Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kaira’s mango romance

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with Kartik asks Naira if she fell on her own in dark or some one pushed her.

Naira says that no one pushed me but bumped into me in a big rush, Kartik says why would someone be in a hurry like that, he says i am sure that something is fishy, Naira says yes i agree too. She says if we say anything now about Suhana to Shubham and Suwarna, then they will feel bad.

Naira says if there is something about her past, she cannot hide like this, i too had a past. They think of an idea.

Suhana is upset and curses Brijesh as he could have ruined all her plans. She says i had told that we had to do something about this Brijesh, no one listens to me, Rahul says good that Goenkas didn’t ask to talk to our jaipur cousin, thankfully our idea worked, else we would have been in a mess.

Suhana curses Karik and Naira for always ruining their plans and says she wants to teach a lesson to Naira, this time if they create hurdles for her then she won’t leave them. She asks Rahul to call for his goons as she has an idea.

Kartik and Naira follow Suhana and rahul and find them at a chinese corner quite far from their house, Kartik wonders why would they come here, a dog barks at them while they are keeping a watch on Rahul and Suhana, Naira gets scared and says if they see us, then Shubham and Maa would know and they will feel bad, we can spy of them later again. As they leave, some goons come to meet Suhana and Rahul.

They asks Suhana what is to be done, she gives them an address and says they have to destroy things but not take anyone’s life. They say OK.

At Goenka house, dadi is doing puja with everyone. After the puja, Suwarna and Shubham avoid talking to Kartik and Naira, they inform them that they have decided to say sorry to Suhana and make things right to mend their relation with her. Shubham is happy while Kaira leave together.

At Singhania house, the women are talking about home remedies, Keerti enters the room and they stop talking, Kirti feels weird.

Kartik and Naira reach Suhana’s house. They are outside the house when Naira gets a call from Naitik, she says i am sorry i could not come for morning walk, Naitik says its Ok, i had to talk to both you and Kartik about a small thing, he says i want to give you a suggestion, i know you are both protective about your respective families, but relations are very sensitive, if we do not have enough proofs, they it can ruin our relations just on the basis of our gut feelings, hence we should keep them to ourselves. Kartik says i have no clue what we shuld d, he says do what is good for your relation, this is not a fight for some ego, that you have t prove right or wrong, Naiar says i have understood, that we just have to take out wrong from right.

Savita, rahul and Suhana are enjoying in the house, Suhana warns Savita that ih she destroys anything from the rented property she will cut from her remuneration, Kartik and Naira are walking towards the house.

Suhana wonders milk has not come yet, Kaira ar at the door while milk bottle is outside the door, some goons arrive at the house, Naira says they are weird people, Suhana opens the door, sees the goons and Naira and Kartik (facing their back at her) and closes it back in tension.

She tells Rahul and Savita that Kartik and Naira are here, she wonders they will now ruin her plan of calling the goons and then calling Shubham as per her plan, but now Kaira has come here.

Kartik asks goons who are they, they ask him who is he, kartik says we are relatives of the people who stay here, the goon says so you are of the same group, kartik wonders what group and asks them why are they here, Suhana comes out and says you people, why have you come here, someone please help (she pretends), Kartik asks her what happened, who are these goons, suhana says they have been eve teasing her and now have come to her place too, she says i didn’t tell Rahul or Shubham as they are short tempered. She tells the goons that now she is not alone, now Kairaa is with her, she tells the goons to leave else she will call the police. The goons leave.

Suhana thanks Kaira and tells them that Rahul and Savita have left for pushkar as they were scared of what happened yesterday that in future there is no problem, she asks why are they here, Naira says we came to say sorry, Suhana says these things happen, she says its ok, Naira says until your family comes back, you can stay in our house, Suhana says this is not possible, how can i stay with my would be in laws, kartik says how can we leave you here if goons are harassing you, naira says her to pack her bags, she will talk to dadi. Suhana is happy and tells rahul and Savita that her plan has worked without any damage or calling shubham, kartik and Naira are themselves taking her to Goenka house.

Kartik and Naira are also happy that Suhana would be in front of their eyes and they can find out her real truth. Suhana says now i will be with them and lot them without their knowledge. Naira tells her to get in the ar as they are all happy with this development.

Shubham is worried if Kaira have created any more problems since they didn’t return, Dadi and everyone is shocked to see Suhana with her bags. Kartik tells dadi that suhana’s brother and mother are out of town and how goons were troubling her, hence Naira thought to get her here, dadi says Naiara you could have asked once, Suhana is happy dadi is scolding naira because of her, how can can a would be bride stay here without marriage, what will society thinks, kartik says think about humanity not relations, Naira says dadi trust me, nothing wrong will happen, Dadi says, are you sure, have you thought about it, Suhan says in her mind, naiar now you see how will create a mess for you in this house, Naira thinks in her mid, Suhana now you see how you will be exposed in front of everyone.

Suhana calls Shubham and says i have come in this house for two hours and you have not met me yet. She says if i were in your place, i would not have left your for two mins. Shubham sees Kaiara and says i have to say something, you will understand, Kartik says you want to meet Suhana, shubham says how did you know, Naira says give us some time, we will try, kartik says we have to do something, naira says we have to give Suhana also a chance to so wrong, they see mangoes and get excited.

They have some goo moments as they enjoy mangoes together. They romance and kiss each other.

Kaira organise candle light dinner for Shubham and Suhana. Suhana thanks them and says you guys are ideal couple, brother-bhabhi and beta-beti. I wish we also become like you, shubham says yes, we will be better than them. kaira leave Suhana alone.

Suhana hugs and thanks Naira and says in her mind, good you have called your own bad luck in this house, naira thinks, now you are saying thanks Suhana, afterwards you will say sorry.

Suhana tells them to not to go, naiars asks why, she says this is not right, i known you have done this for me and shubham but, i can’t sit with him alone (she understood Kaira’s plan), Naira says its ok, you can be alone, its not wrong, Dadi comes and says, Naira, how come this is not wrong.

Naira’s post on facebook gets many likes and comments, entry of Naira’s secret admirer/lover.

  1. Why can’t they just go to the police and tell them they suspect that the loteri dulhan gang is wooing their brother?

    1. Then how they can show kaira mahantha and long prasing by everyone about kaira. For name sake goenkas are the most powerful people , don’t know anything about police verification,lol.for everything they just made suvarna wants everything fast.just allowed her to open the mouth to make her more stupid in front of naira.

  2. Naira is above police and judiciary

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