Bepannah 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya caught between present and future

Bepannah 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya asks Aditya to tell her. He gets up to bring coffee when Noor points at the tray in her hand. Zoya asks Aditya again. He lies that he cannot tell her everything. I have to get the car tyres changed. She holds his hand. you are not going anywhere. Come with me. He shrugs her hand away irked. I told you I have work! I will come when I will feel like!

Zoya is in Huda House. Don’t know what has happened to Aditya. I cannot understand what my best friend is bothered about! Noor and Arjun look at her. They know that they are trying their best to talk to Aditya but he is only ignoring her. Aditya tries getting inside stealthily but Mithilesh ji calls out to him loudly. Aditya murmurs that it is impossible to go inside avoiding everyone’s eyes these days. He goes to Mithilesh ji. Zoya looks up but pretends to be occupied. Aditya checks the details with Mithilesh ji. Akansha makes Zoya stand next to Aditya so the lighting can be checked. Zoya and Aditya stand with their backs to each other. Akansha tells Shawn to mark the positions. The bride and groom will stand there only. Aditya and Zoya look at them. Akansha explains that Mr. and Mrs. Huda will stand there only. Can you guys switch places please? Just then, flower petals fall over Zoya and Aditya. Aditya looks at Zoya as she smiles. He imagines only himself with Zoya. Mere Dil Ko track plays. A smile appears on his face as she holds him lightly and they slow dance together. Zoya finds Aditya lost and waves at him to shake him out of his reverie. Why are you smiling like that? He looks around startled. You look funny becaue there are flowers on your head. She says they are just flowers. He mumbles that flowers are in the bouquet. He walks away. Zoya looks on puzzled. Arjun goes to check on him.

Aditya is standing on the edge of the terrace when Arjun comes there. How long will you run Bhai? You might try to run from the truth but your heart will catch the lie! Aditya looks at him sadly. I don’t want to run away. I am tired but I cannot face the truth as well. I understand what I am feeling but I know it isn’t right. I am running because of that but I am unable to run. Arjun asks him if love is wrong. Aditya nods. It is wrong in our case. Think what we are to each other. How to plan my future with Zoya when I know we wont be alone in this relation ever. Both of them will always be there! Arjun apologizes to him. I thought you forgot Pooja Bhabhi. Aditya says it is very hard to forget your mistakes. I am trying. I and Zoya can forget but the world / society wont forget. It will mock us. Arjun asks him since when he started to listen to the society. You were a free bird always. Aditya reasons that he cannot avoid it as he knows the consequence. Zoya will have to bear the brunt of it. It will be a problem if we are together. I am not thinking of all this for my own sake but for Zoya. I am tired. I cannot see her getting taunted; explaining to the world all the time! Arjun tells him not to worry about Zoya. She can take care of herself. She knows how to handle and reply to the society. Think that it might be God’s plan to bring you both together. you both used to fight with each other; swore to not meet each other again yet you guys kept meeting. You both hated each other but you ended up becoming friends. This friendship has now turned into love. What is it if it isn’t destiny? She is your destiny! Aditya thinks of saving Zoya in the rain. Arjun says what was the society doing when you went through all that. It was only taunting you. Now you love Zoya and you see your future with her. The society will continue doing what it has been doing already. I don’t have a right to lecture or guide you. I am your younger brother. Fate is on your side. Don’t ignore it. Hope it doesn’t happen that you lose Zoya for forever. He leaves.

Aditya steps back on the edge. He closes his eyes. All the moments spent with Zoya flash before his eyes. Someone calls out to him. Aditya looks back and finds Pooja standing there. She looks down. Were you planning to jump? Don’t even think about it. You have everything. Don’t lose it like that. She holds his hand. Why are you so hesitant? Your heart says yes while your lips say no. Wont you tell me? Are you still upset with me? He gets teary eyed. I am sorry Pooja. She tells him that Zoya cannot become his better friend than her. I am your real best friend after all. It is because I remained your best friend my entire life but Zoya is your first love. Aditya looks at her in shock. She tells him he has changed. You cry on every little thing these days. I am so happy for you. I wanted you to get the love that I got. It should be the love which compels you to touch the sky; which touches your heart. Love isn’t love otherwise. Your love comes out as anger and tears sometimes. This only is love. Don’t think about what people will say. Listen to your heart. Fight for your love with yourself and with the society. Love is rebellion. We all are compelled against our hearts sometimes. Those who fall for it succeed. Those who ignore it fail. You got such a great gift from life – your first love! Don’t let it go because of your past. You wont be able to reach out to your future till the time you wont leave your past behind. She extends her hand. It is your choice. You can either hold my hand and choose your past or you can hold Zoya’s hand thereby choosing your future. Zoya comes running there and panics seeing Aditya standing on the edge. What are you doing Aditya? Come down. Aditya looks at Pooja. Zoya requests Aditya to hold her hand and come down. Pooja asks Aditya what he you choose – your past or future? He looks back and looks at Zoya’s extended hand. He looks at Zoya and Pooja in puzzlement and extends his hand. Zoya tells him not to look there. Hold my hand and come down please.

Precap: Aditya reads his love letter. I wanted to tell you that I have found my peace. You are my life. I wanted to tell you how much I love! He turns and notices Zoya there and goes quiet. Zoya looks at him puzzled.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Neha1

    Today’s episode was nice….Adi still lost in Zoya….Pooja make Adi realise to accepts his feelings for Zoya and also accept Zoya too…Adi’s 1st love is Zoya…???
    Precap is interesting… waiting 4 2mrrow…

  2. Aditya`s acting chanceless…

  3. Wowsome episode and adi choose to move on… It’s fantastic
    And adi’s dialogue was very funny when he said its impossible to go inside avoiding others
    Arnoor are trying their level best to make them realize that they are made for each other… We all are with Arnoor ??
    Adiya are the best and no one can beat them.. Jennifer winget is such a great actress..she was best in the role of Maya and now zoya
    And both beyhadh and bepannah are the best shows these are very unique…Jennifer chose best concepts and she is living in this role
    No words to describe adi sorry harshad’s acting…. It’s hard to remember them as Jennifer and harshad they are our Adiya

  4. And thank u so much for the fast update pooja… Waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  5. 🙂 waiting for that moment….

  6. I think Adi wont be able to propose to Zoya. He was too scared of her angry face ?? . Zoya will misunderstand that his proposal is for someone else and she will get drunk ? . This is the only reason i can think of, after seeing some pictures with a drunk Zoya in top of a car.

  7. New promo is so excitinggggg adi proposes zoya!!!! Adi will be friendzoned for a while. Soon Zoya has to realize that she cant live without adi….we dont want the track where zoya refuses him and he leaves the country again and then zoya realize the love.
    Thanks for the update 🙂

  8. Neha1

    Bepannaah Upcoming Spoiler :- Zoya asks Aditya to come with her to the Hooda house but he ignores and ask her to leave…later Aditya closes his eyes and sees Pooja who insists him to choose Zoya as his Life partner as he’s in love with her…

    Aditya tells Arjun that he’s planning to confess his love for Zoya and ask her to meet. On the other side, Noor get tensed whether she will accept Aditya’s love or not..!

    Noor get anxious after seeing a Drunk Zoya in Aditya’s arms and ask him to take her inside..but Waseem sees Zoya’s condition and gets angry at Aditya and his family.

    Aditya sees a man who’s about to hit a women with a knife and beats him up but later, he sees the same man in Zoya’s house and learns that he was not trying to hurt the women but helping her…!

  9. I saw again the precap and i can’t decide if she is drunk or mad. But i don’t belive that Zoya being a muslim will drink alcohol unless for some odd reason. Maybe she has taken a wrong dose of allergy medicine as Aditya has done earlier.

  10. So so happy adi is able to move on. Adiya deserves to be happy more than anyone but completely disagree with Pooja saying that Zoya is adi’s first love. Adi truly loved Pooja completely with all his heart far more than just a best friend. That’s why he was so broken and completely shattered at her betrayal. Finally glad he found his peace and future in Zoya.

    1. No Adi never loved her. She’s someone he’s been with since 12 yrs old and the only girl he’s always seen around him. So it’s understandable that he would marry her mistaking his love for her as a friend as a love for a lover. Pooja realizes this, Yash realizes this, Arjun realizes this and so does Adi. He was shattered because he did love her with all his heart (but as a friend) and what she did was a betrayal and shock for him because she was his wife and someone he’s known for a long while so for her to go just go with someone else instead of just trusting him and telling her so he can divorce her for her happiness left him heartbroken. Friends can cause heartbreak too you know. The premise of this story is that. Zoya and Adi can each find what they were missing in their previous relationship. For Zoya it’s a love who’s also her best friend and for Adi it’s bepannah pyaar, a second chance dream love. What a beautiful story. Ratings need to be higher for this drama. I wish it would never end. I don’t want to stop seeing Adiya on the screen.

    2. Well said…friends are not always lovers…friendship can be mistaken for love..and love can exist without friendship…but for any healthy marriage there should be both friendship and love..only difference is in real life we don’t analyse so much or get into EMA if any of the elements is missing but simply learn to live with it…:)

    3. @ Arch…. well said. totally agree with you.

    4. Actually, I was surprised when Pooja said that she was the one only his best friend. I don’t think that it was the statement from Pooja. If in reality Pooja thinking Adi as her best friend then she never tried to hide anything with her best friend. I personally will never lied to my wife as she is the only one best friend in my life.
      It was the imagination of Adi where he himself realizes that Pooja was his best friend & he never loved her intensely as he is emotionally feeling with Zoya.

    5. Yes it is indeed Adi’s inner voice which manifests in his imagination of Pooja..:)

  11. OMG this episode was amazing. Thank god Arjun and Pooja made him realize his hearts feelings and what he should do. First time I liked Pooja. What she did was understandable Yash though nope. And wow the precap left me feeling terrified. I can’t bear to see Adi continue to be friendzoned and heartbroken. I really hope it doesn’t take a lot of episodes before Zoya realizes she loves Adi too. Or it’d be a twist if she always knew she loved him. It was easier for Adi to fall in love with Zoya because he never loved before but Zoya on the other hand, it will be harder for her to love because she did love Yash and look how that turned out so she might end up completely missing or avoiding the fact and running away from Adi. The one Arjun and Noor should worry about is Zoya. Noor already realized how difficult this will be. Zoya really might live out this relationship under friendships name her whole life because she’s so dense and innocent. Arjun needs to come up with some ideas to make Zoya jealous or realize that she loves Adi.

  12. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! For the first time, I like pooja!

  13. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    But, the show is very slow! The episodes are dragging! With the speed and thrill the show get started now get missing!

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