Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger, lust and revenge -(part 10)

Episode – 10

Lovely house evening?

Om- ishana kya wajah thi…….ki tum itna khareb mausam mai bhahar gyi……..and when I told u to leave thn why u don’t listen.

Ishana – omkara actually my sister called me much urgent tha!…….and how can I leave u in trouble ……..!!!!!! Accha tell me if I was at ur place thn what would’ve u done????

Om- was SD silent.

Lovely – om if ur done with our questions can we go now.

Om- kha (where??)

Lovely -. Aree bhul gya apka surprise omkara.

Om – oh .
Ishaana – so can we leave.
Om – k
Ishana called ola cap .

Lovely – angle here is ur blindfold .

Om – y u need dis ishana ??

Ishana – om surprise hai Na so u have to put it on.
Om -but .
Lovely – no but vat sat…..just do it.

Om – k mataooooo.

Lovely and ishana together….Om shut up.

After one hour they reached the place.

Ishana – om plz wait here don’t go anywhere.

Om – where I will go like dis ishana.

Ishana singles lovely to come with her.

Ishana – lovely u know Na what u have to do now.

Lovely – ya

Ishana- good just remember when u reach the door till that don’t open Om’s blindfold …k

Lovely – k

Ishana- -lovely thanks for ur help …..I will never forget what u have done for me.

Lovely – u know ishana I so connected with u and omkara now ….I feel so lucky that I meet u.

They both hugged each other.

Om aree kha gya tum Dono???

Ishana – om we are here only lets go.

Om- but ishana where r we???? And where r we going ….and can I plz now remove dis blindfold.?

Ishana – no and now be quite and just walk …..when we will reach I will remove it.

Ishana thn moved back and signals lovely to hold om and take him.

Om – ishana

Ishana – hai.
Om – ishana ur with me Na?
Ishana – with tears yes ….let’s go ( and don’t talk ).
Om – k

Lovely took om to a big mansion she entered with om .

Lovely slowly removed the blindfold .

Lovely – surprise ( Lovely shout so loudly that the people live there come out )

Om -shocked .

To be continued…

  1. Akshaya

    Aww cute ishkara

  2. Shivika

    Wowww…..i just loved it….i m sure it is oberoi mansion…..

  3. Jaya

    Oh…om is taken at oberoi mansion. 🙂

  4. Manu24

    I too think its OM 😀

  5. Dheemahee

    Wow awesome one Yar & I too think it’s OM . The ishkara part was awesome one . Post next one soon.

  6. Yashu

    Even I think it’s oberoi mansion…bt loved dis…

  7. MahiraKhan

    Are they in oberoi mansion???

    Sooo fast ….

    Continue soon??

  8. wow! yaar awesome, ur testing our curiosity levels i hope it is oberoi mansion,plz…. plz post nxt epi soon

  9. JanviSingh

    I think it’s oberoi mansion…. Anyways it’s awsm…?????

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks dear:)

  10. Great going Di. I hope i am not offending u by calling that and i was your silent reader but today i thought of commenting coming to the episode it was mindblowing. I liked the part where om was blind folded and he was asking are u with me???? Thats like Awwww!!!!!!!! I magine in real our omi saying it to ishu!!!! It would have been a very aww wala moment ( cute moment) . I really like your FF andI also like the fact that you are very regular in posting the FF. So plz continue to be regular and post he next one soon and yeah please make the next one a little longer.

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks dear:)

  11. Amazing episode…

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