Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 58



Rocky opens the room but Shrishti hides behind the bed till he comes inside. He sense something fishy but leaves after taking his jacket.

Shrishti sneaks out through the window and runs to the other side. Rocky sees her from outside. He puts the drug packet in Shrishti’s belongings and manipulates police.


Dhruv goes to meet Kritika outside the radio station much to her surprise

Kritika : looks like Mr doctor have no work other than stalking

Dhruv : actually you know what these days patients are not cooperating with me

Kritika ; oh I see

Dhruv sees a flyer about car rally race

Kritika : what is that

“My life long dream rally race wow but I need a navigator let me think looks a her

Kritika : can I try ?

“Oh my god please this is not bullock cart this is race no thank you Dhruv makes fun of her

Kritika : excuse me I am not even that bad driver please give me one chance

Dhruv : okay fine lets go and register for race

Both goes to the place where rally race is organized.

Dhruv : ready partner? please don’t let me lose okay this is my dream

The race starts with all the cars going further. Kritika and Dhruv speeds up towards the finishing line hitting the others. They win the rally race and wins prize.

“Wow this was so adventurous Dhruv shares his happiness

Kritika gets to know his another side of pure happiness of achieving victory.

Dhruv : by the way you didn’t tell me how did you come here

“Actually the RJ office sent me here for some good internship Kritika tells him

Dhruv : but what about your family

Kritika tells him everything about divorce to Akshay

Dhruv ; you left him? why

“What if I say the reason was you Kritka starts walking towards him

Dhruv : what?

“Why did you left me alone there, you left but took my heart Kritika holds his hands looking down

Dhruv : I didn’t want to lose you, if I said that would have left everything for me

Kritika ; what do you think why I came here? I left whole world for you (cups is face slowly wiping his tears)

Dhruv kisses his forehead signifying his love buried in heart for her

Kritika : i want to be your world

Dhruv opens his arms lifting her up

Both profess their love with soft kiss in blowing snow around them


Karan reaches the place Rishab called him outside the city.

Karan : what are you saying bhai? just tell me the name of that creep

Rishab : I have not asked her until she wants to tell me everything

Karan ; thats fine but what will you tell mom and everybody you know what I am saying

Rishab : do you want me to back scaring about the society and leave her

Karan : bhai I am not saying that but after that day mom is very much tensed for you

Rishab : I will convince her but problem is where should I leave her, none of the girls are here

Karan : yea Shrishti and Kritika I don’t know when will they come and you know Preeta’s condition right now

Rishab thinks about Sherlyn but rejects the idea

Karan : bhai where are you lost

Rishab ; nothing I was thinking about Sherlyn but thats okay

Karan ; are you crazy? but I guess we don’t even have another choice

Rishab : no I will keep her safely at our farm house and tell Ruchika

Karan ; but right now where will you leave her

Rishab ; on our farm house and I will stay with her tonight and then think

Karan : bhai take care of yourself (sees Tanya looking at him from inside of car)

Rishab : you wait here for few minutes I will call dad and inform him

Karan takes chance to console her. She does not get in her usual spunky nature

“What this all happened Karan asks her softly

Tanya : how will I face everybody?

Karan : you have not done anything wrong to avoid from world, and I promise whoever did this I will bring him in your feet (swears on her head )

Rishab : Karan you should start going back now its quite late

Karan : okay bhai but forgot to tell you mom had organized prayer at our house tomorrow

Rishab : alright be careful good night

Karan : good night bhai, bye tanya

Tanya waves him

Karan leaves for his house while the couple heads to Luthra guest house. Rishab opens the main door taking her inside

Rishab : be careful there is too much dust here

Tanya : seems like this house was not opened from long time

Rishab ; nobody really comes here often you might be tired, I will show you the room come

Tanya : thanks

Rishab puts her bag in the room and helps make the bed

Tanya : I can’t sleep properly from many days you can take rest I will stay here

Rishab : how can I sleep when you are in trouble

Tanya : I am sorry because of me you have to lie to everybody

Rishab : don’t think too much, come today you will get the best sleep

Kaise Kahun Ishq Mein Tere

Kitna Hun Betaab Main

Aankhon Se Aankhe Mila Ke

Chura Lun Tere Khwaab Main

Kaise Kahun Ishq Mein Tere

Kitna Hun Betaab Main

Aankhon Se Aankhe Mila Ke

Chura Lun Tere Khwaab Main

Mere Saaye Hain Saath Mein

Yaara Jis Jagah Tum Ho

Main Jo Jee Raha Hun

Wajah Tum Ho..

Wajah Tum Ho..

Main Jo Jee Raha Hun

Wajah Tum Ho..

Wajah Tum Ho.. O…

Tanya lays on his lap peacefully without any worries and stress about world. Rishab keeps caressing her hair till she finally gets to sleep after months of torture. He covers her properly with duvet and leaves the room.

Next day morning

Ruchika wakes up first in the morning only to find Sahil sleeping peacefully . She sees his jacket on her and blocks the sun rays from disturbing his sleep. Unknowingly he holds her hand close to his hand. Roo starts getting embarrassed for first time in her life

Sahil (feels something) : I am so sorry

Roo ; roads are clear we should leave before somebody comes back

Sahil drops Ruchika at Luthra house

Ruchika : thanks for saving my life (leaves from car dropping her pendal)

Sahil watches her going inside


Police arrives to the resort for some checking after Rocky informed them about drugs

Payal : what is police doing here?

Shrishti : I don’t know let me find out, inspector is there any problem

Police : we have go information that some drugs gambling are hidden in this resort

Payal : what the hell? there is no such thing going on here

Police : we have warrant to check on this place

Shrishti : I think we should let them do their work, go ahead inspector

Payal : Shrishti are you crazy

Shrishti : We will be in more trouble

The police searches in every room while the girl room are looked by lady constables.

Police finds the packet of drugs in Shrishti’s room only. They show it to her

Shrishti : what nonsense? this packet is not mine its lie

Police : yea right because you are the manager here and somebody might have put in your room

Shrishti : trust me I work here and why would I try to play with the image of this place

Payal : she is right inspector, I know her she cannot do anything like that

Police : you can say whatever you want to after going to police station

Lady constable puts the handcuffs on Shrishtis’ hands but is stopped by Sameer

Sameer : officer do you want me to teach you law that you cannot arrest a girl without proof

Inspector : is this drug packet found in her room not enough for proof

Sameer : no Sir because first you have to hear her side and check the footage of this resort

Shrishti accuses Rocky to be the culprit

Payal : but how did he bring the drug packet inside despite security

Inspector : can please one of you can tell me properly

Shrishti : I have tightened the security so no person can come inside without any ID but other day I saw Rocky on gate meeting somebody and took the drug packet

Rocky : this is all lie, now when you are caught you are blaming me, Sir she is lying what is the proof that I did all this

Sameer : don’t worry we will fill that wish of yours too after all you the guest here

Sameer brings the footage from the camera that Shrishti got fixed outside the gate of every person coming inside resort. The find the footage of Rocky taking drugs from a stranger

Payal : aren’t you ashamed of doing all this? is this your generation supposed to do, do you even know how many people can lose their dignity and survival due tot this

Inspector arrests Rocky but before leaving he shares his story too

Rocky : you are right I did all this out of frustration, everyday I saw my parents fighting like animals and youth in this age can go on wrong way too when our parents leave us after giving birth

The crowd gets disturbed with his words. Things gets normal in resort

Shrishti : shorty thank you

Sameer : I didn’t do all this for you don’t fly so high I did this for sarla aunty she considers me as her son

Shrishti loses her patience this time seeing his attitude

“What do you think of yourself, I have tried everything but you are not ready to forgive me Shrishti holds his collar

Sameer : so easily you relieved your burden but did you ask me how did I feel when you left me on mid way

Shrishti’s eyes have flood with tears

Sameer : for once in life I loved somebody from heart but that also was not destined, first my sister went away then love

“I am sorry Sameer forgive me, I was scared of losing one more relationship just like you I also lost my sister, my whole world Shrishti breaks down kneeling on floor

“Look here don’t ever say again you will leave me alone, you have no idea how I have lived this two months Sameer kisses her forehead

Both share their grief after long separation laying on the sand.

Shrishti : shorty what are you thinking

Sameer : nothing I am missing pinky I don’t know where she and Preeta might be

Shrishti : if di was here then I am sure she might have given me long lecture of safety (laughs)

Sameer : I want to go back home will you come with me everybody will be happy

Shrishti: now everywhere you take me I will go with you

Sameer :really? (splashes water on her)

Shrishti : shorty stop it (defends herself)

Both plays inside the water on beach.


Karan wakes up from his sleeping beauty recalling his baby doll.

Karan : oh god when will that day come when I will see my baby doll’s beautiful face every morning please bring that day soon

The family gets busy in the preparation of the prayer in house. Rakhi tells Karan to invite Sahil and Roshni with Preeta for ceremony. Rishab comes alone for the prayer.

Karan : bhai where is Tanya

Rishab : she is at home, I don’t want her to bring in such circumstances

Karan ; I am going for practice and mom said to invite Roshni aunty and Sahil for prayer

Rishab : okay

Karan goes to Sahil’s house to invite them

Roshni : thank you so much for invitation, we will definitely be there

Karan : thank you aunty mom will be very happy, where is Preeta

Roshni : she is getting ready

Preeta : Karan? you here?

Karan : madam you forgot our deal anyway mom have organized prayer today at our house and invited you all

Preeta : wow prayer its been long I have attend one of that

Karan ; okay aunty I will take your leave mom has given me long list to bring for ceremony

Preeta : can I come with you

Karan ; do you know anything about that?

Preeta : Excuse me what do you mean? I am sure if you go to bring the auspicious time will run out get the car come on

Karan : you are ordering me? the Karan Luthra

Preeta : oh god why so much attitude for yourself like really

Roshni : are you serious? go leave Rakhiji might be waiting

Karan : see na aunty this girl is always arguing with me for no reason

Preeta : what do you mean always?

Roshni : if you both don’t go in next five minutes I will kick you both with broom

Karan : you should aunty this girls take forever

Preeta irritatedly goes out to his car

Roshni : I think it has been your hobby to irritate her

Karan : but I love her the most in this world

Roshni : your sincerity and devotion will bring your love back Karan

Karan : I hope your words come true soon, I will leave before that tsunami comes in

Karan and Preeta goes to buy things for the prayer ceremony.

Luthra house

Pandiji comes for the prayer

Rakhi : thank you so much for coming dear

Preeta : how would I have not come? after all I promised you

Rakhi : come sit

Ruchika is surprised to see Sahil coming with his mom for the prayer.

The prayer starts with Luthras, Arora and Sahil, Roshni joining them. Pandiji lights up the fire in the middle which flashes Preeta’s memory

She starts getting the memory of the wedding day with fire igniting and the mantras. She keeps hand on hers ears to prevent the noises. Karan senses her panic attack quickly. Preeta is finally able to trace her memory of the accident

“Noo” Preeta’s voice echoes in the house to every wall

“Preeta are you okay” Karan goes to unconscious Preeta

Mahesh : Karan take her upstairs quickly and call doctor

Sahil : mom you were right today godji have listened to our prayers

Doctor comes and checks Preeta

Mahesh ; how is she now?

Doctor : nothing to worry about, I think due to big shock she became unconscious she will be fine

Rakhi : thank you doctor

Preeta gets nightmare of the cliff accident shouting for Karan

“Its okay I am right here” Karan tries to calm her down

“Karan that cliff, he will come again” Preeta does not leave his arms

“Nobody will touch you calm down okay, I am with you” Karan’s hand run on her hair tearfully seeing her memory finally getting back


Dhruv-Kritika & Sameer Shrishti comes back

Sahil and Ruchika’s story kick starts

Rakhi is hesitant to accept Rishab Tanya’s relationship after knowing truth

  1. Fantastic update
    So much happenned
    Sameeer saved shrishti . Samishti reunited ?.
    Ruvika confessed their love?
    Rishabh’s care for tanya was so good to see . He till now don’t know the truth of tanya being pinky .I want old tanya back please .
    Preeta’s memory is back till now she is in shock but after that her reactions will be amazing to watch .
    Ruhil moment was sweet . Roo is surprised to see sahil at the prayer?
    Precap is amazing
    Ruvika and samishti back
    How surprised they will be to find preeta and tanya?
    Ruhil’s story starts?
    Rakhi hesitant to accept rishnya . Sad . They have to go through a lot
    I am very excited to see preeran’s reactions post preeta’s memory back
    Please update soon
    Keep smiling ?

    Finally all the couples are united???except Roohil which is gonna be real soon as well
    Ruvika are so lovely???. The rally race…??. Dhruv teasing kritika…???. Loved the way kritika confessed her reason for coming and about her separation????
    Rishnya…??. Hopefully Tanya gets better soon and becomes the old Tanya who is daring and confident??
    Preeta finally got her memory back..???.
    Preetan’s fight…??????
    Shirshmeer finally united….??. Whatever maybe the situation, Sameer will always help Shrishti ???
    Loving Roohil as well??
    As for the precap
    Ruvika and Samishti coming back??… Excited to see their reaction seeing Preeta and Tanya back
    At last Roohil’s story is gonna start????
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    Love u loads❤❤?
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