Preeran SS ; Realization Part 21

Arora house

Shrishti have sleepless night but pretends to sleep for her sister. She recall Elina’s words of trusting own instincts than blind trust on other’s mistake

Shrishti : why do I feel Sameer’s eyes were saying something different (talks to herself)

Preeta : god what all happened, I don’t know how my sister would have felt (caress her hair) I will talk to Karan but how should I , mom had forbid to keep any relation

Piyali send a message to Sameer from private number  She intentionally send it when Karan is with Sameer.

“Hi baby, today was the best day of my life, you proved you love your brother so much I am sure one day you will also love me, your love Omisha

Karan : who is it?

Sameer : nothing bhai, its not important

Piyali breaks the vase downstairs distracting Sameer to come down.

Karan ; can you check who is it?

Sameer : yea (leaves his phone on table)

Karan takes chance and checks his phone which still have Omisha’s message on screen

Karan : I knew it, this girl is trapping my innocent brother now I only have to find what she said to Sameer that he did this

Piyali smirks knowing what Karan can do and his twisted mind.

“Omisha this time you have messed up with wrong people, just watch the fun Piyali says in mind

Arora house

Shrishti gets ready normally like everyday

Preeta : where are you going?

Shrishti ; di I am going to look for new job, after all no more entry in Luthra house

Preeta : are you sure? I mean stay home for today go tomorrow

Shrishti : why should I? just because people will comment di, you know me i really don’t care what people think, take care bye (leaves)

Preeta : god please help my sister

On way Sameer sees Shrishti at bus stop but lost courage to talk with her. She ignores his presence and looks at the file.

Sameer : can I drop you somewhere

“I don’t take lift from strangers her words comes as thorn to him

Sameer ; I know we both are different now, but at least for our friendship

Shrishti : look don’t spoil my mood, its my interview (notices the ring on his finger) and by the way next time before asking any girl a life just have a look at this ring, you are engaged take your fiancee (leaves in auto)

Sameer is broken from inside getting shunned by his own family

Shrishti gets in tears hearing his plea but wipes it after reaching office.

Sherlyn shares her doubt with Karan regarding Omisha

Karan ; what are you talking about?

Sherlyn : trust me from very first day I am trying to recall where did I see her

Karan : did you find anything?

“Yes I did, here is the proof  Sherlyn shows him picture of Omisha and Prithvi

Karan : what the hell?

Sherlyn : my doubt was right, she is that Prithvi’s real sister and nobody was aware about her

Karan ; now I won’t spare that brother sister duo, because of them my Sammy is suffering for no reason, Sherlyn can you do me one last favor

Sherlyn nods while he tells his plan

Karan : thanks Sherlyn and don’t worry you will be safe

Sherlyn : I trust you and sorry for everything you and Preeta had to go so much

Karan : more than its my bhai and Preeta who went all through this torture, just make sure you never hurt them

Sherlyn :promise I won’t

Karan : lets get to work then partner

Sherlyn makes a fake call to Omisha scaring her about Prithvi.

Omisha : who are you?

“Consider me your well wisher go hurry up he is in godown Sherlyn hands up

Karan hits Prithvi with stick and brings to godown according to plan. Omisha runs to godown only to find her brother lying unconsciously

Omisha : bhai get up, please

Somebody puts her to gun point and turns out to be Sherlyn

Omisha ; how dare you cheated my brother, he did so much for you

“Really? look who is saying this, a cheater your brother is fraud he only plays with innocent girls feeling, first me then Preeta Sherlyn grabs her hair

Omisha : leave me I said

Sherlyn : but I should say this, sister is ten steps ahead, you trapped Sameer in your love game

Omisha ; its not a game, I truly love him do you get that

Sherlyn : girl like you cannot love anybody now tell me how did you trap him

Omisha : I won’t first bring my brother back to sense

Sherlyn : if you don’t speak up then I won’t mind going to jail by killing him

Omisha ; no please, I will tell everything, yes I blackmailed Sameer to save Preeta and Karan’s reputation, I have MMS of both of them (shows the video to her) and told him if he wants to save image if his brother and friend he have to get engaged with me

Luthras and Arora walk in hearing her confession. The first one to slap Omisha was Shrishti with all energy she have.

“This one is for making disgusting plan to ruin my sister and my idol, and this is for trapping my innocent Sameer in your game Shrishti puts two slaps on her cheeks

Rakhi : being a girl are you not ashamed of doing all this

Omisha ; no I don’t because after what you all have done with my brother

Rishab ; he deserve this

Karan ; if again you tried to come in our way then remember I don’t see gender of person who harm my family

Preeta gets upset knowing about the video and leaves place. Everybody leaves after teaching lesson to Omisha.

Luthra house

Sameer gets in tears after knowing what Karan did for him

“Bhai for me you did all this he asks

Karan ; no for myself, after all who am I, nothing you don’t need this brother right

Sameer : please don’t say this, you all are my family I am nothing without you (breaks down in tears and hugs him)

Karan : silly guy, at least you could have shared that with me, you are my kiddo

Sameer : I am sorry bhai all I could see was your image and Preeta di’s reputation

Shrishti gives him light slap for hurting himself

“Tall pole he holds his cheeks

Shrishti : don’t call me that, you love teasing me, but you didn’t find other way

Both family are overwhelmed to see Sameer’s love for them

Mahesh : what you did today only a real son can do it

Kareena : bhai you also got emotional now lets finish incomplete work

Everybody looks at her

Kareena : why are you staring at me? I mean their engagement

Shrishti and Sameer exchange rings with blessing of whole family.

Rishab : there is one more couple in line mom

Mahesh ; really? who is it tell me the girl

Rishab : sorry dad wrong number but in this house we start from young

Kritika : bhai don’t do riddles

Rishab brings Karan forward and ask him to reveal everything

Karan : bhai

Rishab : come on this blushing is not your personality

Karan : I love Preeta

The only people who are not shocked are siblings while elders are still surprised.

Mahesh : you what?

Karan ; dad I really love Preeta, aunty (goes to Sarla) I will keep her very happy

Everybody looks for Preeta who is still outside in garden.

Karan : baby doll why are you standing here

Preeta does not respond

Karan : I am asking you (moves her to him)

“You won’t understand, do you know what that video means if that came out our reputation would be blowed this is not a joke Karan Luthra, I am a girl can you imagine what people gossip about me Preeta vents her frustration

Karan : calm down, listen to me, nothing like that happened (holds her face)

Preeta : what if it happened?

Karan ; I know how you are feeling but trust me that video will never come out, god is with us he won’t let anything wrong happen

Preeta holds his hand tearfully

Karan : you only say we should always have faith in ourself and god, see our families have agreed for our marriage

Both goes inside

“Thats fine dear, I have no problem with your both relation but you are married in front of whole world Sarla ask about Piyali

Sameer : fake marriage aunty

Karan ; what?

Sameer : message you got in morning was not from Omisha but Piyali sent you

Karan : but where is she?

One of the servant gives him a CD which Piyali left before leaving

Rishab puts on TV

“Hey cricketer, I know you are so much angry on me but maybe seeing this video will make you feel better, you and me both know this marriage was fake, for Rishab’s happiness you accepted me but I want to thank you for first time I got love from family I craved whole life, the signature on certificate was fake and I let media also know you are free now, uncle aunty dadi whatever I did was only to save you all from that fraud please forgive me, I am not that bad to take away somebody’s happiness, and Rishab ji you are the only one who knew real Piyali, thanks for being such a great friend to me, I will miss you all bye Piyalis words hurt Rishab more than anybody

Prithvi fumes in anger seeing his plan failed miserably.

Omisha : bhai seeing you like I couldn’t help and revealed everything

Prithvi : don’t worry that slap was not on your face but my ego now I will give them such wound they won’t be able to show face anywhere, Karan Luthra storm is coming to you now

Luthra house

Preeta : but mom I won’t marry him

Shrishti : di how can you say that ? please tell me you are joking

Preeta : how can I easily say yes, he didn’t even propose me

Karan : excuse me kareli its opposite you didn’t confess your love

Preeta : but I am a girl you forgot

Karan : wow when did that happen? now I see god might have fall asleep while creating you and he sent you as a girl

Preeta : you cannot talk to me like that

Karan : of course I can, I am your would be husband okay

Preeta ; would be but you are not yet be careful with words Mr Luthra

Rishab : are you both done now

Sherlyn : now there is still some left, Karan don’t be lenient now Preeta have to confess

Karan : thanks you only understand me

Preeta : I am not doing anything like that, and Sherlyn at least you should understand me

“I am sorry but we both had a deal of being partners in crime Sherlyn sides him

Preeta : great nobody is on my side only one was there but she left

Rishab goes outside hearing about Piyali

Precap : Omisha traps Karan in molestation case. Palak Shekahwat is offered as investigating officer for case

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