Preeran FF ; Realization Part 66

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Luthra house

Preeta comes back to her room at night only to find it decorated and rose petals on floor.

“Walk on this petals to start our new life baby doll his voice echoes in room

Preeta smiles and walk on roses petal slowly.

“Karan where are you she looks for him

“Your Karan is always with youhe holds her from back

Preeta blushes like red tomato closing her eyes. Karan kisses her eyes turning her towards him slowly

Karan : I am fulfilling my promise

“I am all yours Karan Luthra she says

Both share very passionate kiss filling the void between them.

Tujhko jee bhar ke main dekhun
Mujhe haq hai
Bas yooh hi dekhta jaaun
Mujhe haq hai

Piya.. piya…
Piya piya bole mere jiya
Tumhein haq hai
Tumhein haq hai
Tumhein haq hai

Both holds each other’s hand in front of moon looking at each other.

Dhal rahi, pighal rahi
Yeh raat dheere dheere
Badh rahi hai pyaar ki
Baat dheere dheere
Choodiyan gunguna ke kya kahein sanjna
Yeh choodiyan gunguna ke kya kahein sanjna
Raat ki raat jagaaun
Mujhe haq hai
Chand poonan ka churaun
Mujhe haq hai

Piya.. piya…
Piya piya bole mere jiya
Tumhein haq hai
Tumhein haq hai
Tumhein haq hai

Their night turns blissful in each other’s arms and becoming one soul finally.

Piyali gets sleepless and goes out of room without disturbing Rishab. She goes to Anu who is busy with her studies.

Piyali : hey my little champ you are still studying look at time

Anu : di you are also awake

Piyali : please don’t use my logic tell me do you like here

Anu ; when my sister is happy why should I care for other things of course I am very happy you know now I feel our family is complete they all are so nice

Piyali : did you enjoy at Elina’s house

Anu : yea, its such a happy occasion for her, di when you will get pregnant I am telling right now listen very carefully

Piyali (rolls her eyes) ; yes I am madam

“Your diet exercise everything will be under my control and i will be your bodyguard Anu tells her funnily

Piyali : first learn to handle yourself then take care of me

“What about me, my duty Rishab joins them

Anu : ah so husband has to take all the tantrums of his wife tamarind (imli) i heard pregnant ladies get attracted to that

Piyali : okay enough of your over age talk get back to work

Anu : wait my conversation is not over actually you can go me an jiju will talk bye

“Good night stupid Piyali leaves with huff

Rishab : I think tonight volcano will erupt what do you say, she won’t let me come in room

Anu : don’t worry you have such big house and If she locks inside use her trick

Rishab : what? (confused)

Anu : hair pin remember Preeta id’s handcuff or another easy way from balcony

“Shut up demon because of you I will have to hear from her go to sleep now good night Rishab leaves giving her hug

Anu : good night bhai

Rishab comes back to his room seeing his wife standing like sword.

Rishab : why are you looking at me like this?

“Because today I think I need to make one thing clear she holds stick in hands

Rishab : I am your husband you cannot hit me with that

“Mr husband listen to me, don’t give lenient to that over smart kid, she is already spoiled so no more pampering Piyali pounce on him

Rishab ; okay fine but please put that down (breathes heavily)

She starts laughing seeing his nervous face

Rishab : you were joking?

“Look at this face you thought I would become that typical wife who beats her husband with stick if he comes late at house oh my god Piyali could not control her laughing

Rishab : I won’t spare you today (runs after her in whole room) I didn’t think you would get influence by other kids in this house at least I thought you are like me

Piyali : okay i am sorry na but sometimes its good to laugh you know

Both falls on bed sharing good laugh after long time.

Rishab : you scared me for a minute, now what happened to your laugh

“I don’t remember when I was so happy last time laughing like this, only with Anu i could share sometimes she gets emotional

Rishab : even I never got so happy, you know after dad’s stroke I became busy in responsibility never got chance

Piyali :  my Anu never got any family’s love you all are pampering her so much, her smile matters me the most

“And for me precious gift is this happy face Rishab holds her face

Piyali ; thank you for everything (gets little teary eyes touching his hands)

Shrishti gets nightmares about ghost and wakes up from sleep

Sameer : Shrishti what happened are you okay? (turns on light) have some water

Shrishti : I am fine thanks its just that I could not forget that horrible night, Sammy tell me truth I did something wrong na

“Listen to me you did nothing, that was a bad dream its all over she got salvation and now she won’t come back Sameer consoles her

Shrishti : I am sorry don’t know how (starts panicking) she made me do those things

Sameer ; nothing have happened, calm down

“I can’t sleep she says and ask him to sleep

Sameer : you think I would sleep seeing you like this come (tells her to rest on his lap) close your eyes and don’t open

Shrishti lays hesitantly closing her eyes

“Now think about the place you want to go, your dream place, what did you see he asks her caressing her hair

“Snow, Kashmir, so beautiful but I won’t go alone you will come with me she says

Sameer : of course we will travel holding our hands everywhere

Shrishti dozes off while dreaming on his lap. Sameer rests his head on bed not wanting to disturb her sleep.

Bharadwaj house 

Kritika goes to the terrace feeling fresh air.

“You didn’t sleep yet Suraj asks her

Kritika : no actually I could not sleep so I thought I should come here

Suraj : wake your lazy husband for company

Kritika : let him sleep or again whole house will turn into chaos (laughs)

Suraj : thats right, I want so say sorry to you

Kritika ; for what

Suraj : I know you did not forget what Kabir did even I scolded him a lot but he is not bad at heart for sure, he took big step for the girl he loved and to save his best friend from a heartbreak

Kritika : you don’t have to be sorry bhaiyaa, I know whatever happened was not in our hands but only sad this is none of them bothered to tell me

Suraj : for the first time I saw my brother doing something like this for a girl, he might not love you but will stand with you always

Kritika : I forgave him long time ago I just needed time to forget everything and  move on in life other than that I have no complain against him

Suraj : thanks for understanding you are very sensible enough

Kritika : don’t worry I know right now you don’t want any stress environment in this house to affect bhabhi’s health

Suraj : I really hope you both take right decision for your marriage, its up to you to decide what is good for this relationship good night (leaves)

Kritika ; good night

Next day

Mahesh calls Arjun and his mom to talk about marriage and ask Roo also. Preeta comes down with different glow on her face

Anu : wait wait, let me see why is this face glowing in early morning

Piyali hits her head and sends to room

Anu : di I am going na

Piyali  : I wonder which guy would marry her, I hope he does not run away seeing her antics

Preeta : there will long line for her you see she will herself make boys run after her

Arjun and Nandini comes there

Mahesh ; come have a seat

Nandini ; Arjun said you wanted to meet me is there anything important

Rakhi : but first we want to ask both our children Ruchika Arjun dear we don’t know what you both think each other but we wanted to fix married of you both

Both are taken aback with sudden decision of their families.

Nandini : you took my words Rakhiji, I liked Ruchika from first day itself for my Arjun

Mahesh : no pressure anything, if you both need time take it or if you have somebody else feel free this is just our thinking final decision will be yours

Ruchika and Arjun gets into thinking

“Mom I need some time to think about this Roo says

Nandini : dear we won’t force you both, take your own time to think and then decide

Precap ; Arjun confesses his feelings to Roo alone. Moments between Karan Preeta

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