Porus 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru And Laachi’s Emotional Bonding; Alexander Meets Dasyus

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Alexander looks at Pourav rastra’s palace model. Cletius promises not to worry, they will build bridge on Jhelum river soon. Alexander asks to find out an expert who can build bridge, who built the bridge Porus blasted. Ambhi raj walks in and says Puru itself. Alexander is surprised and asks how did he build it. Ambhi raj says Dasyus have thorough knowledge of water flow and live on water, in fact Dasyus have built their world on water. Alexander asks where do Dasyus live?

Olympia thinks Bharatis are emotional fools, she will use their emotional weakness against them. She thinks she will use black magic against Puru like she did no her step son and killed him. She makes arrangements for black magic, wraps black cloth around a doll and knife and thinks she needs Porus’ blood, he himself will come to give her blood.

Laachi weeps reminiscing her parents disowning her. Puru walks in and says he was heart broken when his parents doubted him, then he had only one support who was his pillar of strength, it is Laachi. Laachi smiles. Puru says he is proud that she is his wife. Their conversation continues. Puru says he has one important thing to say. She asks what. He says he is very hungry. She brings him food. He says it is for her as he knows she did not have anything since morning. Laachi emotionally hugs him. Soldiers see smoke from Olympia’s room and inform Puru. Puru orders to break door and walks in. Olympia waits for Puru eagerly hiding knife near wall to let Puru get injured knife and she get his blood for black magic. Puru walks unhurt. Olympia fumes and asks Puru why did he break door and enter her room without her permission.

Alexander with his aide travels to Dasyu lok on boat. Dasyus look at him in a shock. Mahanandini tells her husband Dasyu raj that they have to prove Sumer innocent. Dasyu informs an outsider is coming. Mahandini says who is it that nobody is stopping him. Alexander walks to them and says his personality is so unique that their soldiers did not stop him, he is Sikandar. Dasyu raj asks if he wants to fight he can, they don’t have anything to lose now. He continues that he knows what a father feels when his son is killed, if he wanted to attack, he would have come with army and not alone. Mahanandini says they lost even their self-respect, but it is their family issue and he need not interfere, they know her son died because of him. Alexander lies he did not know anything and only came to know after Sumer’s death, only he can defeat Puru and needs their help, he will hand over Anusuya to them. Dasyu raj warns they don’t need enemy’s help. Alexander says he will wait for them near river shore, if they don’t turn out, he will return tomorrow here with his army and then they know what will happen..

Precap: Puru gets injured by knife while returning from Olympia’s room. Olympia picks his blood and says Porus will be dead soon.

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