The magic of love, part 27

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Bhavna broke the hug.

Bh: You won’t go anywhere alone. Where you go I will come with you. We were together always and will remain so.

Suhani hugged her sister out of relief. She was right; they never left each others’ side. She needed her sister with her, and she was so relieved that she forgot all about her sister’s life, her dreams.


Sharad came running to Yuvraj and found him shattered. He pulls Yuvraj into a tight hug and Yuvraj cried on him, he was truly broken. But before he could say anything, Sharad’s phone rang. It was Saurab. He was shocked by whatever was said through the phone, but more than that he was worried for Yuvraj. He looked at him miserably.

Sh: (thinking) God, why you are troubling him so much, wasn’t his presence enough, now you added much more to it??

Sh: (worried) Guru, it was Bhaiya’s call, we……… we, we need to go home, immediately.

Yuvraj looked at him, he appeared very disturbed.

Yuv: But what happened to you? Why are you so disturbed?

Sh: Later, let us just go home.

Sharad dragged confused Yuvraj with him. Yuvraj was shocked when he saw people coming to BH, all in white.

He looked shockingly at Sharad, he kept mum, and Yuvraj ran in to see everyone mourning in his Dadi’s demise. He was dropped to ground. He was numb by shock, unable to believe the reality. It was piercing through him and really, truly beyond his limits, in no ways he was able to digest all these, first Suhani, now Dadi……… He felt like he is the most miserable man alive. But all these were happening in his mind; outside he appeared still, he was forlorn. Pratima hugged him, but he didn’t react.

Sharad felt miserable seeing him, he was more affected y his state than Dadi’s demise.

Sh: (thinking) I can’t bring Dadi back in hi life, but I definitely can bring Suhani.

He went to Suhani.

Suhani and Bhavna had finished their packing by the time he reached their house and were set to leave. Only when she saw Sharad she remembered about Bhavna and Sharad’s love. She was shocked; she felt guilty and cursed herself for forgetting it.

Suh: Di, you are not coming with me.

Bh: What but,

She stopped for she saw Sharad.

Suh: Di, I am sorry, I am really sorry, I was carried away by my miseries and I,

Bhavna stopped her and Sharad approached them..

Sh: You don’t have to worry about us, but what about you, you can’t go like that.

Suh: I have to; you saw what happened today…….. (crying). And Yuvraj don’t deserve someone worthless like me……….

Sh: Don’t you dare to call my sister worthless.

She looked at him, she was touched.

Suh: But I am and hence I have to go.  And I don’t want to Yuvraj to suffer because of me, there is no need for him to go through all these. It will hurt him at first, but after, he will understand that I what I did is right, and then, you both will be here to support him na, he will be fine.

Bh: (sternly) I told you that I will come with you.

Suh: No di please, I don’t want to spoil your relation for my sake, just because my fate is this, you don’t have to,

Sh: (cutting in) But we don’t have any such relation!

Suhani looked on shocked.

Sh: For me Bhavna is just like you.

Shavna avoided each other’s eyes.

Bh; Yeah Suhani, it was all fake, Yuvraj told us that he loves you and to bring you both close,

Sh: And to bring you to Birla house she said all these.

Suh: Are you saying truth or….

Bh: (not meeting her eyes) It is the truth.

Suh: (shocked) but why?

Bh: because more that anyone i wanted you to lead a normal life, and…

She cried, Suhani too.

Suh: Di, Bhaiya, I know you did all these for my happiness, but see the result. Love, marriage all these are not meant for me, so please don’t do this again.  Di, shall we?

Bhavna nodded, they started to leave.

Sh: But Suhani,

Suh: (pleading) Bhaiya please………

Girls leave and Sharad stood there. He was miserable, he was certain that he would be able to stop her but….

He leaves.


Suhani was crying thinking about Yuvraj.

Suh: Yuvraj, you are that beautiful dream of life, which came in my sleep and leaves as I wake, and how hard I try, I won’t remember this beautiful dream. When with you, I felt complete, like the void in m life was filled, buy now…. Now I realise that this void is a part of me, and I have to live my life with it. Have a nice future Yuvraj.

She takes her memory book, too much happened this day, her life had turned upside down, but all she wrote in her diary was that they are shifting to Delhi.


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