Preeran FF ; Realization Part 59

Luthra house

Piyali keeps an eye on Shrishti’e behavior continuously.

Preeta ; what are you thinking? you believe our words na

Piyali ; I don’t know about you both but Shrishti has something got into her

Preeta : how will we find out

“Listen to me carefully Piyali tells her something

Preeta ; you sure I will be able to do this what if she gets violent

Piyali : this is only way we could find out if she is really possessed

Preeta nods and goes to Shrishti who is busy in doing something.

Preeta : hey shrishti you know what I was thinking after marriage we both didn’t go to temple lets go right now

Shrishti refuses

Preeta : please lets go na even I will feel better after yesterday

Shrishti clutches her neck showing true colors. Her eyes turn revengeful while holding Preeta Lights flashes in whole house

“Don’t you understand one thing I don’t want to go Shrishti’s voice changes

Karan ; leave her, bhai mom dad

Everybody tries hard to pull Shrishti apart from Preeta but are not able to due to strong force. Piyali brings a holy locket chanting something and puts in front of Shrishti.  The power inside is forced to leave her body making her unconscious

“Shrishti ” all shouts

Karan : Preeta are you okay (gives her water)

“Shrishti wake up please Preeta pats her sister sobbing loudly

Rishab : Sameer take her to room upstairs

Sameer ; yes bhai (lifts her up)

Rakhi : thank god dear you saved her today

Preeta : you were right Piyali, that spirit had possessed Shrishti but how did she

Karan ; first you tell me whats going on? you and Elina have done phd in hiding things

Preeta : actually a girl came to meet us (reveals about Roshni and the house)

Karan : oh my god are you both crazy

Rishab ; Preetaji being such sensible girls how can you both go there without any safety

Suraj ; let it be this girls don’t care about anybody, that Elina is not even concerned for baby inside her

Mahesh ; where is she?

Suraj ; she is resting at home uncle with Kritika

Rakhi : mummyji what should we do now? that spirit won’t leave our girls alone

Sarla ; should we take help from some tantrik? but we don’t even know anybody

Preeta : ma we should have veneration prayer in house all bad things will leave us

Rakhi : i will call Panditji today and get arrangement for veneration

Karan : what will happen with that mom

Piyali : there is lot of power in god’s devotion, no spirit has been able to fight against god

Rakhi calls Priest to arrange for veneration prayer at house. Sameer holds Shrishti’s hands who is laying on bed without life.

“Hey lambu you don’t look good with this, just get well soon, see even walls are feeling isolate without your smile Sameer kisses her hands

Preeta is sitting on floor terrified with Shrishti’s behavior.

Karan ; hey look what I got for you? your favorite soup what a smell

Preeta : i am not hungry (shivers)

Karan ; you have not ate anything since morning come I will feed you with my hands

Preeta puts hands on her ears recalling Shrishti’s painful scream.

“Listen to me until I am with you nothing will happen and Shrishti will be fine, if you get become weak your sister will also get weak please at least for her Karan cups her face

“I am very scared Karan, if she harms anybody I won’t be able to see that, my sister is fighting with death right now Preeta sobs in his arms

Karan : god is with us we will be fine okay, lets eat something (feeds her soup)

Preeta sees him blowing hot piping soup before feeding to her

Aankhon Mein Neendo Mein Khawabon Mein 

Tera Hi Chehra Hai Abb To Sanam

Yaadon Pe, Mere Khayalon Pe

Tera Hi Pehra Teri Kasam

Saanson Mein Tu Meri Saanson Mein

Bin Tere Jaane Jaan Kya Zindagi

Darti Hoon Har Pal Main Darti Hoon

Tu Chod Jaaye Na Mujhko Kabhi

Dhadkan Puchh Rahi Hai Tujhse, 

Kya Pyar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

Karan throws pillow on her funnily and messing up the whole room.Both share happy moment after long time hugging each other.

Bharadwaj house

Elina is resting in her room when something grabs her neck with cloth tightly. She is able to remove it and wakes up coughing. Windows make noise by opening closing itself.

Kabir sees Kritika doing something and gets chance to talk with her

Kritika : you need to ask anything?

“Yes I could not talk earlier but I think we should make this clear to each other I know I did wrong by playing with your feelings but my intention was not to hurt you at all trust me goes close to her

Kritika : look I don’t want to talk about this, all I can say is right now I am here only for Elina bhabhi she needs somebody at this point, you have not wrong to need for apology (starts walking out)

“But I need my friend the one who trust me, its true i loved Roo but I have always considered you as my best friend Kabir holds her hands

Kritika ; don’t say something to make me weak I handled myself with lot of difficulty (jerk his hand leaves room)

Elina gets a call from a person saying about Suraj’s accident. She starts panicking and grabs her keys rushing and leaves without telling them

Kritika ; bhabhi is not in her room

“What? Kabir asks the servant who tells about Elina’s sudden going

Kritika ; why did you let her go alone

“Get my car keys Kabir says

His car does not start due to tyre puncture

Kabir : dammit (throws his phone)

Suraj comes there shocking to them

Kabir ; bhai you here?

Suraj : what do you mean by that? where should I be right now, my work got finished early so I thought to come back how is Elina

Kritika and Kabir looks at each other with shock

Suraj : I didn’t ask million dollar question how is she doing

Kabir : bhai somebody called her and said you got into accident so she rushed

Suraj : what the hell? why did you let her go alone you know she is not well

Kabir : bhai we were in room, I don’t even know when she went away

Suraj : god this girl (keeps calling Elina) now she is not picking up my phone

Luthra house

Rishab paces around in room thinking about happenings. They sent Anu to Arora house knowing she will be safe.

Rishab ; my mind is not working right now

Piyali : but we have to do something, before things go out of hands

Arjun : bhai first of fall we have to find out who that girl was, and then it will easy to find her motive too

Roo : you are talking about ghost not any normal human being to find their motive

Rishab : Arjun is right I think we should visit that house only from there we will find clue

Karan : bhai, have you lost it, this girls could not be out of trauma and you are talking about going there no way I won’t let you all go

Piyali : Karan we don’t have other way to find out

“At least I thought you were sensible you should stop bhai Karan tells her

Sameer : and chachu won’t give you permission to go so there are no chances

Arjun : guys if we sit like this situation won’t go any better either and one more thing, that spirit has only haunted Preeta Elina di and Shrishti there has to be some reason

Piyali : exactly one thing is clear she wants something from this three girls and for that it is necessary to get in that house

Karan :why do you want to put hand in death? if something happens to anybody you will be blamed again

Piyali : nothing like that will happen

Karan : see I am out of this you have to deal with mom and dad bhai you talk to them

Elina drives car in middle of road crying when she gets call from Kabir.

Kabir : bhabhi you come back immediately bhai is fine please

Suraj : honey where are you? I told you not go anywhere come back

Elina : Suraj you are okay? (cries)

Suraj : I am fine you just tell me where are you, and come back

“Hello I can’t hear you Elina loses signal and her car breaks down on deserted road

“Damm damm, please start she keeps turning on the car but it does not work.

She comes out of car looking for help but there is nobody till far away. She feels’ somebody behind her and turns around to find nobody

Luthra house

Arjun calls his family Acharya Yagya Prakash who is very well known to deal with all ghost and spirits. He comes inside the house looking at every corner

Arjun touches his feet

“God bless you Acharya looks around the house carefully on every corner

Arjun introduces him to everybody. He sees Piyali and Preeta with lot of question. The girls too touches his feet

Rakhi : Acharya help our children they are under very bad spirit

Acharya : where is that girl?

Sameer : upstairs in room, I will take you to her

Acharya stops him and finds room himself. He sees Shrishti lying unconsciously on bed putting hand on her head. He goes into all flashes how she got possessed and got into graveyard. He ties holy amulet on her neck

Acharya : this locket should not come out from her neck at any cost

Sameer : but what happened to her? why is she not coming into senses

Everybody goes downstairs to let her rest

Acharya : this is not ordinary spirit, she has come with a boon after 22 years for revenge her power has become stronger and tonight is full moon night that means she will get more powerful

Preeta : please save my sister at any cost, and what does this spirit want why is she after us

Acharya : to know what is her reason to come back with my power I will have to call her but such spirits are very stubborn they come on our will but don’t leave until they want

Preeta gets scared to the extent holding Karan. Acharya sees a holy thread on Piyali’s hands and ask about it

Piyali : this is on my hands ever since I was born don’t know my mom might have got it

Acharya closes eyes holding her palms and drops her hands

Rishab : what happened Acharya?

Acharya ; this thread is Lord Shiv’s blessing its not normal thread, could be very helpful in fighting that spirit, very rare people can wear this amulet

Rishab : dad I was thinking maybe we should go and check that house once

Karan ; dad you cannot let them go, its very dangerous please

Mahesh ; Rishab have you gone crazy, that place is no less than death

Arjun feels suspicious about seeing hoody thread and amulet on Piyali’s hand and neck.

Rakhi ; Arjun, Rishab this girls are not able to come out of that trauma and you are talking about going in death place

Rishab ; mom but

Mahesh ; no more arguments, nobody will go anywhere

Precap : Kritika is attacked by chandelier in house. Veneration prayer in Luthra house

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