1st Epi – Vikram Betaal 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: A Modern day tale of King Vikram Aditya And his encounter with Betaal

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Voiceover tells that time doesn’t stop and move ahead hiding the past. He says new future makes its place and the stories never get old and brightens up in every era. He tells about Vikram and Betaal’s story. He tells the story of King Vikram Aditya.

Some dacoits are shown stealing rice grains of Vikram Aditya’s dynasty. One of the dacoit tells that he is afraid thinking if Vikram Aditya know about it. A man is shown jumping in the water. Dacoit says we will sell this grains at high price once we cross ujjaini. Man stops them and says nobody can cross Ujjaini. A group of dacoits come to him. Man fights with all of them like a warrior. One of the dacoit asks who are you? Man reveals his face and they are shocked to see him. Man introduces him as Samrat. They get shocked to know that he is Vikram Aditya, but continue fighting with him. Vikram Aditya beats them. Dacoits apologize to him. Vikram Aditya says if you had successful to take the grains then my people would have been hungry. He asks his soldier to keep them in karagar/jail and not to give them water and food. Dacoits asks him not to give them rigorous punishment. Vikram says this is my justice. He comes to his palace. Everyone welcome him in his palace. He says Jai maha kaal and sits. He tells Acharya that if he got any solution to end this akaal. Acharya tells about the akaal which will be there for 50 years. Vikram asks what is the reason for this. Acharya opens a book. They see light reflecting out and old time projector is shown. He tells about the grahs and says everything will end after 50 years. Vikram asks him to tell solution for this. Acharya says there is only solution and says if someone stops two nakshatras then this kaal can stop. Vikram asks him to say how to stop them. Acharya brings him to Nakshatra yantra and says it can be used by Devtas only. Vikram says devtas’ identity is because of us, if we can give them strength then why can’t we drive it. Acharya says you will die if you try. Vikram says we all will die if I don’t attempt. Senapati asks him not to risk his life. Vikram says I will not accept defeat and will not let Akaal keep feet here.

Later he asks his wife if she is upset with him regarding his decision. His wife says no an says he is the only happiness for him. Vikram says I hear your eyes and not your lips and asks her to let her tears flow down which is increasing her pain. His wife says this is not tears, but love of yours, the moments which we have spent together. She is about to go. He covers her head with dupatta and looks at her. She feels shy. He sits with her. A song plays…They dance. She gets teary eyes.

In the morning, she does his aarti before sending him. Vikram’s bhabhi says he is going in death’s mouth. Padmini says nothing will happen to him. Bhabhi gets happy and thinks Vikram will die and tell her husband that you will become Maharaj of Ujjaini. Vikram Aditya comes towards the yantra while everyone looks on. He looks at the planets and thinks until my aim is fulfilled, Kaal can’t touch me. Padmini prays for him. Acharya gives tips to Vikram. Vikram pulls the yantra’s rope and is about to release it when the two nakshatra meet. His body develops cracks as he tries to release the yantra, but he manages to release it somehow. Yantra’s arrow hits the nakshatra. Vikram wide opens his arms and embraces the rain water. He falls down. Padmini gets worried for him and comes out running. She gets drenched in rain water and comes to him. She shouts Maharaj. Others also come there. A drop of solution falls and make a evil person alive. Bhadrakaal plays….He laughs and gets trishul in his hand. He says whoever don’t get killed by Kaal, gets killed by me. I am Bhadrakaal and calls betaal. He says your curse has ended, wherever you are hiding, I will search you. Padmini asks Vaid ji what happened to Maharaj. Vaid says we can’t save him. He says he has used all his energy to play that nakshatra yantra, all his bones are broken and his veins have cracked. He says he is nearing death.

Bhadrakaal comes there and says he came to meet Maha kaal’s other bhakt. He says I can save him. Vikram’s brother says how to believe you, that you wants him to be alive or die. Bhadrakaal says if you don’t want him to become fine then I will leave. Padmini stops him and asks him to save her husband. Bhadrakaal says I need loneliness. Everyone leave. Bhadrakaal thinks only Vikram Aditya can make Betaal reach him and thinks to give him life to get his mission fulfilled. He uses his trishul and repairs his bones and muscles with its healing power. He then becomes black smoke and vanishes. Everyone is waiting out.

Vikram Aditya gain consciousness and calls his Maharani. Padmini comes running to him happily. Sena pati, Acharya and others get happy. Vikram asks how did I get fine? Padmini says a sanyasi gave you life in charity. Vikram asks who is that Sanyasi. Bhadrakaal is shown with half human body and lower body with snakes bodies. He says you don’t accept such life and you have to lower my favors. Padmini says who can give you life than God. Vikram asks Senapati to bring him to him. Senapati says he left and was not seen. Vikram says there might be some reason behind giving life to an almost dead person. Betaal says you will know my aim soon. He asks himself to tell the reason to Ujjaini Raja. They see green light and his voice is heard. Vikram asks what do you want? Bhadrakaal asks him to think of his charity as his gift. Vikram gets angry and tells that he don’t want anyone favors and will repay his favors. Bhadrakaal gets angry and says you are thinking what I wanted. He says this is the right time to initiate the work for which I gave you life.

Vikram comes to the place where Bhadrakaal could say. He hears Bhadrakaal’s voice and asks where are you hiding? Bhadrakaal says you came to death’s mouth even though I alert you. Vikram asks him to come infront of him. Bhadrakaal says I am infront of you. Cracks is developed in the land and a piece of land on which he is standing take him to Bhadrakaal’s place. Bhadrakaal welcomes him.

Bhadrakaal asks what can I do for you? Vikram asks what game are you playing with me? Bhadrakaal says what will the benefit to me? Vikram says I am thankful to you for saving me, I don’t accept this favour and asks him to tell how to lower it. Bhadrakaal asks him to kill him, and then make him alive. Vikram says this is not possible. Bhadrakaal says there is a ghaati very much away from here, where Betaal stays. He shows Betaal in his ancient projector and says he needs him. He says if you are competent enough then you bring him here, then your favors will be paid off. Betaal introduces himself.

Vikram Aditya asks if he could go to 5000 kms away soon. Vikram reaches there. Padmini says how can anyone reach there alive. Betaal welcomes Vikram.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wow. Ur episode. Watch watch first 3 episodes in zee 5. Yesterday episode did not upload yet. It was one of marvellous mythological serial. Love aham sir character. The way they are describing the story mind-blowing

  2. Sry typing mistake. It was superb story not Ur story

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