Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 41)

Dastan…ishq ya nafrat ki (ek naya adhya)
Swara was sitting in her cabin when adarsh comes there
Swara sees him..arey bhai u here come sit
Adarsh comes there and smiles swara I wanna ask u something
Swara..hm bhai..

Adarsh…swara what r u doing this why u want to destroy sanskar plz swara don’t take revenge plz
Swara..bhai how could u leave him don’t forget what have he done …he betrayed me k but he framed u bhai no I can never forgive him never
Adarsh..but he thinks I am the reason behind pari’s death..and I feel somewhere he is ryt that day I should talk to her instead of giving letter ..
Swara..bhai for that only I want to clear everything out call sanskar kavita sharddha bhabhi and ragini laksh call everyone I want every person who was in plan everyone….

Scene changes…
Shraddha…why swara has called us..
Kavita…don’t know di lets see
Ragini..dont know what she will do
Swara comes there with adarsh and arjhui too
Sanskar…what is he doing here see swra u want us to come here but we can’t tolerate him..
Sanskar was coming towards them but swara stops him..
Swara..no sanskar today the truth will come out..
Sanskar..what truth r u talking about..
Swara,..truth about bhai and…
Sanskar …and???
The day of the marriage..

Pareenita in her room getting ready..
Adarsh seeing her and goes from there and than he takes out the letter
I love u so much and I guess u already know that ah!! At last the day arrived the day when two soul will become one but pari I guess its not the ryt time to get married u know why pari today m going to tell u about the truth about my life 1 day before I got to know that I have,……,……..severe cancer and the treatment should get start very soon I don’t want pari that u see me like that I am also not telling this to my parents pari I don’t know if I live or not but please u promise me to live live with the new life…if our love is true pari than soon I will come back and take u with me if in these 1 year I don’t return than pari please move on and forget me to start ur new life..pari u r thinking na why I am writing this letter because I don’t have guts to tell u face to face please pari forgive me please…
Urs and ur only
Flashback ends
A tears of drop fall from adarsh eyes
Sanskar..why r u telling lie ha the letter what we get that day is not
Swara(cutting) the same letter which bhai wrote that is the point snskar where did the letter goes the this all answer will give shrddha bhabhi
Sanskar…swara…..r u mad what r u talking about how dare u
Swara..just shut up sanskar let me finsh
Adarsh..than I give letter to bhabhi
Sanskar turning towards her bhabhi just tell her what she is telling has no point in it..

Swara…bhabhi u have to say the truth today just speak the hell out
Swara..dont u dare to shout kavita …tell bhabhi u were the one na u know na truth tell na tell
Shraddha became frustrated…yes yes yes I was the one who who chaged the letter that day I was the one and she cries her heart out
Sanskar… bha..bhi uuu wha..tt r u saying..

Shraddha.. I never want that our pari should go to this adarsh”s house because they were not of our level I have always hated adarsh always because theie family was poor I was afraid how will pari live their the girl who grown up to be a princess will now live as a maid there..that day when adarsh give me the letter I read it and change it without thinking about the concequances I was not knowing my one mistake will take ours everything..
By saying this she cries..
Ragini..why the hell did u not tell that day than…
Shraddha ..i was afraid to loose dhruv I can never live with hi……(before completing shraddha gets hard on her face and it was from dhruv)
Dhruv..how dare u how dare ..u till now we all were thinking that adarsh was at fault but..

Shraddha falls in dhruv feet …please dhruv don’t leave me plz.. don’t file the case please dhruv..
Dhruv holds shrddha’s hand takes her out
Kavita…jiju please jisju
Dhruv…get the hell out of here never ever I want to see ur face,…
Sanskar falls down and ragini comes to him to console him..
Sanskar sees towards swara
But swara walks from there..

Scene changes ..
Arjun..now what u will do..
Swara was not answering
Abhay..i think swara should stop all this u always loved sanskar and today also we can see love in ur eyes ..
Swara..u r wrong abhay..these tears r not for sanskar these tears are because I win today
Abhay… hm swara..
Swara..but the game is not over
Swra..bhabhi gets her punishment but what about kavita ,ragini,sanskar I want them to cry…..

Scene ends here

Precap…swara was again attacked…swara and abhay goes for shopping someone seeing them…

Thank you all for ur valuable comments and I have posted my 1at story I.e its a love story but it is coming episode 1 when it is episode 20…

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