Internet Wala Love 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya and Jai feel for each other

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Internet Wala Love 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya crying and telling that now nothing matters to her now. Jai says even I have lost it and says I used to chat with 10 people at a time, but since you came in my life, I used to chat with you and tried to solve your problems. I left all my friends as I thought my internet friend needs me, but if I had know that it is you then I wouldn’t have wasted my time on you. He sits in his car and leaves. Aadhya cries and asks God, why did this happen? I was happy with my life and fine without any friends. She cries. Her friend comes there. Jai is in his car and thinks he was changing just for Aadhya, and thinks he did a big mistake and will now live my old life. Her friend comes and says everyone is waiting for you at Samrat’s place. Aadhya says if I don’t want to go

there. Her friend says that she doesn’t know what is in destiny.

Shubhankar says I will call Police. Rupa says she left from here with her own wish. Aadhya comes. Rupa calls her runaway bride. Dadu asks if everything is fine and asks her to tell. Jai calls her and says you left these important files in office. He asks her to hold it and says Myra called us for urgent work. Aadhya thinks why Jai is lying for me. Dadi says it is good that you came before mahurat and asks her to freshen up. Samrat looks on. Jai also goes to freshen up. Samrat calls someone to enquire about Aadhya and Jai. Aadhya asks Jai why did he help her. Jai says I don’t want to hurt anyone. Aadhya thanks him and says she doesn’t need his help. Dadi says I will bring chunari and will do the rasam. Jai looks at Aadhya from far and goes to his room. He thinks of her words and recalls receiving CDs box from waiter. He takes it from his car and thinks to return it next day, but hide for tonight as it is having Aadhya’s hand writing. Samrat asks what is he hiding? Jai says nothing. Samrat asks if he is still angry with Aadhya and feel that she is not suitable for him. Jai says I was coming. Samrat thinks to find out. Rupa comes and asks Samrat not to interfere else his would be wife will keep running. Samrat tells Jai that he will wait for him downstairs. Jai says everyone must be waiting for us. Rupa says let it be and asks him what is going on in his life. Jai gets tensed.

Aadhya’s friend does her make up. Aadhya greets wi fi. Dadi says I will bring chunari and asks him to sit in hall. Aadhya tells Savvy that she thinks she is doing a big mistake and tells that she couldn’t connect herself with Samrat. Savvy says relations are made by God and says marriage happens with the right person. Jai says there is normal routine. Rupa says you were born after 10 years, after I had a miscarriage. She says when I lifted you in my arms, then I have prayed to give you all happiness. Jai says even I will give you all happiness. Rupa asks what Samrat was asking? She asks him to tell what is he hiding? Jai says nothing. Rupa asks shall I check inside. Jai says ok. Rupa goes to his room. Jai comes inside and asks what are you searching. Rupa checks her cupboard and thinks where did that packet go. wifi comes to Dadi’s room and doesn’t let her open almari. Dadi opens the cupboard and takes chunari without looking at it. Jai asks if she got anything. Rupa asks him to promise that he will not hide anything. Jai promises her. Rupa hugs him and calls him best son. Dadi brings the chunari and apologizes for being late. She does aarti keeping chunari in the plate. Rupa says she wants him to marry with his choice and says I am sure that you will find a nice girl.

Aadhya feels strange and thinks why I couldn’t accept Samrat. She thinks of Karan Johar’s words and closes her eyes. She sees jai’s face and gets her answer. Rupa tells Jai that she has written his name on his bride’s chunari and stitched laced around it for his happy life. She says when you marry then I will cover your wife’s head with chunari. She gets emotional. Dadi keeps Jai’s name chunari on Aadhya’s head and gives her gift. She then sees Jai written on it and thinks what did I do. She thinks this chunari is of Jai’s wife which Rupa got made for his wife. She tells Dadu that the chunari is made by Rupa for Jai’s wife. Dadu says no problem, but don’t let Rupa know as she has many feelings with it. Aadhya thinks why did I see Jai’s face. Dadu says we will apologize to Mata Rani. Jai is still with Rupa. Samrat smiles. Aadhya is still confused.

Someone asks Jai if he likes Samrat and Aadhya’s Jodi. Jai says they are perfect and asks Aadhya if she is happy. Later Aadhya feels suffocated as her dress get stuck, and jai gets concerned for her. Rupa comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. sorry to ask is this serial really in colors coz I have never seen it .I only read the updates and watch it in youtube ,at what time is it on air according to Africa’s time plz help I really want to watch it ????

  2. Rose at 6.30 on colors

  3. Abdulwaoodwas

    I really like this serial and the characters for rupa mittal and aadhya verma,jai mittal internet wala love friendship connection sharing the lifestory to each other are very;)nice, awesome, i:*it

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