Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 41

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Ruchika compliments about Dhruv ‘s charm to Kritika igniting the jealousy within her.

“Di he is so hot, can’t believe Preeta bhabhi had such guy in her life as friend I cannot resist anymore tries to meet him but is stopped by her

Kritika : Ms universe don’t even think about that

Roo : why are you getting so hyper you enjoy with your Akshay ji, don’t be jealous okay (leaves her hand)

Kritika looks on when Roo runs to Dhruv desperately

“Hi you are Dhruv right shakes her hand

Dhruv : yes you might be Ruchika right Preeta told me about you but I didn’t see you often

“Yes you can call me Roo, I live in hostel so you know don’t meet with family a lot but now you know me gets very excited shaking hands with him

Dhruv : so Roo what you for spare time ?

Ruchika : I just love dance and acting

“And your grumpy sister asks about Kritika funnily waving her

“Oh her, she is not grumpy okay just bit reserved and after marriage she became more you know her dream was to become big RJ before tells him about Kritika’s lively and ambitious nature

Dhruv : wow no wonder she is talented

“Attention everybody please listen ladies and gentleman Shrishti holds mike

Sameer : as you all know we are here to celebrate important occasion of both beautiful couple

“Party is boring so we will add some life to this we have great surprise for tonight everybody please take seat show is about to begin Shrishti tells to turn off lights

Both enacts Karan and Preeta’s first meeting

The act starts with Sameer going in car after the success party with two girls in front. He remains unaware of Shrishti’s presence in car but soon realizes when he gives short brake.

“What is happening here Shrishti asks putting both hands on face

Sameer : I should ask you same thing, what are you doing in my car

“Your car asks him

Sameer : no no its your car but I need some proof papers please

“But I didn’t say its my car Shrishti clears

Sameer : perfect now will you please get down i am very busy person

Shrishti : of course I know what busy work is going on her biggest flirt ever

Karan and Preeta recalls their meeting in car and then police station. The family appreciates the perfect acting of the tom and jerry fight couple.

Second act shows Tanya’s first meeting with Rishab forcing into his car.

“Hello what are you doing in car Sameer asks the girl

Shrishti : please hurry up I need lift right now

“This isn’t good way to ask for lift from strangers Sameer tells sarcastically

Shrishti : everything is fair in this world except dramebaazi now hurry up

Sameer : what the hell? first you forcefully sit in the car and threatening me

“Thank you for the lift I owe this favor to you bye leaves her bracelet in car

Tanya recalls how she lost her favorite bracelet but was not able to find it. She signals Rishab who looks away from her smilingly. Preeta puts some papers and passports on the table so everybody can observe easily without any doubt. Karan comes to grab water near the counter and sees Akshay’s two passports.

“Karan what happened Rishab asks him

“Bhai this is Akshay’s passports what is it doing here and it has two different identities ” shows him

Rishab : I think we should ask him after ceremony we cannot make scene right now

Tanya : what are this two doing?

Preeta ; I think they are waiting for event to get over to avoid any drama

After the guests leaves Luthras confront Akshay about his passports and documents of some car accidents .

“Bhai I don’t know what you are saying asks them

Rishab ; thats what we are asking you, what does this accident refers to

“What will he tell Rishab when reality strikes decency mask comes off Tanya come forward

Akshay : excuse me

“You didn’t understand what I am saying never mind recall clearly the car number in this paper your car crashed with my dad’s car accuses him for being reason of her father’s death

Rishab : but you said Prithvi was guilty for his death

“Yes but do you think that guy would get his hands dirty, he used his pawn Akshay to kill my dad screams out loud

Akshay : this is all lie and that car you are talking about, it was stolen few days back before uncle died

The family are blown with the argument

“One second, Akshay first of all you tell us how did you know Tanya’s dad Karan asks him

Akshay : actually we both were rivals in business but I never knew about Tanya being his daughter

“Listen your truth is exposed its futile to lie before I use another way to bring out truth Tanya confronts

Akshay : I don’t know why are you saying this, I know me and your dad didn’t get alone but I can never go to extent of killing anybody

Tanya : none of your lie will work on you, the whole family will not see your face but from first day I know you are jerk

“Enough Tanya Kritika shouts at her for accusing her husband in front of people

Preeta is about to interrupt but is stopped by Tanya

“You are my sister in law, I respect you but you cannot insult the son in law of this family, Akshay is my husband ” defends him

Dhruv looks at her sadly defending the wrong person

“I never thought I had to prove my loyally and honesty to all of you like this Akshay pretends to be innocent

Mahesh : nobody is accusing you but Tanya has doubt in her mind just clear that

Kareena : pardon me bhai but ever since this girl came in our life there is always some bad happening, now her guts of accusing an innocent and you all are defending, she is on verge of breaking my daughter’s marriage badly

Rishab : bua, Kritika is not just your daughter but our sister and Tanya never does anything without reason

“Akshay you said your car was stolen, then you must have complaint in police, I am sure you might have copy of that report Karan asks him proof

Akshay : yes I have that in my phone and hard copy at house if anybody have any doubt left (shows them copy of his stolen car report in phone)

Kareena : did you see? everything is clear now, Nandini I am sorry to say but your daughter has always crossed her limits, taking advantage of our decency and goodness

“Kareena di stop it, Tanya just had small misunderstanding and she is also daughter whose father was killed Rakhi takes side of her

Kareena : for how long will you defend this girl? the whole world know she is an orphan, and the name given to her is also not true

“Not one more word or else I will forget my decency Ms Kareena Nandini had enough of tolerating

“Bua today I want to clear one thing that Tanya is my would be wife and daughter in law of this family nobody will dare to point finger on her dignity hold Tanya’s hands in front of everybody

Nandini : what were you saying ? she does not have our blood but you don’t know that she is our pride, everyday of our life we gave to her and my Tanya maintained the dignity of my family always

Preeta : aunty Tanya is right even I saw Akshay with Prithvi the other day

“Here we go with another, bhai bhabhi in whole world this is your choice for our sons, who does not care about anything, talking about guy who is in jail and accusing my daughter’s husband Kareena starts criticizing both girl’s character

“Kareena bua you had said enough, we know girls made mistake but that does not anybody have rights to question their character and my Preeta she is the precious gem that is most priceless in this whole world Karan wipes Preeta’s tears

Rishab is about to ask forgiveness to Akshay and Kritika but is stopped by Tanya.

“Its my mistake you don’t have to bow down because of him puts his hand down

Tanya : I am sorry Kritika I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings

Kritika : thats okay but next time please don’t do anything against him, I won’t be able to forgive you again

Tanya leaves the venue followed by others to their respective home except for the couple. Rishab tells her to meet at the riverside

“I am sorry because of me apologizes to him

Rishab : look I don’t know what did you see or what you think but before doing anything at least share with me thats what i want

Tanya : I thought nobody would believe us without any proof

Rishab : its not about proof my trust on you, I don’t know what is truth but if you are very sure that your feelings are right then I won’t stop you from doing anything

Tanya : I only wanted to save Kritika because I know Akshay is not good person let alone for any girl he is not worthy

“Then why did you stop me apologizing and proved yourself wrong by saying sorry asks her

“Because your respect means a lot to me and nobody can dare to raise question as long as i am alive, you forgot that I will never let you down cups on side of his face

“And same way I cannot see you bow down to anybody never, I will stand as shield to anybody who tries to disgrace you leans to kiss her forehead holding both side of her face

Preeta comes to Karan’s room who is quite upset with everything.

Preeta : look I know you didn’t like what happened today

Karan : remember what I told you last time I won’t tolerate anything against Kritika

Preeta ; but why don’t you understand we are telling truth Akshay is not good person

Karan ; enough Preeta before doing anything like that why didn’t you both tell me or Rishab

Preeta : exactly this is the reason we knew nobody would believe us and see thats what happened right

“I am not saying you are wrong but you might have misunderstood the situation Karan tries to calm her down

Preeta : you all are doing very big mistake of sending your sister in wrong hands

“Nothing like that will happen trust me and if something goes wrong I will take the matter in my hands Karan assures her

Preeta : good night Karan

“Where are you going holds her hands

Preeta : I am very tired Karan and have to wake up early tomorrow

Karan gets upset with her behavior and blames himself for her mood.

“I am sorry Preeta for being so rude but you don’t know what you both today Kareena bua will never forget Karan gets scared for Preeta and Tanya for messing situation

Luthra brothers have same conversation in the room about girls

“Bhai do you also feel there is some problem I mean if there was something Kritika would have told us Karan argues

Rishab : its not about doubting but girl’s safety they both are purposely endangering their life

Sameer : right now you both have calmed them down but knowing Tanya she is not from people who give up easily

Rishab : you are right I trust her that girl have devil’s mind

Karan : we have to stop her from doing anything drastic she will listen to you

Rishab : did she ever listened to her mom that will agree to me

Karan : come on bhai you know if anything goes wrong with Kritika’s life bua will never let her marry you and unnecessary problem with come up

Sameer : Karan bhai is right bua is already agitated with her after today she has started hating her more

Rishab makes his mind to stop Tanya

Tanya breaks things in her house angrily recalling Kareena’s insulting words.

Tanya : how can somebody be so selfish they have played big game this time

Nandini : calm down by breaking things you cannot change situation

Tanya : that Sherlyn being a girl did not hesitate even an ounce before doing this to Kritika

Nandini : the girl who can fool her own mother what can you expect from

Chameli : didi somebody has come to meet you

Nandini : who is it?

Chameli : the girl that came last time in salwaar

“Preeta , send her upstairs Tanya tells her

Chameli : yes didi

Nandini : what is she doing here at this time

Preeta comes upstairs in the room witnessing Tanya’s high temperament

“What will we do now Tanya everything is flopped those evils won says with tensed

Tanya : I don’t know what did we lack in our efforts to do right

“Sometimes even the ways could be wrong, you should never underestimate your enemy’s power Nandini interrupts

Tanya ; what are you trying to say? we didn’t try enough or our way was wrong

“If you want to win battle the most important rule use the same weapon like your rivals, they used cheating you make use of manipulation gives them indirect hint to play game similar way enemies have been doing

Preeta ; you mean aunty we have to trick them to confess truth by themselves

Nandini : you both are wise enough to understand my point, giving up or being angry is not solution tanya listen to me you both are women of today’s generation I am sure you know that if you don’t lift your hand somebody will crush it under ground

Both girls gets into deep thinking hearing the motivational words

“This world is good but also filled with cruelly by saving Kritika you have to prove that even today a girl has freedom to live with her own freedom rather than crushed under society’s fake norms leaves the room for both girls

Preeta ; aunty is right we have been lenient on something in this mission

Tanya : whatever happens but I will not let Kritika suppress under the society due to people like Akshay

Preeta ; you don’t know her yet she will tolerate every bad things but never tell anybody

Shrishti : di if we give up like this everything will be over Tanya please say something

“Time for next move girls be ready loads bullets in her revolver

Shrishti : whats the plan

“Listen to me carefully Tanya explains them everything

Next day Sarla and Rakhi fixes the date for Haldi and Mehndi on the same day. The girls shows their happiness of getting close to the rituals of wedding.

Karan : mom what will we all do in the haldi and Mehndi you know what I mean

Preeta : Mr luthra did you forget even bridegrooms have haldi rituals to do

Karan : how can I forget that? at least one ceremony will be without you girls

“If you really think we are burden I have very great idea aunty from today till marriage we won’t see the guys what say Tanya gives wink to Rishab

“What days have come mom see this girl Karan complains to Rakhi

Rishab : what are you doing here? why not on practice field

Karan ; bhai I was going there but this Preeta stopped me she wants to go lunch

“What me ” Preeta says confusingly

Karan : did you see she said yes

“Mr cricketer I have solution to every problem you go to practice instead of you I will go with Preeta for lunch Tanya agains pokes in his plan

“This Tanya always comes in between my date with Preeta I have to settle scores with her now Karan speaks in mind

“Actually Tanya just few minutes ago I got call from hospital for emergency so I won’t be able to go on lunch with you Preeta signals Karan eyeingly while talking

Tanya : okay thats fine even I have meeting this noon so we can go later

Preeta : bye aunty bye Karan (waves him)

The girls are outside Akshay’s house waiting for him come out. They parked the car in such way nobody could see them. Akshay puts some file in his car and leave inside the home.

Shrishti opens his car with pin and starts to find some documents. She sees some medical papers and bills and take picture

“What happened Tanya ask her through bluetooth

Shrishti : I am coming outside I think he is coming to car

Tanya brings the car to front for Shrishti and leaves from their house.

Preeta : what is that

Shrishti : I don’t know this is some medical bills from City hospital

“Really? but what is the name of patient Preeta ask her

Shrishti ; di I don’t know this is very weird type of document and I could not see properly

Tanya ; thats okay I am sure there will be some clue hidden inside

Preeta : we have to be quick else

Tanya sits near the shipping side and calls Rishab to meet her.

“Oh god what new is coming today Rishab asks himself and leaves

Tanya : welcome my dear fianc

Rishab : and my cute pie why did you call me here right now

“Because I want to ride in the sea please don’t say no blackmails him like kid

Rishab lifts her before she blackmails him anymore and takes inside the ship. Both enjoy the view of mid sea with clear water. Tanya enjoys the fresh air standing on high deck.

“This is so beautiful I mean this water, noise of wave brings so much peace tells him happily

Rishab finds good chance to talk with her about the problem.

Tanya : whats wrong ? is there any problem

“Nothing I just want to talk with you something important make her sit

Tanya ; yes sure

Rishab : you know yesterday I told you don’t do anything wrong now but I am also aware of your nature, that you won’t sit quiet

Tanya looks at him disbelief

“I have not stopped you from anything nor asked something but today I want a promise that you will leave this matter asks her to back out from Kritika’s life

Tanya : I can’t believe you are asking me this

“Listen I don’t want you to fall in any problem in such way that any of my family member starts to resent you I hope you understand holds her back but she backs off

Tanya : before I never liked to follow orders I live with my own principles but I accepted you from whole heart I thought you will support me in every decision

“You are getting me wrong try to understand pleads her

Tanya : no its okay that not your fault anyway you have asked me something then I will keep the honor of that request and won’t interfere in Kritika’s life and thank you for this date (goes out of cruise and leaves sadly)

Preeta and Karan run from their work and practice to go for their date

“Where are you going Dhruv asks her

Preeta : its time for payback remember I always filled your class work now you have to take care of my work please thank you (leaves giving me file)

Dhruv : bribe to a doctor what world has come

Preeta and Karan meet outside in the park but gets egoistic thinking about fight.

Preeta : this time I won’t say sorry he was so rude to me yesterday

Karan : how arrogance this girl have no thats my department she have to be sweet kareli

Both turns against each other but sees a fair in the corner.

“You want to go both asks at same time

Preeta : can we go to that fair

“Say please and then sorry Karan gives his usual laughter

Preeta irritated says please but is not willing to say sorry at any cost.

“This is limit how can you not say sorry asks her funnily

Preeta : why should I? when you spoke so badly with me what do you think of yourself (keeps pushing him down on floor)

Karan : what are you doing? I am the Karan Luthra at least respect me for that

Preeta : really then Mr Luthra I am your would be wife you cannot irritate me like that

Everybody looks on them. Karan’s fan girls surround him again for autograph and pictures. He happily enjoys the attention but with Preeta’s rage eyes the smile disappears.


“If ever again this fool Karan’s girlfriend come scare them like typical indian girl so they never again come back Tanya shows way to Preeta for handling Karan’s crazy fans

Flashback ends

The girls ask for date to Karan who is left confused.

“What are you thinking Mr cricketer say yes Preeta tells him sarcastically

“Oh god please save me today I will offer 10 coconuts today if you spare my life Karan pleads in mind

Preeta : what happened?

“Karan who is this girl one of them asks him

“I am the Karan Luthra’s official fianc shows them the ring on her finger pushing the girl clinged to her Karan closely

“You are lying we did not hear anything about that another girl asks

“Karan tell them that we got engaged yesterday, you are celebrity but we did not invite media there for safety pinches him

Karan : yes she is my fiancs

“Now if you all are done with your selfies can I spend some time with my would be husband Preeta holds his hands while talking

The girls resists to go but Preeta grabs Karan’s bat and start scaring them.

“I will count till three if you all don’t go then I will send you in ambulance starts the countdown

Karan breathes relief with situation going down. He sees Preeta standing in front him with bat

“From now no girl will come close to you shall we go to the fair orders him

Karan : not again you have started ordering me, god ji please save me from this hitler

Both goes to the fair happily watching children playing and enjoying rides.

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    Damn….hate this kareena and evil team
    Hopefully the girls get successful in their plan ASAP and finish their game for once and for all???
    Your story is way to exciting for me
    Plz add more shirshmeet scenes
    Eagerly waiting for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤

  2. Awesome update …wow what a drama sequence you did it in an outstanding way . I want to see the girls becoming detectives and I will call them the three musketeers . Preetan fight was too cute . Want to see their lovely-dovely moments and nok-jhok but no serious fight please .Please add more scenes like this . But I don’t want to see the couples having serious arguments . I want them to support each other . Overall it was a fantastic update . Loved it .
    Continue soon .
    Keep smiling

  3. I really love your FF. I read it in one go. It’s nice. Plz do continue it. Don’t stop!!!

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