POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikram coming to meet Shobha. She talks to imaginary Siddhant and asks him not to go. She tells Vikram that Rohan is not at home, he went for football practice. He says I came to meet you to tell something imp. She asks him to say. He says I got to know about Siddhant. She looks for Siddhant. Sartaj and Imaan tell Harleen and Nazneen that we did not hide anything this time, we told the truth. Harleen says soldier is of country first and then family.

Vikram says Sartaj and Imaan admitted it. Shobha says its nonsense. He says its fact. She says how can Siddhant die. He says Sartaj killed him. She says Siddhant did not die. He says try to understand. She says you understand, I don’t care what they said, Sid is here. She calls him out. She says Sid come out, I told you Vikram won’t agree. Vikram says Sid is dead. She looks for Sid everywhere. She says I m meeting him since 5 years, he surprised me, he comes every day. She cries. He says Sid is not here. She asks why are you saying this, he was lost by your mistake, when he has come back, why are you proving he is not here. He says its true. She says its lie. She says no and checks for Sid. She asks Vikram to leave, else Sid won’t come. She shuts door and cries.

FB shows Siddhant Thakur seen shooting and hitting bulls eyes, he wins and becomes champion again. Shobha and Vikram smile seeing him. A girl gives him a smile and goes. Shobha says I got late, he will fight. Vikram says don’t worry, he will hit bulls eyes every time, this moment will come again, you did not miss anything. She says Siddhant kept advocate and did not say. Vikram and Shobha introduce themselves to each other.

Vikram tells cadets its Diwali party, not training. Siddhant introduces Shobha to Vikram. Siddhant sees Vikram and Shobha talking. The girl Anna and her father meet Siddhant and praise him. Siddhant says feelings are mutual. Vikram says I was telling your sister that your aim is good, army needs soldiers like you. Shobha says I was saying same. Siddhant says sure, I know everything, I m not in uniform, can I tell something, you are my mentor, and Shobha is my family, you don’t know lying, you have many qualities. Anna says picture time, for lovely family. Siddhant asks Vikram and Anna to come in family picture. FB ends.

Vikram recalls Siddhant and smiles. FB shows Vikram training Siddhant and other cadets. Shobha comes and meets them. Siddhant praises Vikram for giving knowledge to cadets. Shobha asks him to come. He says I have to prepare for exams, I can’t come for movie. She says I got tickets. Siddhant says Vikram can go with you, perfect plan. He goes.

Vikram asks which movie. She says Kuch kuch hota hai. He smiles. They leave. Later, Vikram, Shobha and Siddhant are on the way and play antakshari. Shobha laughs when Vikram sings. Vikram and Shobha watch the match along with everyone. She asks Anna’s father to sit, Sachin is batting. Vikram looks on. Siddhant smiles. FB ends.

Shobha thinks of Siddhant. FB shows Siddhant getting drunk. Vikram drops him home. Siddhant thanks him and says I m in uniform, but can I say something. Vikram says go ahead. Siddhant says there is price to not speak the heart, to curse that I wish I would have said it. Shobha takes Siddhant. Vikram leaves. Shobha and Vikram sit by pool side. She asks do you want to say something. He repeats Siddhant’s line. She says then say it. Vikram asks Shobha to marry him. She gets shocked by his proposal. She goes away and says you are married to uniform, I will be other woman. He says its not like that, fine every birth for you, just one birth for country.

She hears news on radio about intruders at Kargil, Indian army asked soldiers to come on post. Shobha asks Vikram to promise he will come back along with Siddhant. He promises to come back along with Siddhant. She hugs him. Siddhant asks did you both greet each other, I want a promise, when we return, lets be a family, informal. Vikram says its time to leave. Siddhant asks Shobha not to touch his room. She says it will be like that, you just come back soon. He says I will come back soon with Vikram Sir. She cries. He says I can’t go away from you, I will be always close around. He goes with Vikram.

Vikram shows the map and asks Siddhant to go to that point to know intruder’s strength, find out and return. Siddhant says its critical point, they will be safeguarding this point, I feel lead is wrong, it could be a setup. Vikram says lead can’t be wrong, Indian soldier has sent info, you will just find out and not get engaged there, good luck. Siddhant goes.

Siddhant contacts Vikram and gives him message that its a trap, there is a regiment here, send backup, there is warfare. Vikram asks Siddhant to come back to camp. Siddhant says my team is all in, I can’t leave them alone. He fights with them. Vikram stands in rain. Siddhant goes missing in action. FB ends. Shobha says I want to meet Imaan and Sartaj.

Imaan and Sartaj meet Shobha. She says I can’t forgive you. She cries. Imaan says we have snatched your smile, won’t you say anything. Lala coughs and bleeds cough. He says I will tell you how to use Imaan and Sartaj.

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