Preeran FF ; Realization Part 65

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Luthra house 

Anu wakes up early than everybody els and goes to kitchen

Anu : good morning aunty

Rakhi : hello ji good morning you woke up so early today

Anu : yea you know my hitler sister she never let me sleep past 7 and today she herself is snoring till 9 but I am happy after long time she got so much peace

Rakhi ; Rishab also does not sleep for long but today nobody came down see

Anu : should I go wake them up?

Rakhi : no let them sleep they all must be tired

Anu : okay I have holiday I will help you here

Rakhi ; you know how to cook? already?

Anu : not much but at least cutting vegetables, sandwiches, what does all like

Rakhi ; don’t ask me they have different desires everyday

Anu : aunty I was thinking Elina didi is pregnant and we didn’t get chance to celebrate lets surprise her

Mahesh : you took my words dear, today we will go at her house

Rakhi : like this without getting ready?

“My dear wife if you say we will go to long drive like this what say at least I will be free from your spoiled sons Mahesh romances with her in front of Anu

Rakhi : what are you doing? have some shame that kid is standing here

Anu : aunty I have my ears and eyes closed (turns to other side) and there is no age for romance right uncle

Mahesh : see that kid also understands

Anu : I wish my sister would also get some wisdom for that

Mahesh : include this mother’s son too one is shameless other is way too decent

Anu : I wonder influence didn’t work in his house, two not three brother from different poles great, anyway you both continue I will set the table outside

Mahesh : wait and

Anu : and I won’t let her spoiled sons come inside promise

Rakhi ; Maheshji you are no less than kid and this girl she is big than her age, her presence create different environment in this house

Somebody twists Anu ears

“Di leave my ears she shouts

Piyali : does your mouth never get tired blabbering all nonsense

Karan : hey leave my fan right now

Rakhi : you all woke up good, today we have lot of work

Karan : why mom are you planning for second marriage (says casually)

Mahesh : see see, his tongue

Rishab hits head funnily

Karan : mom said we have lot of work thats why I asked

Anu ; Karan sir romance weather is on why should she change the place

Preeta : yaar Piyali why is her tongue like this? is she like this from before or result of influence (sees Karan angrily)

Karan : why do you always kill me with this small dangerous eyes

Preeta : stop it, whats the plan

Anu : celebrating Elina didi’s pregnancy news what say

Preeta thinks about Elina and Suraj’s disturbance from few days

Karan : hello where are you lost?

Preeta : you know Karan I feel there is some tension going on between Suraj and Elina

Karan : baby doll you said the most impossible thing ever, fight and between them

Preeta : I am very serious about this, we should do something to bring them close

Karan : close? how much close we have to bring them, Elina is pregnant

Preeta : oh god will you ever stop joking, I mean we should help them sort out problem

Karan : okay fine, we will do that okay now lets get ready for our small party

Anu : Rakhi aunty I want to bake cake for didi can I use the kitchen I promise I won’t make it dirty (says innocently )

Rakhi smiles at her innocence and agrees

“Just hurry up we have to leave soon she says from outside

Anu looks at the recipe online and starts making. Preeta comes to help her and bakes the cake of Elina’s favorite flavor.

Anu : didi I think its done should I take out

“Wait dont’ touch it will be hot Preeta takes out pan from oven

Anu : wow smells so delicious

Karan : can I taste it?

“Shameless, this is for Elina we will cut there Anu hide this cake, some mice are running in house Preeta looks at him

Bharadwaj house

Kritika too makes preparation in kitchen. She have hard time cooking first time.

Kabir ; hello can I help

“No thanks I will manage she ignores him

Kabir ; the way you are cooking I think bhabhi’s baby will come by that time

Kritika : I am not in mood to joke, I have lot of work to do

Kabir : thats why I am telling you let me help or you will get tired

Kritika : you know how to knead dough?

“Of course he says nervously

Kritika ; there you go (gives him dough) have fun I will cut vegetables

Kabir pours more water in dough making it like water pool

Kritika : oh my god I told you to knead dough not make swimming pool, see you increased my work

Her hair blows on his face

Kabir ; wait let me do it

“No you will mess whole kitchen both fights with dough when they slips on floor

The duo share eye lock differently this time

Kritika :move you are wasting my time

Kabir ; I said sorry na (holds his ears)

“Fine go and cut those vegetables and hurry up everybody will be on their way she says

The families cook something special for Elina. She comes from work but does not find anybody at home

Elina : where is everybody, Suraj, Kritika

“Surprise all shocks her coming from room

Elina : you all here? nobody told me

Preeta : because we wanted to surprise our newly would be mother

Anu : di look what I made for you, your favorite strawberry vanilla cake

Karan ; now please cut that cake I am starving they didn’t let me see it

Piyali : big glutton you are and my crazy sister

Rakhi : dear you are going through very beautiful phase of life and we want to make sure you never feel alone

Elina hugs her emotionally

The family shares happy moments after dark storm passed from their life

Aye dil laaya hai bahaar
Apnon ka pyar kya kehna
Milein hum chhalak utha
Khushi ka khumaar kya kehna

Elina feeds the cake to Anu first and Suraj who is little detached from her.

Khile khile chehron se aaj
Ghar hai mera
Gule gulzaar kya kehna
Khile khile chehron se aaj
Ghar hai mera
Gule gulzaar kya kehna

Karan Rishab Roo hugs their parents as well as Kritika hugs Kareena

Aye dil laaya hai bahaar
Apnon ka pyar kya kehna
Milein hum chhalak utha
Khushi ka khumaar kya kehna
Hum tum yun hi milte rahein
Mehfil yun hi sajti rahe

Elina apologizes to Suraj bending on knees pouring her emotions. He kisses her forehead

Bas pyaar ki yehi ek dhun
Har subah shaam bajti rahe
Gale mein mehekte rahein
Pyaar bhari
Baahon ke haar kya kehna
Khile khile chehron se aaj
Ghar hai mera
Gule gulzaar kya kehna

Anu gets emotional recalling her mother too. Piyali wipes her tears

Aye dil laaya hai bahaar
Apnon ka pyar kya kehna
Milein hum chhalak utha
Khushi ka khumaar kya kehna
Khile khile chehron se aaj
Ghar hai mera
Gule gulzaar kya kehna

Khile khile chehron se aaj
Ghar hai mera
Gule gulzaar kya kehna.

Anu ; okay everybody one picture together

Photo click

Suraj : thank you aunty uncle, for making this very special day

Mahesh : We should be thankful to you dear, you three stood with our children in such bad phase of life

Arjun : uncle me too, you forgot me

Roo : who can see invisible you are our Mr India so people forget you

Arjun : who do you think you are? Ms India please you under qualified for that

“You called me ugly? I will show you she runs after him

Rakhi : Maheshji I really like this guy for Roo

Rishab : but mom we don’t know what they think about each other

Mahesh ; I agree with Rakhi maybe we should ask both of them but wisely

PS : Sorry I will stop right here will continue little later

Precap : Preeran consummation. Arjun finds out about his sister

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