Preetan FF : Truth Of Life (Sequel) Part 11


Luthra house

Karan and Preeta challenge each other for basketball. Sameer , Dev and Rajiv goes to Preeta’s team while rest of them Shrishti, khushi stays in Karan’s team.

Dev : come on mom you can do it

Preeta : you will lose this time also Mr luthra because this time you cannot do cheating

Karan ; lets see, umpire ready

Pari gives him thumbs up. Karan wins initially with many goals but towards the last ball Preeta ends up making goal and defeats Karan

“Yayy , whoo Dev and Rajiv teases Khushi

Khushi : what chachu you are disgrace? defeated by your wife

Karan : oye kareli don’t be so happy in this house I am sports person not you

Preeta : whatever but you should know that I am ring master of this house

Dev : love you mom now see how I win the next football

Karan : mom’s sychopant don’t forget you have fitness test tomorrow

Khushi : that reminds me Rajiv we also have music class rehearsal okay

Rajiv ; you just wait and watch how I learn in jiffy that music

Shrishti : if people learned by snapping fingers I guess nobody would attend classes

Preeta : this is not you but your frustration is speaking madam

Rajiv : exactly masi see how they all lost and now making faces

Rishab ; whats going on here?

Pari : nothing dad they are living their young age right chachu

Karan ; bhai you came early

Rishab : my work finished so I thought to come back

Khushi ; great you came early now we can start our fun

Karan ; what was happening while ago

Khushi : chachu it was kids play not we will have real entertainment dad is here

Preeta : but your mother india is not

Rishab ; Tanya didn’t came back yet? is she still in office

Preeta : I called her but she didn’t pick up my phone don’t know

Khushi ; masi she might be busy as usual in her meetings

Preeta and Rishab get upset with Tanya fading away from them each day.

Karan ; kids you all come with me, we will have blast

The kids go with Karan and Shrishti inside the house

Preeta : Rishabji this is not happening right you have to talk with Tanya

Rishab : she left nothing to talk, you are seeing how much she has distanced from us let alone others but her own daughters

Preeta ; we also have to see from her point of view she was not fully wrong

Rishab : so strange the past we wanted to leave behind is haunting us here as well

Preeta ; past cannot be killed or buried we just have to face it and move on

Rishab ; I wish Tanya had understood this, then we might not had to see this day

Sameer : bhai you all don’t worry I will talk to her today

Rishab ; there is no use of talking to her

Tanya overhears their conversation feeling another pierce in her heart.

Preeta (smiles) : you are back? you missed the fun never mind come

Tanya goes back to her room silently. Sameer follows her behind

Preeta : I will check on kids

Sameer : pinky its been long time we both have not talked with each other lets go out

Tanya : I am not in mood there are other people in house you can go

“But I want to go with my sister today please come with me Sameer pleads to her

Tanya agrees

The duo goes out to big ben spending some moments after long time

Sameer : pinky I could not talk in front of kids at home but at least you can share with me what is bothering you

Tanya remains silent

Sameer : I sometime feel you are not my same sister who knew how to live life, the one who was soul of our family the one in front of me is like a corpse a stone hearted

“I am just tired with everything, bhai nobody is ready to understand me, who should I smile for, that Tanya was somebody else who loved her life more than anything Tanya says without emoting any emotions

Sameer ; listen to me, I know you have been through the worst phase and any girl would do what you have done but please for god sake don’t punish those two innocent girls and yourself for somebody else’ mistake

Tanya : Sameer leave me alone for a while please and thanks for outing

Sameer leaves without arguing while she keeps on thinking


Maya is playing guitar in her room when Sahil comes to her

Sahil : what is my princess doing

Maya : nothing dad I am participating in classical music event, I heard its nation wide people from all countries are taking part

Sahil : wow thats really exciting, where is it held by the way

Maya : auditions are held in every country but they have not decided place for final, I heard them talking about india

Sahil : do you need any help? you remember I can help with this guitar

Maya : dad I am fine, I am daughter of singer if I don’t know how to play guitar what will people say

Sahil : like mom like daughter

Maya : what? (Sees Roo standing behind him crossing arms)

Sahil : I mean your mom was also obsessed with her queen bee image

Maya ; what else good quality my mom had

Sahil (giggles) ; good? she was crazy once a girl asked me for date and your mom taught her such a lesson poor girl

Roo : poor? (Asks)

Sahil : of course (realizes her presence )hello

Roo : why did you stop? while ago your mouth was showering praises for wife

Sahil : I was telling her how her mom was so beautiful right princess

Maya nods

“Instead of telling her good things you are spoiling her with wrong things, what kind of father are you Roo runs after him

Maya laughs seeing them fighting like young couple.

Roo : she is already spoiled with tantrums and you are instigating her more

Sahil : whats my fault if she is like that, she is your daughter na who is self obsessed

Roo : so what?

Maya : okay stop if you both want to fight  your room might be missing you, I need to focus on my music

Roo : see her tongue

Sahil : sorry my princess, you continue I will handle her tantrum come let her focus

Roo : be respectful to me both you daughter father duo or I will kick you out from house

Maya ; dad

Sahil drags Roo out of room putting hand on her mouth funnily.

Maya : so cute (gets back on her practice)

Kritika’s house

Sona is busy in her phone which makes Kritika little furious

Sona ; mom my phone

Kritika : whats going on? whole day you are in your phone don’t you have any other work

Krissh ; why would she have mom, she is our school queen bee right

Kritika : hello Ms queen bee, this title suits for people who have brains not just dressing up okay

Sona : you are insulting me mom? (Starts her drama)

Kritika : god you are truly your dad’s daughter, I can’t handle this

Sona : ah that reminds me dad said he will be late today due to late night shift

Kritika : and who gave you this headlines

Sona : he called me, I am his daughter and told to inform you

Kritika gets upset seeing his ignorance towards her.

Xaviers school London

The students celebrate friendship day in school. Khushi waits for Yash who is late

“This guy let him I won’t talk with him Khushi gets angry and goes to auditorium. Light spots on her face

“Hey creature from another planet, today is friendship day I want to ask something from you Yash bends on his knees

Khushi puts hand on his smilingly and lets him tie friendship band on her wrist.

Yash gits her cards, chocolate  and teddy

Khushu : wow this is so cuter thank you (hugs him)

Yash’s importance in my life was no less than my own family. We became gossip in school but dare we both payed attention to anybody. But the walls of our college was witness of our every moment of happiness, pain and love Khushi laughs 

Dev meets Zara in garden who is doing her homework for school.

Zara : hey whats up

Dev : I feel you are more studios than me, today is friendship day

Zara : okay so then you have to give me treat being friend

Dev : sure what do you want?

Zara : ice cream for our new friendship, lets go

The duo goes to ice cream corner

Dev : what will you have?

Zara : chocolate vanilla in cone

Dev orders for them. Both enjoys time together

Zara : wait I got something for you (takes out gift from her bag)

Dev : what was the need of this?

Zara ; now you are my friend I want to tell you that in my life friendship matters a lot and one more thing i hate cheating I know you won’t ever break my trust

Dev : promise (shakes hand with her)

Zara : I have to go, its time for my namaz see you later bye

Dev : bye

Subhan allah bg 

“For first time bhai saw a different Zaara who was serious about commitment about relations in her life. But time was witness about the battle of principle and love in her and Dev bhai’s life Khushi mentions about the conflict in their story 


Rehaan leaves for his duty to Dehradun

Sherlyn : you come for only 5 days and then leave like bird

Rehaan : my love you are in my heart wherever I go you are always with me

Vicky ; what a dialogue dad, were you director of a movie

Sherlyn : can you do me a favor before leaving   tell your son to behave properly in school

Rehaan ; baby I can only tell what he can do whats my fault

Vicky : mom what have I done

Sherlyn : I will add almonds in your milk from tomorrow, already there has been 4 complain from school about your mischief

Rehaan ; Vicky make sure you don’t break the record please

Sherlyn stares at him with anger

Rehaan ; Vicky my prince charles promise me you won’t trouble mom

Sherlyn : Rehaan please at least behave like a father sometime

Rehaan : honey speak slowly he understand english don’t insult me in front of him, he won’t respect me in future, Vicky close your eyes and ears for few minutes

Vicky turns around

Rehaan puts small peck on her cheeks and share family hug with both of them. He leaves

Precap : Tanya gets into accident post heated confrontation with Preeta


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