Porus 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru And Bamni Lay Trap For Alexander

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Puru holding injured Hasti pleads to open his eyes. Hasti opens eyes, smiles and says he must be thinking his elder brother always needs his help and asks not to worry about him and go behind Alexander as Alexander has headed towards palace. He continues that he sent message to his dynasty soldiers and they will join Puru soon. Bhairav enters and informs Puru that Chanakya revived Olympia and soon Laachi with soldiers will Puru. Puru orders him to misguide Alexander in opposite direction and not towards palace and inform Bamni to reach there beforehand and prepare a trap for Alexander.

Bamni drops Barsine and her family till safest place and says she can travel to Faras from here without hurdles and his soldiers will accompany her till her journey completes. Barsine thanks Bamni. Messenger reaches Bamni and informs that Puru asked him to reach on the north side and lay a trap for Alexander. Bamni asks why he looks tensed, what next. Messenger informs that Alexander is not only enemy, Takshahila is attacking from backside, Laachi and Anusuya are alone. Bamni says they both are capable of handling whole army. Anusya happily tells Laachi that they will win for sure and Alexander will be kicked out. She then gets tensed seeing Takshahila flag and says Takshashila is also enemy now, they have to defeat any enemy that comes in their way.

Anusuya with Laachi wearing war shield addresses soldiers that they will not fight with enemies bravely and prove their capability, they will destroy who ever will eye their motherland. She continues her moral speech and gets sad that she has to face her brother now.

Dasyu raj informs Puru that Hind dynasty people have reached for their help. Puru hopes Messenger tells Bamni that both Puru and Lachi/Anusuya need him, he has to decide whom he wants to help. Bamni says he cannot leave a chance to defeat Alexander and will help Puru. He guides soldiers lay trap on a deep trench with leaves and thinks once Alexander will come here, he will fall down with his soldiers, last time he faked his death, this time he will die for sure. Alexander with his soldiers heads towards cliff. His horse stops. He reminisces Ambhi raj warning he will find a deep trench on that route which will not be seen even form near. Soldiers run towards trench and fall down.

Precap: Ambhi raj kills Anusuya. Puu returns and is shocked to see Anusuya’s dead body, he shouts Ambhi raj…

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  1. Hasti saved ..and liked Anasuya and laachi in warrior avatar …and their speech

  2. Wow great episode but sad anusuya died in precap please don’t kill her

  3. Episode was great… And Puru was looking too cute… But the precap is so heart wrenching… I believe Anusuya won’t die… Our will surely save her and punish that traitor Ambhiraj…

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