Preeran FF ; Realization Part 58

Luthra house

Karan and Sameer gets an idea to cheer up girls who are scared from yesterday incidence.

Rishab : whats cooking between you both?

Karan ; bhai lets go out so girls can feel better, now our wives were scared

Anu ; you are right romantic weather, fresh air, midnight walk

Sameer : you are talking very openly yesterday your voice was not coming

Anu : I was not scared but seeing you all I was giving you company

Rishab shakes his head hearing her attitude.

Bharadwaj house

Wind blows fast in Elina’s room

“Bhabhi Kritika comes there

Elina looks up to her with fear and not able to forget incidence

Kritika : are you okay?

“Yes i am fine what happened Elina asks

Kritika :actually Karan bhai called this morning lets go out today

Elina : okay I don’t mind

Later the same girl Roshni comes to meet Preeta and Elina who are together.

Elina : yes? Preeta she was the one you were talking about

Preeta : yes, Roshni why do I feel you are hiding something

Roshni : you are right, (starts crying) my in laws are torturing me everyday, my dad is middle class man and they all taunt me everyday

Preeta and Elina are quite shocked. They suggest her to file complaint against them for domestic violence

Roshni ; I dont want to tarnish both families reputation

Elina ; but they are doing wrong, you have to do take strict action

Roshni ; you both seem sensible can you come and try to talk with them

Preeta ; of course lets go right

Roshni : not right now later, I will call you

Both girls nods

In evening all couples go for walk to get distracted from incidence.

Anu : where are we going

Piyali ; Miss india you are not going anywhere stay at house

Anu pouts

Piyali : that won’t work with me okay go back

Everybody leaves

Karan ; hey would be mother how are you feeling right now

Suraj ; don’t say anything please, her mood swings have not started yet

Preeta : excuse me what do you mean?

Arjun : guys I am very hungry should we eat something

Roo ; you are such big glutton, how much you do eat in day

Arjun : at least I am honest, not like you

“What do you mean, I never eat secretly okay Roo confronts

Arjun : see truth came out

Kritika ; you are right, Roo is little greedy for food, at night she used to eat cake

“Didi you? Roo runs after her

Kritika : I am so sorry

“Don’t be sorry sister she deserves it sorry Roo but you are no less either Karan says

Piyali : is there any dhabba (inn) to eat that will be more fun

Karan : what a great choice bhabhiji

Preeta taps on his head lightly

Rishab : lets go or everything will be closed


All of them goes to dhabba for dinner and enjoying some time together

PS : sorry won’t go in detail here

They return back to their home. Roshni messages Elina and Preeta. Girls decide to go out when everybody is asleep. Shrishti follows Preeta finding something fishy.

Elina ; isn’t this weird? its almost at night and she is calling us

Preeta : I know but lets go check whats happening who knows if we are able to help

Shrishti goes behind them in taxi and not let them aware of her. Preeta and Elina reaches the house near graveyard

Preeta : i am getting scared this place is little scary

Elina looks around to deserted street with nobody nearby. The girls goes inside the house which is completely dark.

“Roshni where are you Preeta asks

No response

Bird chirping noise. House is half shuddered with not much light. Girls walk terrified

Tapping water noise comes from somewhere

Preeta : I am very scared please lets go from here right now

Elina : lets go

They are about to leave when their eyes fall on a picture that have garland on it. Their heart beat stops for a minute and chill runs down their spine. Both runs away saving their life from place. Unaware to them Shrishti reaches the house and look for girls going inside. She sees the portrait to covered with garland. Before she could leave a strong force pulls her inside and nobody is able to hear her scream.

Elina and Preeta are not able to sleep at night re thinking about the house.

Preeta is hidden in corner shivering in fear of something. Karan hears her sobs in sleep and wakes up suddenly

Karan : what happened?

Preeta (in fear) : Karan she will kill all of us

“Who will, did you see another dream Karan cups her face

Preeta clutches his collar tightly not letting him go anywhere

Karan ; I am here, nothing will happen come lets go to sleep (puts her to bed)

Preeta lays on his lap shivering chanting god’s name and closes her eyes.

Graveyard door opens

Shrishti walks inside holding an axe and starts digging out. Her eyes red and energy level increased more than she have.

She comes to Luthra house but with another personality and goes to her room.

Bharawaj house

Elina’s hand shake while holding glass of water in fear. She takes sleeping pills to get rid of the anxiety and fear in her mind of the portrait in house. Kritika notices her behavior quickly but does not talk with her.

Next day Karan informs the family about Preeta’s behavior. Kritika too tells how Elina came late at night

Rishab :this girls are hiding something from us, Karan I feel there is wrong

Piyali : guys if you are talking about that ghost I don’t think it is related, maybe they are stressed for work

Sameer ; Piyali it is good to not believe in omens but there are certain things

Rakhi : hayyo rabba protect my daughters and Elina has her child inside

Shrishti (says with serious) : there is no trust of life anything can happen anytime

Piyali and Sameer finds fishy in her tone.

Shrishti : you should let di rest for a while don’t disturb her (starts walking inside kitchen and plays with knife)

Anu : di I am very scared is there really ghost here

Precap : Elina is stuck in closed place. A sage tells Piyali she is blessed with Lord Shivs’ power to be haunted by evil spirit. Ghost haunts Preeta on road

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