Kasam 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Rano was beaten badly in the police station.
Rishi was restless and discuss with the lawyer why judge is so late. The lawyer assures Rishi that they have kept the papers in chamber and judge is coming back to office only for signing their papers. The lawyer tries to speak to Rishi if something happened between Tanuja and Rano that made them unable to live together. Rishi remembers Tanuja’s complains about Rano last night, then leaves the office of lawyer.
Tanuja arrives at doctor’s house, and asks to meet Dr. Manav. The servant apologizes as he is asleep and shuts the door. Tanuja keeps on hitting the door, Dr. Manav opens the door this time and calls her inside. He agrees that he made that report. Tanuja explains she had fallen by herself, her grandmother only lied. Dr. Manav was ready to make a new report for her, but his pad is in clinic. He takes Tanuja along him.
In the jail, male policemen come to take UV and Manpreet who resisted Rano’s beating. The inspector comes to slap Manpreet. Raaj had come into Rano’s cell.
In the clinic, Dr. Manav appreciates Tanuja’s attempt to help her in laws family, who is striving to save her family at this time of the day. Tanuja says her family’s respect is the most important thing for her. She walks out of the clinic to be trapped by Malaika and Bani. Bani tells Tanuja that Malaika has been really helpful for her. They tell Tanuja about the time police was taking Bedi’s to jail when Malaika was also watching this all. They had a confrontation, Bani hoped Malaika doesn’t disclose the truth to police. Malaika came to her and asks if she was the one to send them to jail, it wasn’t good but the best. Tanuja was disgusted, saying they only suit each other. Malaika accepts she had poured the oil on stairs, as a revenge from Rano but it was Tanuja who fall over the oil. It made the game interesting, as it sent Rano’s family to jail. Tanuja confronts them saying she is enough for them both, she won’t let them both harm her family. Bani says she will save her family if she is able to leave this place.
Rano and Manpreet were beaten separately. Rishi arrives at the jail.
Bani snatches the report off Tanuja’s hand. She wasn’t ready to take them back and curses Tanuja. Malaika and Bani make fun of Tanuja.

PRECAP: In the jail, the inspector asks Rishi about his wife whom he realizes hadn’t arrived yet. Tanuja calls Rishi from home but he didn’t pick up.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Hi everyone plz add me in ur group.
    Track is going wrong.
    But I just love Sharad.
    Best show and best serial.
    Luv luv luv luv u Sharad.

  2. WOW all evils R together 2 destroy tanuja as always full of negativity all curse is on tanuja rano deserves this wat abt manpreet & other family members wat did they do? its not good they ruined this serial completely for family’s safety rishi will say 2 tanuja that get out of my life pls create a good bonding with rishi & tanuja don’t make them separate unnecessarily stretching the story ,first they show some good moments nxt misunderstanding & at last they come 2 tanuja & rishi’s separation seriously this is 2much

  3. I’ve left to watch it for 3 to 4 moths!! Just read the end after 3or for days!’

  4. Why tanshi

  5. where is your dignity#n#pride first for your country #then yourselves? indian nation? can’t you bothered what ekta is doing # to the reputation of all of you #n# your country? by d reprehensible way of showing #barbarian laws#cultures# n#family life in your country to d other country’s nations?# i was in deepest shame by watching# how your country’s police was torturing #n# handling the law in your country# then# people who have no practical experiences of quality of life #n# law in your country#will accept what the show presenting them# oh my god # and that is a disaster# ekta has made a monster of # law# n promoting slavery#n#torturing in kasam #n# some of you just cares about# how handsome #or# good actor is rishi?# by exporting these shows to d europe #n# some other counties # d name of your country# n#
    integrity of all of you is stake here#what a shame#

  6. Pathetic episode and dragging

  7. my name is sidya iuse my friend id kasam isbest for me i pray for sucess

    1. u r vafa using dis names

  8. my name is sidya iuse my friend id today episode is boring but rishi acting is awesome

  9. Where is their Lawyer ?
    Is Police brutality a spectator sport in India ?
    Tanu just tell Rishi what is going on ?
    And speed the story up a bit please ?

  10. Kya hogaya? Is it MATSH 2nd part?! I think it’s the same track of MATSH (almost)

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