Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 35 : Their LOve *Romanctic* and a teaser

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Chapter 35

“Randhir” Ridimaa whispers again shocked moving a bit back from his embrace . Randhir eyes tears up as He cups her Face in His Palms ,

“You are alive !” He whispers shocked and happy at the same time as a tear slids down from the corner of his eyes as He takes her in a hug again . Embracing her tightly burying his head on her shoulder .

Ridhimaa does not hug him instead She closes her eyes as tears threaten to spill as The Words from her past echoes in her head ,

“I Love You Ridhimaa !”

“My Girl I am on My Knees , Marry Me!”

“It is You Not anyone else Ridhimaa , It is You who would be my wife !”

She wants to hug him back as past rewinds in her mind , She takes her hands up to hug him back but stops as another set of words echo’s in her mind ,

“Who will Even Care to Waste a Look at You Let alone Marry you Sl*t!”

Ajay’s words Keep echoing in her mind as She takes her hands back and pushes him a but back .

“You are alive!” Randhir whispers again cupping her face , He moves down to kiss on her forehead . Ridhimaa takes a step back and turns around giving her back to him as She cries silently her heart breaking !.

Randhir stops shocked seeing her action , He stretches his hand to touch her but stops as His gaze shifts to the other couple who are hugging each other tightly as there life dependent on each other .

“Ri” Randhir calls out to her .

Gauri hearing a voice breaks the hug and turns sideways to see Randhir,

“Bhaiya !” Gauri replies and runs to him and hugs him . Randhir shocked to see blood smeared everywhere on Gauri hugs her back tightly

“What happened To you Bacha? Blood ?” He asks shocked breaking the hug .

Gauri looks down at herself and Looks over her shoulders to see her Husband , His blood on her smeared everywhere .

“Bhaiya Who..Omkara!” She stammers but stops and shouts happily “Bhaiya My Husband is My Back , See You did not believe when I said right? My Husband Will be Back? ” , Gauri tells smiling through her tears as She drags Omkara by his arm to Randhir .

Randhir’s eyes widens as He sees Omkara alive standing in front of him with blood dripping from his arms to palms .

“Omkara” It comes as a whispers as Omkara gives a smile in return .

“Man You Alive?” Randhir shouts shocked making Gauri stay rooted to her place nervous of Randhir’s reaction ,

“Omkara?” Randhir shouts again before pulling him in a hug not caring about the blood which would smeared on him .

“Slow down young man , I wanna live long!” Omkara telling chuckling as he hugs him back .

“You Know Each other?” Gauri and Ridhimaa voice out at the same time and they look at each other widening their eyes .

“Yes!” Randhir was quick to reply .

“How?” Gauri questions .

“That..Ri..Om..” Randhir stammers not knowing what to tell .

Seeing Randhir’s stuttering , Om cups Gauri’s face in his palms as She Looks into his eyes

“Jaan You Believe Me Right? I’ll Let you know everything but Now ..” He stops and his eyes softens as He tells chuckling ” We stink and We need a Shower!” , Gauri giggles hearing him Her man is so.. She is out of words .

“Okay Inspector !” She winks at Omkara hugging him by his forearm .

“I think I should go ” Ridhimaa interrupts them before they could speak she walks fast . Randhir who sees her going excuses Omkara and Gauri and runs behind her .

“Why is Bhaiya Running after her? ” Gauri asks Confused seeing his retreating form .

Omkara Looks at them thoughtfully and Shrugs .

“Biwiji” Om tells in a teasing tone as Gauri turns to Look at him .

“Now only we are left-” He prolongs the sentence bending his head down as Gauri bends down with a grin and a blush adorning her face as He snakes his arms around her waist .

“So?” Gauri asks biting her lower lip although She knows the answer .

“So..So..You..Know ..” He winks pulling her close to him leaning his forehead against hers  as She lowers her gaze shyly .

“We stink!” She pushes him back chuckling . He pouts at her before winking “Let’s clean up then !” ,

Omkara tries to scoop Gauri in his arms but She slaps his forearm lightly ” You are injured!” She tells as a matter of fact as He scrunches his nose .

“Do not underestimate the Power of a Common Man !” He tells sternly narrowing his brows making her chuckle loudly as She throws her arms around his neck .

“You should show me Husband!” She tells winking moving back as He pulls her close locking his arms around his back .

“I missed you so much more than you would have imagined ” He tells getting serious as She gives him a faint smile . He continues “I understood that I Cannot Die before my ears go deaf !” ,

Her Mouth Forms “O” Shapes as She hits on his arms making him wince in pain “Ouch woman !” .


Gauri holds Omkara by his arm as they walk towards the penthouse . She knew he was in pain although he never showed it . The slashes with the swords were way to deep which needs a dressing but first of all they need to clean theirselves.

As Gauri held the Knob of the Door to turn it They get shocked to Find it already Open . Omkara too looks suspiciously as they enter in together to be crushed in a hug by The Oberoi’s.

“Omkara you are alive , My brother is alive !” Shivaay cries hugging Omkara tightly as Rudra hugs from behind murmuring “O!” , Anika to joins the Obro’ Hug

Omkara hugs them back tightly as He leaves the Hold on Gauri . Gauri steps back leaving the them alone .

Divya Amma Hugs Gauri tightly as She cries , Gauri hugs her as She says “Amma See my Husband is Back , Omkara is back Amma! , My Husband is back Amma ,” Gauri blabbers continuously as She cries onto her shoulders . This was way too much for her to take in Her Husband is Back to her !.

Omkara breaks the hug hearing Gauri , The Fact still she is too happy and shocked at the same time that he is back , Her choking voice shows how much pain she had endured without him . mentally promising him never to give her pain He holds her hand as She breaks the Hug from Amma and Looks at Omkara.

Om then turns to His brothers as He tells them “I missed you both ! I missed everyone” ,

“Omkara where were you ? ” Shivaay questions running his fingers Omkara’s head .

“Shivaay breathe!” Om tells him and continues “It was a tiring day , I am sure even you guys would be worn out due to travelling from Chennai to Delhi ” , because the award function was held back in Chennai

“So I Promise I would Let You Know everything tomorrow morning Shivaay please ” Om tells softly as Shivaay sighs seeing the wounds all over his body He Knew That rest is needed for Omkara first .

“Okay Let’s retire then!”

“Amma Can you show their Rooms?” Gauri asks softly as Amma nods and leads them .


“We need to clean you up first !” Gauri tells walking into the Room with Her Husband as She pushes him on the couch and runs to call a doctor .

After  Doctor leaves dressing the wounds up . Gauri walks back into her room to see her Husband walking into the washroom with a towel hung around his neck.

“Omkara!” Gauri shouts angrily marching towards him . Om gives her a nervous confused smile as to why is She angry !

“Why?” He smiles nervously .

“You are not taking a bath! ” She tells in a final tone .

“I need to Gauri , I smell Blood !” Om tells in a pleading tone making her melt .

“Okay Fine then , I am giving you a bath!”

“You Bathing with me Biwi?” Om winks pulling her in front of him .

“Omkara Singh Oberoi My IPS Officer Does anyone know you talk dirty?” Gauri questions running her fingers along his chest .

“Only Mrs.Oberoi Knows !” He winks at her .

“As much as your offer is enchanting Mr.Oberoi First we need is rest!” Gauri tells pushing him back .

“Come” Gauri drags Omkara towards the washroom as Omkara looks at her shocked and as He asks ” You Gonna Bath we me?” ,

Gauri chuckles as She teases him “That Little Brother is mine anyways so from whom are you protecting it ?” ,  the tip of his ears turns pink .

“Gauri” He tries admonishes but it comes as a whisper making Gauri giggle loudly .

“It is not protecting biwi ,It is controlling , Don’t tempt me!”, Gauri rolls her eyes giving him a look whatever making him chuckle at her .

Making him sit on the bath tub with his arms covered in plastic covers so that it does not get wet . Gauri runs her hands around his chest cleansing him as He closes his eyes feeling all the pain and the stress going away with her magical touch . Trying her best not look down above his waist line given although his briefs were on She could not stop the heat creeping up her cheeks .

Om’s lips hooks up in a smirk seeing the effect He has on her , “You Know Your Husband is All Yours ” He whispers Huskily in her ear making her jump startled .

“You scared me!” She slaps on his arm scrunching her nose and twitching her lips as he lets out a manly laugh loudly .

Stifling his laugh he says her teasingly “So? ..You Can Feast all your want !” ,

A Blush adorns her face as She tries to fake her anger at him but Nothing could stop the grin breaking out . He angles his head sideways bending down to her level staring at her Looking at her face intently . She tries to Look away from the intense gaze as a rosy tinge adorns creeps from her neck to the tip of her ear .She washes his hair and helping him clean up completely She helps him out of the tub . Draping the towel around his waist Gauri leaves the washroom giving him privacy to change .

She peeks her head out to check whether he is there in the room , Finding no one Gauri steps out of the washroom with just a towel draped around her body , with water trickling down her tresses . She walks towards the closet to grab a pair of dresses . Her eyes widens as Her eyes lands on her husband’s chiseled chest with the wet hair after Shower He Looks more hot . Hearing the gasp Om turns around and seeing her like this he drops the t-shirt down and walks towards her with predatory steps with a smirk itched on his face . Gauri gulps nervously and takes a step backward . Each step he took she moves a step back .Within seconds She was pinned to the wall with strong arms either side .She lowers her gaze down shyly as Her hand tightens around the knot of the towel .

Leaning down Om blows in her ears making her feel tinges through her bare skin . A Rosy tinge adorns her face as She blushes more . With the other free hand she splays her hand on his chest intending to push him . Wrong move Holding the palm near his heart He pulls her . Her bare back hitting onto his bare chest . Her breaths get erratic . His left arms snakes through her waist pulling her more closer to him if possible . Their warmth transferring to each other .

Feeling the wetness on her bare shoulders She looks over her shoulder to Find her husband’s breath falling in the nape of her neck and the water from his hair dipping onto her shoulders . She takes a deep breath closing her eyes as His lips brushes her nape . Subconsciously She tilts her head giving more access making him smile against her nape . He pulls his lips across her neck to the collarbone as His teeth dug in a particular spot She arch against him as His tongue soothes the place . Bunching her hair he pushes it to a side . He runs his full palm across her upper back making her squirm under him. She keeps her free hand on his hand which is holding her waist as She moans “Husband ” ,

He smiles and turns her around locking his arms around her back . She flushes and closes her eyes still holding securely knot near her chest . His eyes gazes down from her lips down her throat and to the valley of her cleavage . Bending down he places a kiss on her throat making her throw her head back moaning “Omkara!

Trailing Kisses down her throat to her collar bone . Omkara stops at her cleavage looking at her eyes closed flushed He leans down and places a kiss on the hand which is holding the Knot near her chest She gasps but does not leave the hold on the knot . He smiles as He kisses at the starting of the cleavage . She sucks in her breath as She feels her knees giving in

“Hus..band..” She moans as She feels his hands close over her chest above the towel . He smirks as He moves up and Kisses near the corner of her mouth His hands caressing her chest over the towel . She opens her eyes blushing as She sees him close to her .

She closes her eyes knowing what is to come . His cold lips brushes against hers as He tugs her closer to him . She presses her head against his sculpted chest , relishing the firm, hard muscle . They break off as She nestles closer to him to listen to his heartbeat . His hands slids down from her chest to her waist as He hugs her pulling her closer to him . Gauri giggles in amusement hearing his heart beating thunderously and rapidly pounding .

Muskuraana tujh hi se seekha hai
Dil lagaane ka tu hi tareeka hai
Etbaar bhi tujhi se hota hai
Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi
Bahon mein hai tere zindagi haaye..

With the tip of his thumb He raises her chin . Her Frozen breath mingles with his as they stare into each other , both of them a little unsteady . Desire and hunger glows in his amber eyes as He holds her against him.
Unable to resist any longer, he stoops and Their mouths pressed together in a long , passionate Kiss . She draws her tongue over his teeth and swallows his groan of pleasure as they slid more closer to each other without leaving any visible gap between them.

Gauri hugs him with her free hand as the other held the knot . She pants hardly trying to gain her breath .

“That was ..mind blowing!” Om whispers huskily hugging her tightly as She hides her face in his chest too shy to look at him . This wasn’t the First time they had Kissed but this Felt Different from the Others .

Tucking a strand behind her ear Om forces her to look at him using his thumb under her chin . She closes her eyes blushing more if possible .

“You are blushing !” Om whispers softly His male pride dancing inside in joy .

She bites her lip trying to stop herself from widening her grin . Ever so slowly She opens her eyes to Lock with his dark chocolate orbs .

Haan nahi tha pataa
Ke tujhe maan lunga khuda
Ki teri galiyaon mein is kadar
Aaunga har pahar

He looks at Her intently before titling his head and brushes his cheeks with hers making her giggle loudly .

“This is tickling!” She tells him holding his stubble , He does it again with her other cheek making her giggle loudly throwing her head back .

“I Love You Jaan!” He tells happily taking her in her hug . She gives him a smile in return as She hugs him back with her one hand .

“I Love You too Husband!”

Kissing on her forehead He leaves the place letting her to dress up . Her lips broke into a grin as She Face palms herself as Her mind plays their intimate moments just a minute before.

Sun mujhe humsafar
Kya tujhe itnisi bhi khabar
Ki teri saanein chalti jidhar
Rahunga bas vahin umar bhar
Rahunga bas vahin umar bhar haaye

Gauri finds him already settle in bed . She settles on other side of the bed and turns sideways to find him already looking at her . He stretches his hand calling her for a hug . She shakes her head negatively and instead streches her hand .

He pouts ” You are wounded I cannot give more pressure to your arms !” Gauri admonishes him .

“So come here!” She stretches her hand .

“You Know you are one hell of a stubborn Woman !” Om tells moving towards her grinning .

Placing his head on her bosom . Gauri wounds her arms around him pulling him more closer to her .

“This Feels Like a wish come true !” She whispers to Omkara running her fingers through his hair .

He kisses near her heart as He says ” I am Here Jaan ! and I promise I am not goanna leave you this time !” ,

“Husband ! ” She calls him softly cupping his face making him look up at her .

“I am Sorry !” She tells him as a tear slides down from the corner of her eye. Om moves upwards using his thumb wipes the tear and buries his head on her neck hugging her closer to him .

“I am Sorry too!” He whispers She tightens her hold around him and places a kiss on top of his head as they cuddle to sleep . The Void since a year filling now .


A Knock on the Door breaks their sleep . Omkara leaving the hold on Gauri placing her on the pillow . He walks out of the room to check on Who is at the Door at Midnight 3 O’ clock !.

“Mr.Oberoi!” Omkara tells Shocked opening the Door Finding the Angry Old Man .

“Omkara!” Tej pulls him in hug as Tears falls from his eyes .

Gauri who had woken up not finding her husband on bed walks out to see Tej . She stops at her place contemplating whether to walk over to them .

Others Follow suit and come out of the room . Divya Amma places her hand on Gauri’s shoulder Signing her to go talk to Tej.

Gauri gives her an unsure Look but instead Amma presses her shoulder in assurance . Taking a deep sigh Gauri walks over to them .

Tej’s eyes flickers in anger seeing Gauri as He breaks off the Hug . Gauri stands behind Omkara not able to get over the angry gaze . No she is not afraid rather She does not want a Fight .

“What is this S**t Doing Here!” Tej snaps at Gauri pointing his index finger.

Omkara who was melted before by Tej’s loving tone changes his expressions into anger . Gauri widens her eyes as hot tears well up .

“Watch your Language Mr.Oberoi ! , No One speaks Shit to My Wife!” Om shouts furiously in a threatening voice Tej as He tries to charge towards him .

Gauri holds his forearm pulling Omkara back as tears drop from her eyes . Shivaay and Rudra are quick to be by Omkara’s side pulling him back as they shot angry glares at Tej .

Divya Amma stumbles and holds  the Chair hearing someone speak shit about her daughter .

Tej is pulled by Collar , His eyes widens to Find Mr.Shekawat “How Dare You Speak Like that About My Little Sister! ” Randhir yells at him furiously and tries to punch Tej but Gauri runs to him and pulls Randhir back .

“Gauri Leave me !” Randhir yells trying to get out Gauri’s hold .

“Bhaiya please !” Gauri tries to calm him but no use One side her Husband is trying to pounce on Mr.Oberoi and this Side Her Bhaiya.

Tej adjusts his collar and snaps at Randhir ” Then What I am Suppose to call her aah? .. She was Sold to two men at Highest rates .. She must be whor-”

Tej is Cut off as a Punch lands on his Face , Randhir had punched him before Omkara could !.

Tej spits blood as He shouts Looking at Both Gauri and Randhir ” You will pay for this , And Your Little Sister will always be one , She knows only to seduce men just like She trapped my Son!” Tej spats at them coldly as Gauri cries as Tej Continues Venomous Dripping From His Voice ” My Son Was About To Die Because of You , You are Just A Curse Which Would Kill Everyone Who is Close to You!” ,Tears Flow Down Unchecked From Her Orbs as She Cries Hearing Tej , Each word true She tried to Kill Omkara!

Omkara shouts furiously ” Get out Before I kill you by myself ! , You will never Change !” , Still trying to get out from Shivaay and Rudra’s hold .

“Bade Papa Just Leave !”: Shivaay shouts at him

With One Last Look Tej leaves the place . Standing out of the Door Tej stomps his foot on the floor enraged and clenches his fist . When He Had seen Omkara’s name on news websites He had been Shocked and bewildered to Find His Son alive but Knowing that Omkara is an IPS Officer had enraged him and given to that He had planned Omkara’s marriage with His Business Partner’s Daughter but as He Married Gauri . Tej’s aims could not be fulfilled and the worst he got to Know through His spies who he had paid to Follow Gauri after the award Funtion had told him about Gauri . A Girl who was sold to men, His Bahu His Foot!. Enraged He had flown from Chennai to Delhi and broke into their house to Change Omkara’s mind but He was insulted in return.

Randhir Hugs Gauri Patting her head trying to calm her down as She cries Fisting His Collar ,

“Bacha I am Sorry” Randhir tells Cupping Her Face in His Palms. Guilt Eating Him up as He Sees Her in Pain .

“Bhaiya why are You sorry?”

Just Like that Omkara Knew that His Wife’s Heart is Going to Break into Pieces Hearing Randhir and There is Nothing He Could Do to stop it . He Cannot Keep Her in Dark always.

“You getting too much playful these days haan” Om tells Gauri smirking Catching her by her forearm and pinning her to the wall.

She pants For Breath as She Looks up at Him .Her hands behind her back tightly grasping the frame .

“Give it Gauri” He tells her trying to take the picture from her .

“No Go Get a Life’ She pushes him back catching him off guard sticking her tongue out she runs from the place.

“Gauri Give it” He shouts running behind her .

“Not Before I show everyone!” She shouts back chirpily .

“No Jaan ,Gauri Listen How about I get u golgappa’s in return?”


“Give it “He whispers huskily running his index Finger behind her back .
She bites her Lower lip to stop herself from moaning as His Fingers Circle around her belly button ,She shakes her head negatively as heat creeps through her skin due to her husband’s sweet torture .

“Anyone Could Walk in!” Gauri whispers breathlessly as His hands moves upward and closes around her bust .

“My House ,My Hall ,My Couch ,My Wife! So What would happen?”He asks her placing his lips near the corner of her mouth.

“Omkara Just Stop this !” She tells him in hoarse whisper.

“Not Before I Give My Punishment”He smirks Looking into her eyes . As His Other Hand closes around her other bosom making her squirm under him .


Seems Like I love teasing too much 😂🙈🔥

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