Preeran FF ; Realization Part 67

Karan does his exercise before starting the practice
Rohan ; hey captain whats up? after long time I got see your face
Karan : why am I so charming? I know thats why girls love me
Rohan : why not you are our Krishna Kaniyaa
Karan : the one who have so many gopiyaa around him, I just love this name, hello bhabhiji you here
Piyali : hi I was just passing by so
Karan : no problem, you can come anytime
Piyali sees Preeta standing behind him
Rohan : really? and you also loves girls
Karan : of course and my Preeta is very naive and sweet (says funnily)
“Oh god this guy don’t know today he will see whole universe in day Piyali signals Rohan to be quiet
Karan : bhabhiji why did you became quiet, are you thinking about bhai
Piyali : not me but don’t you remember Preeta anytime
Karan : she is always in front of me I never get chance
“Really? she asks
Karan (turns around) : yea
Preeta smiled sarcastically and shows her anger with red eyes
“Babydoll.. no sorry Preeta he stammers
“Preeta Karan Luthra say clearly she shouts loudly
Rohan ; bhabhi when did that miracle happen, I mean Karan was talking about his gopis but didn’t say anything for radha
Karan is giving him revengeful look and kills with eyes
Preeta : look here, don’t stare at him he is absolutely right, he is innocent not demon like you okay
Karan : baydoll he is no innocent, he is demon in front of human
Rohan : did you see bhabhi how he is behaving with me I was trying to help him
“Help? you are adding fuel just go from here or I will kick you from here Karan tells him funnily
Preeta ; why should he go? he is very decent not flirt
Karan : bhabhiji what are you staring? tell her na I was just kidding
Piyali : sorry, Preeta he was praising you, don’t mind you know his habit na
Preeta ; habit? really you also joined that league poor Rishabji now I see why Anu is like this you might be same
Piyali (widens) : please at least don’t compare me with that oversmart kid, I could never think of flirting, I left that business long time ago
Everybody makes O shaped
Preeta : what?
Rishab stands behind Piyali hearing her
Piyali : I mean when I was in college and mom was alive but I never looked at any boy after that trust me
Preeta : and Rishabji? I never seen you flirt with him
Piyali : how can I when he is my husband and he is not that type
“Really? ” he asks
Piyali gets nervous hearing his voice
“Hello she says
Preeta : you were saying something bhabhi ji about flirting
Piyali begs her with eyes
Karan : baby doll thats not fair you are dominating her very bad
Preeta stamps on his feet
Piyali :  Rishab I was saying I left that nature long time ago
“Are you happy or regretting for that he asks
Piyali : of course i am happy
Rishab : Preetaji lets leave this two flirt here and go
Rishab and Preeta laves with huff seeing their partner’s flirty nature.
“Baby doll wait your bajarbattu is also coming with you Karan runs behind her
Preeta ; shut up and i am going to hell will you come with me
Karan (smiles) : i would love to
Preeta ; urghhh you are disgusting me just get out of my sight
He buys blowers and balloons for her but she remains angry with her 
O Meree Jan Naa Lele Ke Meree Jan – (2)
Tere Ada – (2)
Jan Jala Na Tujhe Pe Dewaana – (2)
Me Hu Fida – (2)
Gustakhi Maf Karde, Abb Toh Insaf Karde
Apna Dil Saf Karde, Kehna Toh Man Le
O (Jane Bhee De Jo Bhee Huwa, Jane Bhee De -4)
(Gussa Teraa Jhutha, Jhuthee Muthee Berukhee Hai
Janu Mai Toh Janu, Teree Naa Me Ashikee Hai) – (2)
Ai Sanam Naa Kar Sitam, Tujhko Khuda Kaa Vasta
Hey.. Gustakhi Maf Karde, Abb Toh Insaf Karde
Apna Dil Saf Karde, Kehna Toh Man Le
O (Jane Bhee De Jo Bhee Huwa, Jane Bhee De -4)
Karan twirls her around happily forgetting their problems. 
Piyali : Rishab at least listen to me I am not like that i just said to help Karan
Rishab : why should I believe you on that? when your sister is like this I can’t believe you could be so decent in your days
Piyali : that Anu today I won’t spare her because of her I have to hear all this only due to her nonsense ideas
Rishab : don’t say anything to her, she is much decent than you
“Decent? please don’t use that word, you cannot compare Lord Ram and Raavan’ mind she says
Rishab ; oh hello you better not teach me Ramayan I know the difference between both
Piyali : you ask anybody I am very decent from always, ask Nicky but don’t ask that storm express
Rishab : why?
Piyali : more than you I know her devil mind she will twist everything and go in rounds
Rishab : now I will ask her only, flirt not 1 (leaves)
Is Deewane Ladke Ko, Koi Samjhaye

Pyar Mohabbat Se Na Jaane, Kyun Yeh Ghabraye
Is Deewane Ladke Ko, Koi Samjhaye
Pyar Mohabbat Se Na Jaane, Kyun Yeh Ghabraye
Dard-E-Dil, Jaane Na, Paas Maein Jitna Aaun
Utni Door Yeh Jaaye, Jaaye, Haan Jaaye
Is Deewane Ladke Ko, Koi Samjhaye
Pyar Mohabbat Se Na Jaane, Kyun Yeh Ghabraye
Dard-E-Dil, Jaane Na, Paas Maein Jitna Aaun
Utni Door Yeh Jaaye, Jaaye, Haan Jaaye
Is Deewane Ladke Ko, Koi Samjhaye
Pyar Mohabbat Se Na Jaane, Kyun Yeh Ghabraye
Rishab makes fun of her reaction and tells her he was joking to tease her. Both share very light moment

On hill

Arjun takes Roo alone to talk with her regarding their family opinion.
Roo : I don’t know what to say, what do you think
Arjun : before that I want to talk something important after whatever your decision I will accept
Roo : yes go ahead
“You know till today I used to run away from love with a fear that I might end up hurting the girl I love most ” Arjun shares his feelings
Roo hears him carefully realizing amount of insecurity and fear inside his heart.
Arjun : whole life one fear was killing me if I  end up doing same mistake as my dad did with mom, he didn’t love anybody but for me If I hurt the girl I am in love I would never forgive myself
“But I trust your faith and loyally, you can never hurt anybody, I know you that much Roo puts her hand on his
Arjun : when I was dealing with this a girl came in my life she made me realize that I also deserve to love somebody
Roo : who is it?
“The one standing in front of me, she broke the wall of my fear to not love anybody Arjun shocks her
Roo ; what? me but from when
Arjun : very first day, it took me long time to understand to realize this feelings
Roo : and you were still supporting me to be with Kabir that day
Arjun : because I wanted to see you happy, love does not mean you stay with that person but the on you cannot live without
Roo keeps walking back hearing his words and is about to fall down.
“And the one you protect from every danger pulls her towards him
Roo : thanks, Arjun I never really thought about this, you know why
Arjun : of course I know and I won’t force you today either, whatever you decide I will have same respect for you that i have right now (holds her shoulder gently)
Ruchika again gets in big dilemma fighting with her heart and mind. Her heart wants to give him a chance but mind is with conflict to whether get into committed relation again.
Arjun : what are you thinking?
Roo ; that how can somebody be so big hearted
Arjun : just like you had when breaking your dream for your loving
Ruchika : I want to go home, bye
“Wait I have got something for you he holds her hand
Roo : what
Arjun gifts her small bracelet with star shaped. She is teary eyes seeing small piece but it meant so much for him.
“You brought that light in my life at least you deserve this he ties on her hand
Roo’s eyes are stuck on him 
Arjun : now you can go (waves her hand)
Roo : bye

Tu meri neendo me sota hai
Tu mere ashqo mein rota hai
Sargoshi si hai khayalon mein
Tu na ho, phir bhi tu hota hai
Hai sila.. tu mere dard ka

Mere dil ki duaayein hain..
Teri galiyan… galliyan teri, galliyan..
Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galiyan
Teri galiyan…galiyaan teri, galliyan..

Yuhin tadpaavein, galliyan teri, galliya
She turns around to see him smiling at her and leaves with smile. Arjun sees her leaving sadly
Luthra house
Kritika : aren’t we rushing for Roo’s marriage? I mean she is kid
Kareena : we are not marrying her off right now, just asked why are you worrying so much
Kritika sees Roo coming back and takes her to room
Roo ; di what happened
Kritika : nothing just want to talk with you, sit here
Roo : what is it?
Kritika : you say whats going on? you can share with me are you really ready for marriage
Roo : I don’t know, Arjun is very nice but I have never felt same way for him
Kritika ; see I will only say one thing whatever you just make sure your heart agrees to it and this time please don’t think about anybody else just for yourself promise
Roo nods embracing her sister
Kritika :my baccha (kisses her forehead) take care I will leave now
Roo : di yaar why did you marry so early? I am so alone here, who should I bother
Kritika : stupid there are so many people now you got three bhabhi’s and Arjun too wait spare that poor guy
Roo : he is no poor di don’t praise him so much
Kritika ; aha? okay then I will go tell Arjun that Roo is not interested in you, don’t wait for her and find suitable girl for himself
“Di she gets up
Kritika : where is my phone?
Roo : you cannot do that to your little sister (pouts)
Kritika : of course I can thats my right and nobody can take that from me (says with attitude)
Roo : I have one suggestion please don’t teach that to Elina id’s child, you know she will in front of you whole time her child might take qualities from you
Kritika : which bad quality I have? explain
Roo : now see na you are  grumpy, you have never ending lectures
“I will not spare you Kritika throws pillow at her
Bharadwaj house 
Kritika climbs on ladder to get something from top cabinet in kitchen. She have hard time reaching the box with short hands.
Kabir : what are you doing? come down you will get sprain
Kritika : wait a second today I will get this box and then get down
Kabir : this is not WWF boxing you will defeat, I will get it
Kritika : I will also see how it does not come in my hands, stay quiet for few minutes and I won’t fall I have been doing this from long time (her leg slips)
She falls on top of Kabir with all her hair coming on his face. Both shares romantic eye lock. Kabir  touches her hands on his chest smiling at her. Kritika’s chain get stuck on his button. Both tries hard to remove her hair. Kritika gets up
Kabir : oouch (pretends to be in pain)
Kritika : what happened?
Kabir ; my back how much is your weight? I heard usually girls put on weight after marriage
Kritika : which famous saint told you such sensible thing
“I heart your sister talking with Preeta other day, she said girls get crazy with weight during and after marriage, I thought you are not one of them but I guess I was wrong Kabir teases her
Kritika : I don’t believe this, you think I am fat? how mean
Kabir ; not me your sister said that
“Roo you are gone Kritika talks in mind
Precap : Arjun’s father makes entry to Luthra house (remember nobody have seen him before except Kareena but she only met him once long time ago)
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