that horrible night changed my whole life its still haunting me, every time I see Khushi that night comes in front of me, I get scared thikning about her, you very well know why I distanced herself from me so my past life does not affect that little girl Tanya rages out

Preeta : but why are you punishing her, Rishabji whats his fault? that he loved you so much, for you he has been fighting with whole world

Tanya : you are right he did big mistake of loving a girl like me who could not give him single happiness, and Khushi what should I tell her that the sibling she is considering her own are not her real ones, the person she calls dad is not her own dad, but her father was real crook

Preeta : enough, you know the real truth is you don’t want to move on from past, you are still holding that string tightly

Tanya : you won’t understand my pain, because you always got everything, Rakhi aunty she loved you even before marriage, that chachiji she wanted girl like you for Rishab, I got nothing in life Preeta, my parents left me alone, I only had Rishab’s love but fate always took that away, my life is not like you even today people still see me with those eyes of culprit

Preeta is taken aback seeing the pain and poison running in her mind and heart. Unaware to them Khushi heard every single words coming from her mother’s mouth. She found out she is not real daughter of Luthra family shaking her world badly and goes out.

Khushi is walking on road depressed. Tanya’s word had pierced her heart severely and ignorance to her from childhood. Her mind freezes and not realize the car coming to her. She walks lifelessly on road recalling every word came out from her mom’s mouth. She does not realize cars coming around her

“Khushi are you in your senses” Yash pulls on side but she loses consciousness

He pats her face but she does not open her eyes and calls Dev quickly.

Dev : what? (gets shocked)

Yash : i am taking her to hospital please come quickly before your family arrives and sees me

Dev ; okay don’t worry I am coming

Pari : whats wrong bhai?

Dev : Khushi became unconscious on road, I am going to hospital you and Rajiv please inform everybody

Pari ; okay everybody

The whole family rushes to hospital hearing about Khushi’s condition

Preeta : Karan what happened to her?

Karan : doctor is checking calm down

Rishab ; but how can she suddenly fall unconscious

Karan : dev you were with her na

Dev : dad actually she was not at school, we got a call from somebody that she fell on road

Preeta : if she was not at school where was she

Pari : at home, di said she will come late

Tanya and Preeta realizes the blunder and being guilty of letting Khushi know everything

Doctor : Khushi has gone into traumatic depression (informs family members)

Shrishti : what? but how

Doctor : maybe an incidence has left very big impact on her mind but I feel this is very serious, she is in trauma

Preeta ; please do something

Doctor : right now we can only say try to keep her out of stress and make her feel happy, there is something inside killing her if if happens again then she will slip into coma

Everybody remain speechless. Tanya drowns in pool of guilt again when her biggest fear came true of hurting Khushi.

Preeta : are you happy now? you know what you are responsible for her state today

Tanya looks down not able to face her

Karan : Preeta whats her fault?

Preeta tells him everything

Karan : you both are responsible not just her

Preeta : Tanya you were always afraid na that you will hurt Khushi thats why you sent her away  now what happened you gave her big wound

Rishab goes to console Tanya who runs away in the car driving rashly .

Karan ; Preeta can’t you be quiet, we all know what Tanya has been through, at least think from her point


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