Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep is Malik

Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi wakes up in detention. Malik’s thugs come. She says let me go. I am Anjali Sharma I will ruin your life. He says we can’t trust this girl until Malik is back. Go and protect Malik in the party. Arohi wonders which party is he in. She says I can see his face in the party. Arohi runs. The thugs look for her but she hides in the dark. They shoot towards her but she runs outside. The thugs chase her.
Arohi recalls the place they said. She says I ahave to fund Malik and then my parents.

Tara calls Deep and says why is he not picking my call. I have to keep an eye on him. He thinks turning phone off wont tell me where he is? I know where is. What is he doing there?
Arohi comes to the party. She says I have to find Malik. He is responsible for my parent’s condition.

Tara sees comes to a cafe but Deep isn’t there.
Arohi says is he here or not? She hears a man saying Malik said that.. She asks that man where is Malik? He says Malik has gone. Arohi hears another man saying thank you Malik for coming here. Arohi is dazed to see that Mailk is deep. She says why he ruined my life.
Tara comes there too. She hears deep saying the work will start soon. Tara wondes what work is he talking about. Se says who are all these people? Deep gets a letter come on third floor. Time to execute the plan you have been waiting for. Deep goes upstairs. Tara follows him but loses him. Arohi is upstairs. She gives Deep injection. He faints.

Arohi takes him to a room. She says I can kill you right now DEep but I want you to feel the same pain I did. Deep is detained somewhere. Arohi sees it in the cctv.
Deep says who is it? Take me out. He is in a pool. The water keeps filling in. DEep says show me your face. Scared? I will kill you. Deep says come in front of me. Who are you? Arohi says you took everything from me. You don’t want anyone to know your secret so you wont know either who killed you.
Deep says don’t kill in darkness. Come and attack from front. Arohi recalls everything deep did.

Deep tries to break the ropes. The water level in above his shoulders. Deep says come in front of me. Arohi says you have given me so much pain time to return. Deep is drowned. Deep says come in front of me. Who are you.
Precap-Deep is drowning. Arohi says I have save my parents now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Sahina

    Is Mystery mein marjawaan??

  2. Hello friends.
    Today I feel this is not immj is a new show.and I feel that this not a arohi revenge. Someone take a revenge from deep.
    In London track I felt arohi and deep pain.but now am not feel anything.
    How nia decided deep is a Malik.someone call deep is a Malik.she immediately decide deep is a Malik.and she prepared everything (inj,camera,chain,etc…)in a few minutes.but how?
    Unknown person kidnapped nia thought as anjali not arohi.then how nia decided deep is a Malik?
    Why the writers make the story so stupid and illogical?
    Shimla track was awesome.
    after jail track was nice.
    After london track was super.
    But current track …………
    Totally ruined the arohi character.
    P.s. arjun=hard-working+dedication.
    Hats off to arjun.

    1. Hi rhivanya… Nia even forgot that the first time malik’s man kidnapped her from outside bank, it was deep’s men who rescued her and then took her to the locker room. Why wud deep send men to fight his own men? Malik’s men wanted her to first sign property pprs and now they want her to get some answers from arohi’s parents. Where as deep’s men just wanted to use her face for opening locker…. but i think the writers have completely forgotten that and are now fooling us with deep being mallik. Seriously, do they have any consistency in story?
      Coming to the second point about all those iron chains and what not, i decided not to think abt it all. Suddenly nia is a complete don with cctv camera’s footage on tv and remote controlled pipelines and syringes and. In two minutes she got wig and new dress… From where? Maybe she is using money that she got from deep’s account. Then from where is deep getting money to thrw parties? His bank balance was zero right? This serial is a total mess!
      P.s. i was really hoping for tara coming there in deep’s search and saving him. And i agree, nia torturing deep just doesnt have that emotion that arohi and deep had. Also pregnant nia single handedly dragged deep into that tank? The writers idea of pregnancy is nia holding her stomach once in a while. If i wasnt so attached to this serial, i could spend hours making fun of it

    2. Hi dhara.agree with you what are you said.Even I think Tara will save deep.

    3. it is immj . anything can happen here. dead person comes back. people have 10 faces.

    4. Dhara… even i was disgusted when they showed nia with camera… remote and all . I was like… what is this… and again no emotions looking at nia.. you know i used to like nia… but after watching her as arohi instead of alisha.. i started hating her . I genuinely liked her but not anymore. I love alisha more . And makers cant do this to alisha… she was the heartthrob of the show and they sidelined her only.. i am so upset and angry… i watch previos episodes on voot when i can’t handle this..

    5. Satya127

      Hi rhivanya
      Yes I watched the episode on voot…. Firstly I wanted to ask nia does she have any sense of dressing she is playing a pregnant woman at her 4-5th month and the way she is dressing is soo vulgar and indecent….. Alisha as arohi when acted as a pregnant used where very decent simple and yet beautiful clothes….
      Today I really felt the same that this is not our immj…. I also could not feel any emotion for nia revenge…. But I felt if nia is tara or anjali the show could have been really different and would have been interesting….. Today I think seeing deep like that I felt little sad as we all know he cam never be malik but he is facing all those… Yaar if nia is arohi then arohi knows how deep used to protect her at all the time he used to be her wall of protection, he only saved nikku, bhabhi and chawani so many times…. But here nia just by listening someone calling deep malik she assumed him to be malik and brought all the hydraulic stuff with her magic wand as we all know nia gets all the required things from air just like that.. Guys that seen is also not clear that deep is malik…
      But in this episode the respect for arjun and the love towards him, his dedication, his hardwork increased to a new height….. Everything in the show can be tolerated but nia granny beside our sharukhan (arjun) is just irritating…. My all anger frustration just bursts out like anything they look like brother and sister to each other where nia is the older one…. But alisha and arjun look perfect with each other…. These two r enough on screen is the pleasant atmosphere as ardeep they look the most cutest, perfect romantic couple just like made for each other….
      Guys before we used enjoy deep’s defeat, his punishment and all when arohi(alisha) used take revenge but this time I did not feel anything….

    6. You are soooo right. Even i was thinking the same . I cant feel anything about the acting of nia . No emotion. You know some actors are just made for a role or for a show. Alisha is one of them . Nia may be hot and famous but alisha as arohi is class. Noone can match her . The way she carried everything from the start of the show was epic. She is the star of the show. This nia doesn’t have that vibe . And this comes from the person who is not a nia hater. I like her but she cant match alisha with acting in this show . Her dressing sense is totally different from arohi. And does it even look that she is pregnant. Alisha is so graceful yarr. She is the best. Whenever that tune plays nowadays of immj i miss arsha pair so much . This doesn’t belong to nia. Arjun and alisha in romantic scenes where to die for. So lovely. Now i dont feel like watching this. I know they want to take the story forward but no point if you make it a rubbish. Could have started another season with same leads or something without changing alisha as aarohi. I hate the current track.

  3. hi rhivanya i just saw today this show bcz i thought ,ight be revealed that y deep did all this to arohi but again new story …new character introduced please they should reveal one story first then start another one suspense after suspense they are showing…and now u know who is this malik…??
    thats y i dont like this show now….
    sahina u said correct lines…..

    1. Hi r correct. First revealed one story.then start another one.still we dont know wt happened in deep past.

  4. I think malik is different n deep is different.. double role.. real deep must be in captive of malik who really loves arohi n unaware of all these things..

    1. think the same

  5. I think Deep is not Malik. As in he might not be the person who asked Aarohi I to kill her parents. I feel there is some connection between Mausi and Virat. There is something missing. Deep knows that the woman with him is Aarohi so why will he call her Anjali in the moment to kill Aarohi’s parents.

  6. Hi. Guys
    Vote for Arjun and aalisha.

    1. Already done.

  7. Riya chauhan

    There was a time when i luved watching the show bt now i think that writers hve lost their mind .one mistry has nt solved yet but they started a another one.nia does nt gives the feeling of arohi.all she does is overacting.i think this show is becoming boring day by day. I just watch the show bcoz of deep acting i.e.arjun bijlani

  8. Hi everyone..
    How are you all ?
    how can Nia confirm that deep is Malik? totally nonsense.. I think Tara will save deep.

    1. Hi sravanthi. r u?

    2. Fine dear..

    3. Satya127

      Hi sravanthi
      How r u

  9. Hi friends.. i totaly agree with Riya chauhan Nia does not have the feelings like Aarohi and the story became so boring after changing Arohi… atleast they could find some one like her but Nia is totaly different from Arohi… and what is the reason of deep to burn Aarohi alive??

  10. Alisha only play a Tara role.
    Nia only continue the arohi role.
    Arjun play a double role.(deep& Malik)
    (My guess)

  11. I am first time commenting because I feel that something must be done to the show , they are dragging so much . I am an ardent fan of this show and dont want that it lost its viewers . The story is not touching the feelings but irritating day by day . I have followed only 3 shows so madly till now naamkaran , kasam and ishq mein marjawan and both the earlier shows went abruptly off air . I really found the show concept unique and interesting but today it hurts because I dont want this show to lose its charm due to dragging and confusing of tracks and unending mysteries

  12. Satya127

    All the fans want only #arsha as their #ARDEEP….
    Immj was the best show only because of the hardwork of alisha and arjun and all fans love their chemistry as ardeep….
    Please end this nonsense track and bring back alisha as AROHI…. Without alisha as arohi the show as lost its charm and became lifeless and a trash….

    1. Hi satya..
      Fine dear.. How are you?

    2. Satya127

      I am fine

  13. Hi frnds..
    Happy Krishna ashtami to all..

  14. Satya127

    Hi friends
    Happy Krishnaastami to all

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