Shakti 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi and Soumya cooking in the kitchen. Shanno feels pain in her stomach. Soumya asks Surbhi if the potatoes are chopped. Shanno screams in pain. Soumya and Surbhi run to her. Soumya calls Preeto. Viren asks Shanno to have strength. Surbhi massages her feet. Harman asks if someone called doctor, and says I will call. Preeto asks why and says she will be alright in sometime. Soumya tells her that she will be fine and goes to kitchen. She makes kada for her. Harman comes to kitchen and asks her to make kada for him also. Soumya asks if the wound is not healed and says you have to see another doctor. Harman says you can see other’s pain only, if I am stone. Soumya makes kada and goes to Shanno asking her to drink it. Shanno throws the glass away on the floor and says this is not Harak Singh’s dining table, this is my womb, I won’t let even water from your hand reached my baby.

Harman asks her to think before saying and says she is my wife before being a kinnar. Viren tells Shanno that she said right and she is a kinnar for everyone. Soumya picks glass and gets sad. Shanno asks someone call the doctor else I will die. Harman asks her to drink kada and turns to Soumya. Soumya calls doctor and asks him to come home as Shanno is much unwell. Harman asks why did you call Doctor, if she feels pain then she will drink kada. Soumya asks him not to say this, and says Chachi ji didn’t say anything wrong, afterall I am a kinnar. Preeto looks on. Soumya says it is not necessary that everyone shall love me in the house. Sindhu prays to God and asks her to make her mum fine, and give her a son else Preeto will scold her. Soumya tells Sindhu that mata rani will make everything fine and asks her not to cry. Sindhu hugs her.

Doctor comes and checks Shanno. She says I have given her injection and asks them not to let Shanno do heavy work. Preeto says I am not making her do work in the farm, she don’t do any work, but worry about others. Doctor asks her not to take tension in this condition. Viren asks Doctor to give her medicine to calm her mind. Doctor says I don’t prescribe much medicines in pregnancy and asks him to make her have kada. Surbhi goes to kitchen and bring kada. She asks Doctor to make her drink kada. Harak Singh asks her to have kada. Harman asks her to drink before she have to drink gangajal. Shanno drinks it hesitantly. Surbhi smiles looking at Soumya. Soumya looks on.

Later Harman comes to Soumya’s room and take her pillow and blanket. Soumya asks why you are taking it. Harman asks her to get another pillow and blanket, and tells that he will sleep in her room. Soumya says you can’t sleep here and asks him to go to his room, gives her promise. Harman says again promise, have you gone mad? He says I just wants to spent sometime with you and you…Surbhi comes there and asks for her phone. Harman goes. Soumya gives her phone. Surbhi comes to her room and sees Harman sad.

Harman asks where did you go? Surbhi says I went to bring my phone from Soumya’s room. Harman says I am not innocent like Soumya and can see that you are trying to come between soumya and me. Surbhi says you are thinking me wrong, I went to get my phone. Harman says I can see clearly what you are trying to do. Surbhi opens cupboard and get blanket. Varun is going from there. Harman says you have selected the right place to sleep, you deserve this. Surbhi switches off the lights and sleeps on floor. Harman asks her to get up and switch on the lights. Varun hears him and goes. Harman says I will not sleep now, and will drink more. He says I want to forget that my life is slipping away from my hands, my life, peace etc is just Gulabo, and entire world and even her sister have become my enemy. Surbhi feels bad and gets up. Harman asks her to go out and sleep. Surbhi lies down again.

Varun is in the hall and sees someone standing behind the window. He sees Kareena coming inside the house through the window, and catches her. He asks who are you and what you are doing here? Kareena looks on. Kareena says I want to meet Soumya. Varun asks why and who are you? Kareena introduces herself and calls Soumya bhabhi. Kareena says I will go to her room, tell me where she is. Varun says she has two rooms, and calls her. Everyone come out. Soumya also comes. Kareena asks Soumya to help her and asks if she forgot her. Soumya nods no.

Kareena falls on her feet and says you are also a kinnar like me, I need you today. Only you can do something for me today. Soumya looks at Preeto and Harak Singh, and asks her to get up. She says tell me what I can do for you. Preeto asks Soumya to ask her to go, else she will kick her out. Soumya says mummy ji….Kareena says my mum is unwell, and is admitted in city hospital. We are making arrangements for money. Harak Singh says what is this drama. This is my house and not kinnar’s head office. Kareena says I don’t need money, if you make a phone call to Doctor then he will operate my mum. Preeto says your mum disowned you, and why we shall ruin our respect for you. Surbhi asks Preeto to help Kareena. Preeto asks her to mind her own business. Harak Singh asks Soumya to ask her to go, and says we didn’t give you permission to call all kinnars here. Raavi says I think Soumya will not do anything and says we have to do something. She holds Kareena’s hand to kick her out. Harman comes and asks Raavi to leave her hand. Everyone looks at Harman.

Precap: Harman asks Surbhi to tell Soumya to bring tea for him and says husband and wife should drink tea together without interference of third person. Kareena determines to bring back Soumya back in kinnar’s society and makes her Tarana again. Saya looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I missed today episode bcoz I went to marriage.but, I read written update ND felt sad bcoz in today episode harman scold surbhi ND he now finding d surbhi intentions ND warned her.its really super scene.haya scenes also superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.i just imagine that HAYA bedroom scene after reading d WU.Precap is shocked.y Kareena thinking like that?OMG In this serial villain’s r increasing day by day.pls Harman save ur gulabo from all situations and keep supporting her HAYA Jodi always.

  2. Only Harman can show Surbhi her aukat….I hope Harman shows more rudeness towards Surbhi… The only character which I can connect to is Harman… Vivian nails it as Harman always!

  3. Lovely episode.

  4. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    I really hope Shanno gives birth to a kinnar which will show them that it could happen to any family. If we are trying to change public perception of genders then they will have to create this twist in the story.

    1. Hi MAD-FURIOUS-Satya,
      This is exactly what i wish to Shanno,then she,who is always cursing soumya for being a kiinar,will know what it is to be a kiinar or a kinnars mom

    2. Kinner male too that would be fun so see… and let see if she can bear to stay away from her child

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