HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 21

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Here is the last chapter :

Chapter 20

Sanskar’s nose flared as anger covered him. “One nanometer more you drag that knife near to my sister’s neck your mom will feel sorry that she gave birth to such ugly brute” Sanskar warned and Rudr turned his gaze to Sanskar.

Rajat smirked meeting Sanskar’s eyes. “Only if you don’t want to choose between your friend and sister” he moved his head to Uttara’s other side. Uttara looked at her brother helpless. “Where is Ragini?” Sanskar’s voice was stiff and clear.

“Be quick if you don’t want to regret all your life for the minute late in uttering” Sanskar glared him. “You think I will follow your orders” Rajat bent his head. “And you lost that moment” Sanskar smirked and lifted his left leg and kicked on Rajat’s face.

Rajat’s face changed it’s shape due to the force and regained the shape soon as he landed on the ground beside Uttara. She breathed heavily not realizing that Rajat was not more there near her.

“Bhai” she ran to Sanskar and hugged him tightly. Sanskar patted her head trying to console her. “Once you would have told me this spineless man is threatening you he would have regretted his birth” Sanskar cupped her face and she burst into a bitter cry and hugged him back.

“Ragini” she looked up at him. “Where is she?” asked Sanskar worried. “She…she” Uttara struggled to speak. “Uttara where is Ragini?” Sanskar jerked her holding her shoulders. “There” she pointed at the door which was locked.

Sanskar and Rudr rushed to the door and looked at the lock. “Key? Where is the key?” Sanskar pulled his hair frustrated. “Key” Uttara looked around. “Here it is” Rajat stood on his legs and held the key. “You have five minutes to save her. And if you don’t want to waste the time do as I say” he smirked rubbing the blood which was oozing out of his nose.

“You don’t get enough right? Moti chamdi wale Sand” Sanskar was about to charge at Rajat but Uttara held his hand. “We don’t have time bhai” she looked at Sanskar pleading.

“Okay fine” Rudr raised his gun up in surrender. “We will do as you say” Rudr bent when Sanskar twisted his jaws annoyed. While touching the gun to the ground Rudr acted swiftly and shot Rajat’s leg. He fell back ward and Sanskar jumped to catch the key and finally he caught it.

Rudr pointed the gun at Rajat who was wincing in pain lying on the ground. Sanskar moved to the door swiftly. He opened the room and found Ragini who was unconscious. His heart was not beating in that moment as he saw her. He quickly walked to her and knelt in front of her.

Uttara quickly turned the valve off and moved to Ragini. “Bhai” she shook Sanskar who was watching Ragini numb. He moved his gaze finally and untied the ropes and the hand kerchief on her mouth. He lifted her and walked out of the room.

Rudr who was looking at Rajat looked at Sanskar who was carrying unconscious Ragini. He panicked looking at her. “I will handle him. Take her to hospital quick” Rudr said coming out of his trance and Sanskar nodded his head and Uttara followed him.

Rudr gritted his teeth looking at Rajat who was still struggling due to the bullet wound. “Love blind love” Rajat laughed even though he was struggling with pain. Rudr looked at him confused not understanding his words.

“Hello” Rudr spoke dialing a number on his phone to his team who arrived to the spot after sometime and arrested Rajat. First he was taken to the hospital to treat the bullet wound.

Ragini was admitted in ICU and doctor treated her on time.  Sanskar was still restless as she had not gained her consciousness.

Rudr walked to the same ward where Ragini was admitted. “Thank you Officer” said Sanskar. “It was my duty” Rudr smiled  formally. As soon as the doctor walked out of the ward Rudr and Sanskar moved at a time alerted.

“How is she doctor?” both Sanskar and Rudr asked at a time. “She is fine but she will need time to gain consciousness” the doctor said and both of them nodded their head moving back.

“How is my Lado?” Dadi walked with Shekar to the hospital. She stood in front of Sanskar who was not able to answer her.  “Dadiji” Rudr held her shoulders. “Can I call you that?” he asked and Dadi looked at him and nodded her head.

“Your Lado is very brave. She will be alright” he said and those words soothed Dadi and she closed her eyes letting out all the tears. “She will be fine” said he and she held his hands for support.

Sanskar walked to the glass wall from where he could see Ragini. His hands moved to her hand. He smiled through his tears. Her hands moved a bit like she sensed his hand from that distance also. Her eyes shrank and indicated that she was gaining her wits.

He rushed to the door and stood there. She slowly opened her eyes and found Sanskar at the door. “Lado” Dadi walked passing him and Shekar entered behind her. Rudr looked at Sanskar and walked inside the room looking at him.

Sanskar stood there letting a deep breath which he had held from a long time. Ragini smiled at her Dadi and father. She weakly smiled at Rudr.

“Sanskar” Ragini’s voice stopped Sanskar who had turned not able to express his feelings. He took a  deep breath wiping the tears off his face and turned. He slowly walked to her and stood beside Shekar.

“How are you?” asked he and Ragini rolled her eyes smiling. “I feel like I’m in clouds” she said and he chuckled. “You better stop those pakavu jokes. Your head might shrink in size” said he serious. Dadi and Shekar chuckled hearing him.

“Like your zero brain will turn negative in size” she twisted her lips. “I will get the doctor” Rudr walked out from there.

Rudr leaned to the wall outside the room and looked up thankfully. “Phew” he relaxed his fast beating heart as finally he felt that calmness that Ragini was fine.


“Maa” Uttara knelt in front of Sujata who was staring the wall blankly. She moved her gaze to Uttara who narrated her everything and confessed her deeds.

“I was the one who pushed Laksh bhai. I was helping Rajat to blackmail Sanskar bhai. I… I was keeping an eye on everyone for Rajat” she confessed.

Sujata slapped her hard on the cheek. “Only because of you. Only because of you my son had to go through all that” she glared Uttara.

“Maa I’m sorry” she said and looked at Sujata painfully. “I don’t discriminate among my children. If I did not forgive my son I will not do it for my daughter” Sujata’s eyes had rage. “Suji” Annapurna sat beside her holding her shoulders.

She buried her head in Annapurna’s shoulder. “Uttara” Ram held her shoulders and she stood up still staring Sujata. “I’m sorry Baba” she hugged Ram who rubbed her shoulder to console her.

“How could you push your own brother Uttara. The brother who loved you more than your own brother” Swara charged at Uttara.

“I’m sorry Bhabi” she said painfully. “Your sorry will not repair everything” Swara crossed her arms. “You decieved your own family and who is tolerating the consequences. My Laksh” she said pointing at herself.

“Swara” she heard Laksh’s voice and turned to the door of the room where Laksh stood. “Laksh” she smiled through her tears and hugged him. Annapurna who was extremely happy to find Laksh okay was stopped by Swara’s sudden action.

She still smiled weakly and Laksh understood her disappointment. He dragged Swara out of the hug and turned to Annapurna.

He hugged her and she burst into a bitter cry reciprocating the hug. Durgaprasad stood there without any expression.

“Actually it was my plan to stay unconscious to reach the real culprit” said Laksh narrating everything to Sujata and Annapurna. “I really misunderstood my son” Sujata held the chair and let out her emotions.

“Chachi” Laksh knelt in front of Sujata. “You know Sanskar Bhai loves you the most” he kissed her hands. She nodded her head and touched his head with hers.

“Where is Sanskar Bhai?” asked Laksh. Uttara rubbed her face. “Wo Ragini… Ragini inhaled poisonous gas while getting out of  Rajat’s hold so he is there with her” Uttara stared the ground.

“What?” Swara asked shocked. Uttara nodded her head in yes. It was complicated feeling for Swara. She was not understanding what was she feeling right now.

Sumi was shocked hearing it. “I will take your leave Annapurna ji” Sumi walked from there greeting Annapurna and Dida followed her.

Sumi called Shekar and reached the hospital where Ragini was admitted. “Lado” she stood at the hospital room door looking at Ragini who was being analyzed by the doctor.

“Maa” Ragini sat straightening herself on the bed. Sumi walked inside and hugged Ragini. “Are you okay?” she asked cupping Ragini’s face. Ragini smiled through her tears finding her mother loving her again.

“I’m okay” she almost whispered. “Thank god” she said hugging Ragini again. She cried silently. ‘Don’t get used to this showcasing of affection Ragini. It will hurt you more’ Sanskar looked at her feeling her pain.

Shekar finally smiled looking at Sumi and Ragini.

Dadi was still reluctant to accept Sumi’s behavior due to past few days. Her eyes moved to Dida who just stood without any expression.


All the family members moved to home on Sanskar’s insistence that he will stay back. He was resting placing his head over his hand sitting on the chair beside her bed.

Ragini woke up in her sleep and looked at Sanskar who was sleeping innocently. ‘I’m sorry Sanskar I misunderstood you. You were trying to protect me and I doubted on your friendship’ she spoke in her mind and a tear tripped her eye.

She moved her hand to wipe it. Due to her hand movement Sanskar’s sleep was disturbed and he opened his eyes.

“You need anything Ragini?” he asked concerned looking at her. She nodded her head in yes.

“What?” asked he and she looked at him with puppy eyes. “Kulfi” she said with puppy eyes. “Kulfi?” he asked confused and she nodded her head.

“At this time?” asked he looking at his watch. It was 10 in the night. “I will get it” he said walking towards the door but stopped. “You will be fine right?” he asked turning and she nodded her head in yes.

He smiled at her and walked out of the hospital to get the kulfi. He walked inside hiding it as he did not knew if in that hospital they allow the patient to eat it.

“Phew” he said relaxing as soon as he reached Ragini’s room. He handed her the kulfi looking around if any nurse or doctor came.

“You really brought it?” Ragini asked dazed. “No it’s 3D image and I have hid the projector somewhere” he gave her a bore look and she pouted cutely. “Before it melts have it” he said and she smiled at him and ate the kulfi.

“It was tasty” Ragini wiped her face after finishing the kulfi. He smiled looking at her innocent face. A thought of losing her just some time ago squeezed his heart but he hid his pain behind that smile.


Rudr was staring the ceiling smiling. “Ragini” he repeated her name his smile widening each time. “Such melodious name of a beautiful and kind girl” he said placing his hand on his heart which was beating fast due to mention of her name.

He caressed his neck blushing and closed his eyes with a bright smile. New feelings which he never felt were arising in his heart. The heart whose beat he felt in years.


Ragini was looking around the room. “You aren’t sleepy?” asked Sanskar. “This room is so boring. I’m not getting sleep” she said placing her hand under her chin pouting.

“Oh madam you haven’t come here for a picnic alright. Sleep now” he said pointing at her bed.

“I’m not feeling sleepy” she complained. “Yeah all the chamgadad’s don’t sleep in the night” he said nodding his head.

“You called me chamgadad?” Ragini asked fuming. “No I said chamgadad’s don’t sleep in the night. I never said you are chamgadad” he shrugged his shoulders.

“You are so mean” she crossed her arms and he smiled looking at her cute antics. When she turned he cloaked his smile behind a tough face.

“Okay what you want me to do?” asked he giving up. “Lullaby?” Ragini asked excited. “Someone said dogs bark better than me?” he looked at her with fake anger.

She smiled sheepishly remembering her remark. “Wo tho bass..” she searched right words. “Wo tho kya?” asked he sitting in front of her.

His towering figure made her blush for an unknown reason and she was not able to lift her head and meet his eyes.

Kisi ki muskurahato pe ho nisar….

She looked up to meet his eyes.

Kisi ka dard mile tho le udhar

Jeena issi ka naam hai.

He made her slid down and covered her with the quilt patting her head to make her sleep. She closed her eyes and he kissed her forehead and she smiled in her sleep.


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